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1900-1999 Mint Set: Meant to be Spent

Meant to be Spent - 9th

Current Statistics
Rank 9
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 67.947
Complete 32.30%
Set Rating 10.369
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Meant to be Spent
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
  1900 1C1C 
38611900 5C5C 
48211900 10C10C 
48221900-O 10C10C 
48231900-S 10C10C 
56251900 25C25C 
56261900-O 25C25C 
56271900-S 25C25C 
64861900 50C50C 
64871900-O 50C50C 
64881900-S 50C50C 
  1900 S$1$1 
  1900-O S$1$1 
  1900-S S$1$1 
  1901 1C1C 
38621901 5C5C 
48241901 10C10C 
48251901-O 10C10C 
48261901-S 10C10C 
56281901 25C25C 
56291901-O 25C25C 
56301901-S 25C25C 
64891901 50C50C 
64901901-O 50C50C 
64911901-S 50C50C 
  1901 S$1$1 
  1901-O S$1$1 
  1901-S S$1$1 
  1902 1C1C 
38631902 5C5C 
48271902 10C10C 
48281902-O 10C10C 
48291902-S 10C10C 
56311902 25C25C 
56321902-O 25C25C 
56331902-S 25C25C 
64921902 50C50C 
64931902-O 50C50C 
64941902-S 50C50C 
  1902 S$1$1 
  1902-O S$1$1 
  1902-S S$1$1 
  1903 1C1C 
38641903 5C5C 
48301903 10C10C 
48311903-O 10C10C 
48321903-S 10C10C 
56341903 25C25C 
56351903-O 25C25C 
56361903-S 25C25C 
64951903 50C50C 
64961903-O 50C50C 
64971903-S 50C50C 
  1903 S$1$1 
  1903-O S$1$1 
  1903-S S$1$1 
  1904 1C1C 
38651904 5C5C 
48331904 10C10C 
48341904-S 10C10C 
56371904 25C25C 
56381904-O 25C25C 
64981904 50C50C 
64991904-O 50C50C 
65001904-S 50C50C 
  1904 S$1$1 
  1904-O S$1$1 
  1904-S S$1$1 
  1905 1C1C 
38661905 5C5C 
48351905 10C10C 
48361905-O 10C10C 
48371905-S 10C10C 
56391905 25C25C 
56401905-O 25C25C 
56411905-S 25C25C 
65011905 50C50C 
65021905-O 50C50C 
65031905-S 50C50C 
  1906 1C1C 
38671906 5C5C 
48381906 10C10C 
48391906-D 10C10C 
48401906-O 10C10C 
48411906-S 10C10C 
56421906 25C25C 
56431906-D 25C25C 
56441906-O 25C25C 
65041906 50C50C 
65051906-D 50C50C 
65061906-O 50C50C 
65071906-S 50C50C 
  1907 1C1C 
38681907 5C5C 
  1907 10C10C 
  1907-D 10C10C 
  1907-O 10C10C 
48451907-S 10C10C 
56451907 25C25C 
  1907-D 25C25C 
56471907-O 25C25C 
  1907-S 25C25C 
65081907 50C50C 
65091907-D 50C50C 
65101907-O 50C50C 
65111907-S 50C50C 
  1908 1C1C 
  1908-S 1C1C 
38691908 5C5C 
48461908 10C10C 
48471908-D 10C10C 
48481908-O 10C10C 
48491908-S 10C10C 
56491908 25C25C 
56501908-D 25C25C 
56511908-O 25C25C 
56521908-S 25C25C 
65121908 50C50C 
65131908-D 50C50C 
65141908-O 50C50C 
65151908-S 50C50C 
  1909 1C Indian1C 
  1909-S 1C Indian1C 
  1909 1C Lincoln1C 
  1909 VDB 1C1C 
  1909-S 1C Lincoln1C 
  1909-S VDB 1C1C 
38701909 5C5C 
48501909 10C10C 
48511909-D 10C10C 
48521909-O 10C10C 
48531909-S 10C10C 
56531909 25C25C 
56541909-D 25C25C 
56551909-O 25C25C 
56561909-S 25C25C 
65161909 50C50C 
65171909-O 50C50C 
  1909-S 50C50C 
  1910 1C1C 
  1910-S 1C1C 
38711910 5C5C 
48541910 10C10C 
48551910-D 10C10C 
48561910-S 10C10C 
56571910 25C25C 
56581910-D 25C25C 
65191910 50C50C 
65201910-S 50C50C 
  1911 1C1C 
  1911-D 1C1C 
  1911-S 1C1C 
38721911 5C5C 
48571911 10C10C 
48581911-D 10C10C 
48591911-S 10C10C 
56591911 25C25C 
56601911-D 25C25C 
56611911-S 25C25C 
65211911 50C50C 
65221911-D 50C50C 
65231911-S 50C50C 
  1912 1C1C 
24551912-D 1C1CMS65RD1193711937ANR auction, 2005 ANA Convention
  1912-S 1C1C 
38731912 5C5C 
38741912-D 5C5C 
38751912-S 5C5C 
48601912 10C10C 
48611912-D 10C10C 
48621912-S 10C10C 
56621912 25C25C 
56631912-S 25C25C 
65241912 50C50C 
65251912-D 50C50C 
65261912-S 50C50C 
  1913 1C1C 
  1913-D 1C1C 
  1913-S 1C1C 
39151913 5C Type 15C 
39161913-D 5C Type 15C 
39171913-S 5C Type 15C 
39211913 5C Type 25C 
39221913-D 5C Type 25C 
39231913-S 5C Type 25C 
48631913 10C10C 
48641913-S 10C10C 
56641913 25C25C 
56651913-D 25C25C 
56661913-S 25C25C 
65271913 50C50C 
65281913-D 50C50C 
65291913-S 50C50C 
  1914 1C1C 
  1914-D 1C1C 
  1914-S 1C1C 
39241914 5C5C 
39251914-D 5C5C 
39261914-S 5C5C 
48651914 10C10C 
48661914-D 10C10C 
48671914-S 10C10C 
56671914 25C25C 
56681914-D 25C25C 
56691914-S 25C25C 
65301914 50C50C 
65311914-S 50C50C 
  1915 1C1C 
  1915-D 1C1C 
  1915-S 1C1C 
39271915 5C5C 
39281915-D 5C5C 
39291915-S 5C5C 
48681915 10C10C 
48691915-S 10C10C 
56701915 25C25C 
56711915-D 25C25C 
56721915-S 25C25C 
65321915 50C50C 
65331915-D 50C50C 
65341915-S 50C50C 
  1916 1C1C 
  1916-D 1C1C 
  1916-S 1C1C 
39301916 5C5C 
39321916-D 5C5C 
39331916-S 5C5C 
48701916 10C Barber10C 
48711916-S 10C Barber10C 
  1916 10C Mercury10C 
  1916-D 10C10C 
  1916-S 10C Mercury10C 
56731916 25C Barber25C 
56741916-D 25C25C 
  1916 25C Standing25C 
65661916 50C50C 
65671916-D 50C50C 
65681916-S 50C50C 
  1917 1C1C 
  1917-D 1C1C 
25031917-S 1C1CMS64RD64206420Heritage Direct Sale 08/03
39341917 5C5C 
39351917-D 5C5C 
39361917-S 5C5C 
  1917 10C10C 
  1917-D 10C10C 
  1917-S 10C10C 
  1917 25C Type 125C 
  1917-D 25C Type 125C 
  1917-S 25C Type 125C 
  1917 25C Type 225C 
  1917-D 25C Type 225C 
  1917-S 25C Type 225C 
65691917 50C50C 
65701917-D 50C Obverse50C 
65711917-D 50C Reverse50C 
65721917-S 50C Obverse50C 
65731917-S 50C Reverse50C 
  1918 1C1C 
  1918-D 1C1C 
25111918-S 1C1CMS65RB26126107Pinnacle Rarities 09/04
39371918 5C5C 
39381918-D 5C5C 
39401918-S 5C5C 
  1918 10C10C 
  1918-D 10C10C 
  1918-S 10C10C 
  1918 25C25C 
  1918-D 25C25C 
  1918-S 25C25C 
65741918 50C50C 
65751918-D 50C50C 
65761918-S 50C50C 
  1919 1C1C 
25181919-D 1C1CMS65RD67186718Ex Ron Bozarth, Heritage FUN 01/06
25211919-S 1C1CMS64RD1372313723Ebay 12/02, Nicest Lincoln I own! Possibly undergraded!
39411919 5C5C 
39421919-D 5C5C 
39431919-S 5C5C 
  1919 10C10C 
  1919-D 10C10C 
  1919-S 10C10C 
  1919 25C25C 
  1919-D 25C25C 
  1919-S 25C25C 
65771919 50C50C 
65781919-D 50C50C 
65791919-S 50C50C 
  1920 1C1C 
  1920-D 1C1C 
25301920-S 1C1CMS64RD97139713Washington Rare Coin Center, Santa Clara 04/04
39441920 5C5C 
39451920-D 5C5C 
39461920-S 5C5C 
  1920 10C10C 
  1920-D 10C10C 
  1920-S 10C10C 
  1920 25C25C 
  1920-D 25C25C 
  1920-S 25C25C 
65801920 50C50C 
65811920-D 50C50C 
65821920-S 50C50C 
  1921 1C1C 
  1921-S 1C1C 
39471921 5C5C 
39481921-S 5C5C 
  1921 10C10C 
  1921-D 10C10C 
  1921 25C25C 
65831921 50C50C 
65841921-D 50C50C 
65851921-S 50C50C 
  1921 S$1 Morgan$1 
  1921-D S$1$1 
  1921-S S$1$1 
73561921 S$1 Peace$1 
  1922-D 1C1C 
73571922 S$1$1 
73581922-D S$1$1 
73591922-S S$1$1 
  1923 1C1C 
25481923-S 1C1CMS64RD64186418Heritage auction, Long Beach, 09/04
39491923 5C5C 
39501923-S 5C5C 
  1923 10C10C 
  1923-S 10C10C 
  1923 25C25C 
  1923-S 25C25C 
65861923-S 50C50C 
73601923 S$1$1 
73611923-D S$1$1 
73621923-S S$1$1 
  1924 1C1C 
  1924-D 1C1C 
  1924-S 1C1C 
39511924 5C5C 
39521924-D 5C5C 
39531924-S 5C5C 
  1924 10C10C 
  1924-D 10C10C 
  1924-S 10C10C 
  1924 25C25C 
  1924-D 25C25C 
  1924-S 25C25C 
73631924 S$1$1 
73641924-S S$1$1 
  1925 1C1C 
25631925-D 1C1CMS64RD2637526375Lexington Coin, Bay State Show, 03/05
25661925-S 1C1CMS64RD56125612Ira Stein 3/05
39541925 5C5C 
39551925-D 5C5C 
39561925-S 5C5C 
  1925 10C10C 
  1925-D 10C10C 
  1925-S 10C10C 
  1925 25C25C 
73651925 S$1$1 
73661925-S S$1$1 
  1926 1C1C 
  1926-D 1C1C 
25741926-S 1C1CMS64RB21617216109Ex Kyle Patrick, 09/03. Nearly red AND nearly ms65!!
39571926 5C5C 
39581926-D 5C5C 
39591926-S 5C5C 
  1926 10C10C 
  1926-D 10C10C 
  1926-S 10C10C 
  1926 25C25C 
  1926-D 25C25C 
  1926-S 25C25C 
73671926 S$1$1 
73681926-D S$1$1 
73691926-S S$1$1 
  1927 1C1C 
  1927-D 1C1C 
25841927-S 1C1CMS64RD1432114321Bowers + Merena 07/04
39601927 5C5C 
39611927-D 5C5C 
39621927-S 5C5C 
  1927 10C10C 
  1927-D 10C10C 
  1927-S 10C10C 
  1927 25C25C 
  1927-D 25C25C 
  1927-S 25C25C 
65871927-S 50C50C 
73701927 S$1$1 
73711927-D S$1$1 
73721927-S S$1$1 
  1928 1C1C 
  1928-D 1C1C 
25931928-S 1C1CMS64RD1576515765Ira Stein 03/05
39631928 5C5C 
39641928-D 5C5C 
39651928-S 5C5C 
  1928 10C10C 
  1928-D 10C10C 
  1928-S 10C10C 
  1928 25C25C 
  1928-D 25C25C 
  1928-S 25C25C 
65881928-S 50C50C 
73731928 S$1$1 
73741928-S S$1$1 
  1929 1C1C 
  1929-D 1C1C 
  1929-S 1C1C 
39661929 5C5C 
39671929-D 5C5C 
39681929-S 5C5C 
  1929 10C10C 
  1929-D 10C10C 
  1929-S 10C10C 
  1929 25C25C 
  1929-D 25C25C 
  1929-S 25C25C 
65891929-D 50C50C 
65901929-S 50C50C 
  1930 1C1C 
  1930-D 1C1C 
  1930-S 1C1C 
39691930 5C5C 
39701930-S 5C5C 
  1930 10C10C 
  1930-S 10C10C 
  1930 25C25C 
  1930-S 25C25C 
  1931 1C1C 
  1931-D 1C1C 
  1931-S 1C1C 
39711931-S 5C5C 
  1931 10C10C 
  1931-D 10C10C 
  1931-S 10C10C 
  1932 1C1C 
  1932-D 1C1C 
57901932 25C25C 
57911932-D 25C25C 
57921932-S 25C25C 
  1933 1C1C 
  1933-D 1C1C 
65911933-S 50C50C 
  1934 1C1C 
  1934-D 1C1C 
39721934 5C5C 
39731934-D 5C5C 
  1934 10C10C 
  1934-D 10C10C 
  1934 25C25C 
  1934-D 25C25C 
65921934 50C50C 
65931934-D 50C50C 
65941934-S 50C50C 
73751934 S$1$1 
73761934-D S$1$1 
73771934-S S$1$1 
  1935 1C1C 
  1935-D 1C1C 
  1935-S 1C1C 
39741935 5C5C 
39751935-D 5C5C 
39761935-S 5C5C 
  1935 10C10C 
  1935-D 10C10C 
  1935-S 10C10C 
57971935 25C25C 
57981935-D 25C25C 
57991935-S 25C25C 
65951935 50C50C 
65961935-D 50C50C 
65971935-S 50C50C 
73781935 S$1$1 
  1935-S S$1$1 
  1936 1C1C 
  1936-D 1C1C 
  1936-S 1C1C 
39771936 5C5C 
39781936-D 5C5C 
39791936-S 5C5C 
  1936 10C10C 
  1936-D 10C10C 
  1936-S 10C10C 
58001936 25C25C 
58011936-D 25C25C 
58021936-S 25C25C 
65981936 50C50C 
65991936-D 50C50C 
66001936-S 50C50C 
  1937 1C1C 
  1937-D 1C1C 
  1937-S 1C1C 
39801937 5C5C 
39811937-D 5C5C 
39831937-S 5C5C 
  1937 10C10C 
  1937-D 10C10C 
  1937-S 10C10C 
58031937 25C25C 
58041937-D 25C25C 
58051937-S 25C25C 
66011937 50C50C 
66021937-D 50C50C 
66031937-S 50C50C 
  1938 1C1C 
  1938-D 1C1C 
  1938-S 1C1C 
39841938-D 5C Buffalo5C 
  1938 5C5C 
  1938-D 5C Jefferson5C 
  1938-S 5C5C 
  1938 10C10C 
  1938-D 10C10C 
  1938-S 10C10C 
58061938 25C25C 
58071938-S 25C25C 
66041938 50C50C 
66051938-D 50C50C 
  1939 1C1C 
  1939-D 1C1C 
  1939-S 1C1C 
  1939 5C5C 
  1939-D 5C5C 
  1939-S 5C5C 
  1939 10C10C 
  1939-D 10C10C 
  1939-S 10C10C 
58081939 25C25C 
58091939-D 25C25C 
  1939-S 25C25C 
66061939 50C50C 
66071939-D 50C50C 
66081939-S 50C50C 
  1940 1C1C 
  1940-D 1C1C 
  1940-S 1C1C 
  1940 5C5C 
  1940-D 5C5C 
  1940-S 5C5C 
  1940 10C10C 
  1940-D 10C10C 
  1940-S 10C10C 
58111940 25C25C 
  1940-D 25C25C 
58131940-S 25C25C 
66091940 50C50C 
66101940-S 50C50C 
  1941 1C1C 
  1941-D 1C1C 
  1941-S 1C1C 
  1941 5C5C 
  1941-D 5C5C 
  1941-S 5C5C 
  1941 10C10C 
  1941-D 10C10C 
  1941-S 10C10C 
  1941 25C25C 
  1941-D 25C25C 
  1941-S 25C25C 
66111941 50C50C 
  1941-D 50C50C 
66131941-S 50C50CMS66+779779
  1942 1C1C 
  1942-D 1C1C 
  1942-S 1C1C 
  1942 5C Type 15C 
  1942-D 5C5C 
  1942-P 5C Type 25C 
  1942-S 5C5C 
  1942 10C10C 
  1942-D 10C10C 
  1942-S 10C10C 
  1942 25C25C 
  1942-D 25C25C 
58191942-S 25C25C 
  1942 50C50C 
66151942-D 50C50C 
66171942-S 50C50C 
  1943 1C1C 
  1943-D 1C1C 
  1943-S 1C1C 
  1943-P 5C5C 
  1943-D 5C5C 
  1943-S 5C5C 
  1943 10C10C 
  1943-D 10C10C 
  1943-S 10C10C 
  1943 25C25C 
  1943-D 25C25C 
  1943-S 25C25C 
66181943 50C50CMS675236952369
66191943-D 50C50C 
66201943-S 50C50C 
  1944 1C1C 
  1944-D 1C1C 
  1944-S 1C1C 
  1944-P 5C5C 
  1944-D 5C5C 
  1944-S 5C5C 
  1944 10C10C 
  1944-D 10C10C 
  1944-S 10C10C 
  1944 25C25C 
  1944-D 25C25C 
  1944-S 25C25C 
66211944 50C50C 
  1944-D 50C50C 
  1944-S 50C50C 
  1945 1C1C 
  1945-D 1C1C 
  1945-S 1C1C 
  1945-P 5C5C 
  1945-D 5C5C 
  1945-S 5C5C 
  1945 10C10C 
  1945-D 10C10C 
50611945-S 10C10CMS67FB1671719922
  1945 25C25C 
58281945-D 25C25C 
  1945-S 25C25C 
  1945 50C50C 
66251945-D 50C50C 
66261945-S 50C50C 
  1946 1C1C 
  1946-D 1C1C 
  1946-S 1C1C 
  1946 5C5C 
  1946-D 5C5C 
  1946-S 5C5C 
850821946 10C10CMS67FB55125512
  1946-D 10C10C 
  1946-S 10C10C 
  1946 25C25C 
  1946-D 25C25C 
  1946-S 25C25C 
  1946 50C50C 
66281946-D 50C50C 
66291946-S 50C50C 
  1947 1C1C 
  1947-D 1C1C 
  1947-S 1C1C 
840311947 5C5CMS66+ FS8686
  1947-D 5C5C 
  1947-S 5C5C 
  1947 10C10C 
  1947-D 10C10C 
  1947-S 10C10C 
  1947 25C25C 
58341947-D 25C25C 
  1947-S 25C25C 
66301947 50C50C 
66311947-D 50C50C 
  1948 1C1C 
  1948-D 1C1C 
27671948-S 1C1CMS67RD2511125111
  1948 5C5C 
  1948-D 5C5C 
  1948-S 5C5C 
  1948 10C10C 
  1948-D 10C10C 
  1948-S 10C10C 
58361948 25C25C 
58371948-D 25C25C 
  1948-S 25C25C 
  1948 50C50C 
  1948-D 50C50C 
27701949 1C1CMS66RD5527055270Ex David Gaines. This is his "Screamer PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ PQ" coin!
  1949-D 1C1C 
27761949-S 1C1CMS67RD2631526315
40371949 5C5CMS66+11130
  1949-D 5C5C 
  1949-S 5C5C 
  1949 10C10C 
  1949-D 10C10C 
850931949-S 10C10CMS67FB167167
58391949 25C25C 
  1949-D 25C25C 
  1949 50C50C 
  1949-D 50C50C 
  1949-S 50C50C 
  1950 1C1C 
  1950-D 1C1C 
27851950-S 1C1CMS67RD1191111911
  1950 5C5C 
  1950-D 5C5C 
  1950 10C10C 
  1950-D 10C10C 
  1950-S 10C10C 
58411950 25C25C 
58421950-D 25C25C 
58441950-S 25C25C 
  1950 50C50C 
  1950-D 50C50C 
  1951 1C1C 
  1951-D 1C1C 
  1951-S 1C1C 
40431951 5C5CMS6682182104tnfc
840441951-D 5C5CMS66FS634634
  1951-S 5C5C 
  1951 10C10C 
  1951-D 10C10C 
850991951-S 10C10CMS68FB8080
58461951 25C25C 
58471951-D 25C25C 
58481951-S 25C25C 
  1951 50C50C 
  1951-D 50C50C 
  1951-S 50C50C 
  1952 1C1C 
  1952-D 1C1C 
  1952-S 1C1C 
40461952 5C5CMS667587535Finest Known
  1952-D 5C5C 
  1952-S 5C5C 
  1952 10C10C 
851011952-D 10C10CMS67FB80138013
  1952-S 10C10C 
58491952 25C25C 
58501952-D 25C25C 
58511952-S 25C25C 
  1952 50C50C 
  1952-D 50C50C 
  1952-S 50C50C 
  1953 1C1C 
28091953-D 1C1CMS67RD554554
  1953-S 1C1C 
40491953 5C5CMS664914916
  1953-D 5C5C 
40511953-S 5C5CMS66145214522Aw Coins
  1953 10C10C 
851041953-D 10C10CMS67FB69106910
851051953-S 10C10CMS67FB238238
58521953 25C25C 
58531953-D 25C25C 
58541953-S 25C25C 
866641953 50C50CMS66FL504545
  1953-D 50C50C 
  1953-S 50C50C 
28151954 1C1CMS66RD5468254682Ex David Gaines. This is his "H-O-L-Y C-O-W!" coin!
  1954-D 1C1C 
  1954-S 1C1C 
40521954 5C5CMS667497488
40531954-D 5C5CMS661911995
40541954-S 5C5CMS66163616334aw coins
851061954 10C10CMS67FB234234
851071954-D 10C10CMS67FB396396
851081954-S 10C10CMS67FB203203
58551954 25C25CMS67545545Manofcoins
58561954-D 25C25C 
58571954-S 25C25C 
  1954 50C50C 
  1954-D 50C50C 
  1954-S 50C50C 
  1955 1C1C 
  1955-D 1C1C 
  1955-S 1C1C 
40561955 5C5CMS664814875GoldRush Numismatics
40571955-D 5C5CMS666416432
851091955 10C10CMS67FB9191
851101955-D 10C10CMS67FB557557
  1955-S 10C10C 
58581955 25C25C 
58591955-D 25C25C 
  1955 50C50C 
  1956 1C1C 
  1956-D 1C1C 
840591956 5C5CMS66FS615615
40601956-D 5C5CMS66291629144
851121956 10C10CMS67FB154154
851131956-D 10C10CMS67FB183183
58601956 25C25C 
58611956-D 25C25C 
  1956 50C50C 
  1957 1C1C 
  1957-D 1C1C 
840611957 5C5CMS66FS251251
40621957-D 5C5CMS661123112165
  1957 10C10C 
851151957-D 10C10CMS67FB285285
58621957 25C25C 
58631957-D 25C25C 
  1957 50C50C 
  1957-D 50C50C 
  1958 1C1C 
28511958-D 1C1CMS67RD13491349
  1958 5C5C 
840641958-D 5C5CMS66FS2452824528
851161958 10C10CMS67FB8181
  1958-D 10C10C 
58641958 25C25CMS6729452945
58651958-D 25C25C 
  1958 50C50C 
  1958-D 50C50C 
  1959 1C1C 
28571959-D 1C1CMS67RD783783
40651959 5C5CMS6650050437
840661959-D 5C5CMS66FS8080
  1959 10C10C 
  1959-D 10C10C 
58661959 25C25C 
58671959-D 25C25C 
  1959 50C50C 
  1959-D 50C50C 
28601960 1C1CMS66RD864931485132
28661960-D 1C1CMS66RD57033149292Roll from Glenn Antrim
40671960 5C5CMS66118111821
40681960-D 5C5CMS6610421042
851201960 10C10CMS67FB323323
  1960-D 10C10C 
58681960 25C25C 
58691960-D 25C25C 
  1960 50C50C 
  1960-D 50C50C 
  1961 1C1C 
28751961-D 1C1CMS66RD3203532035
40691961 5C5CMS661351113528
40701961-D 5C5CMS66265268Ex Steve Strom. This was the original pop 2/0 coin and one of the only ones...
851221961 10C10CMS67FB6262
  1961-D 10C10C 
58701961 25C25C 
58711961-D 25C25C 
66801961 50C50CMS66512511488Ronyahski
66811961-D 50C50CMS66464462453ANR FUN 2006. Even though it is not fbl the strike is very sharp on the rev...
28781962 1C1CMS66RD706105706105roll from David Besser. Should be ms67rd. Some light die polish is seen on ...
  1962-D 1C1C 
40711962 5C5CMS67505388
40721962-D 5C5CMS6640474
851241962 10C10CMS67FB281281
  1962-D 10C10C 
58721962 25C25C 
58731962-D 25C25C 
66821962 50C50CMS66443441392Ronyahski. The color is much more vivid on the reverse.
  1962-D 50C50C 
  1963 1C1C 
28871963-D 1C1CMS66RD20652065Heritage auction. Best of 3 ms66rd''s I''ve owned.
40731963 5C5CMS661694169153
  1963-D 5C5C 
851261963 10C10CMS67FB4242
851271963-D 10C10CMS67FB141141Ex Just Having Fun Collection
58741963 25C25C 
58751963-D 25C25C 
66841963 50C50CMS6655155894Ronyahski
  1963-D 50C50C 
28901964 1C1CMS66RD5594655946Roll from Glenn Antrim
28931964-D 1C1CMS66RD3623436234roll from Gary Shaffstall
40751964 5C5CMS666846892
40761964-D 5C5CMS66117511776
  1964 10C10C 
851291964-D 10C10CMS67FB226226
58761964 25C25CMS67234234
58771964-D 25C25C 
67061964 50C50C 
67071964-D 50C50CMS67523523
28961965 1C1CMS66RD5374653746roll from Chris Merrill. Best coin from 20 rolls in fact.
40771965 5C5CMS6615431544
51301965 10C10CMS672412477K House
58781965 25C25CMS67232232
67081965 50C50C 
  1966 1C1C 
40781966 5C5CMS66741747Roll from Chris Merrill
851311966 10C10CMS67FB8181
58791966 25C25CMS67552552
67091966 50C50C 
29021967 1C1CMS67RD180180Roll from Bill Johnson
40791967 5C5CMS66722722Best coin from 25 bankrolls I bought on ebay.
51321967 10C10CMS6890956tnfc
58801967 25C25CMS67707707
67101967 50C50C 
  1968 1C1C 
29081968-D 1C1CMS67RD300300
29091968-S 1C1CMS67RD583583Mint Set from Betty Gamble. Best of 7 ms67rds I got graded.
40801968-D 5C5CMS6622132215Clackamas
40811968-S 5C5CMS6761618Clackamas. There are no ms68s, it is a proof in an ms holder, Clackamas own...
51331968 10C10CMS6737237104Mint Set from Betty Gamble
851341968-D 10C10CMS67FB98159815
58811968 25C25CMS67797797mint set from John Staples
58821968-D 25C25CMS671541415414Ebay
67111968-D 50C50C 
29141969 1C1CMS67RD160160
  1969-D 1C1C 
  1969-S 1C1C 
40821969-D 5C5CMS66800801
40831969-S 5C5CMS66691691
51351969 10C10CMS67100105Ex Just Having Fun Collection
51361969-D 10C10CMS6830322Ex Palmisano Collection
58831969 25C25CMS675151
58841969-D 25C25CMS6793109310
67121969-D 50C50C 
29321970 1C1CMS67RD432432
29291970-D 1C1CMS67RD221221
29351970-S 1C1CMS67RD130521Small Date: James Sego. Nicest of 2 I have owned. Large Date: Ex Close to P...
40841970-D 5C5CMS66751754
40851970-S 5C5CMS663703753
51371970 10C10CMS675055Nick Cascio
51381970-D 10C10CMS673403430
58851970 25C25CMS67222222
58861970-D 25C25CMS687070
67131970-D 50C50C 
29411971 1C1CMS67RD532532Bill McMurray
29441971-D 1C1CMS66RD2983229832roll from Stephen Kana
29471971-S 1C1CMS67RD265265Ex Close to Perfect. I highly doubt any ms68s of this date exist. It is ver...
840861971 5C5CMS66FS878878
840871971-D 5C5CMS67FS210210
51391971 10C10CMS671211214Ex Just Having Fun Collection
  1971-D 10C10C 
58871971 25C25C 
58881971-D 25C25C 
67161971 50C50C 
67171971-D 50C50CMS6721082108
74061971 $1$1MS66778778James Sego
74071971-D $1$1MS67310310Ex James Sego Hall of Fame collection.
74081971-S S$1 Silver$1 
29531972 1C1CMS67RD373834
29561972-D 1C1CMS67RD214214roll from Fred''s Coins. Just 1 absolutely gorgeous roll yielded 2 ms67''s!
29591972-S 1C1CMS67RD230230Ex Action-Coins. Best of two ms67rd's I've owned.
840881972 5C5CMS66FS361361Teletrade Anacs cross
840891972-D 5C5CMS66FS551551
51411972 10C10CMS6790912
851421972-D 10C10CMS67FB4141
58891972 25C25CMS67180180Alan Hager
58901972-D 25C25CMS671961319613Barry Gardner. Best of his 9 extras.
67181972 50C50CMS67180180
67191972-D 50C50CMS67903903James Sego
74091972 $1$1MS66270440James Sego
74101972-D $1$1 
74111972-S S$1 Silver$1 
29651973 1C1CMS67RD371371Dave Haldin. Best of 4 ms67rds that I have owned!
29621973-D 1C1CMS67RD131131Ex Close to Perfect. I believe this was originally found by Gary Shafstall....
  1973-S 1C1C 
  1973 5C5C 
840911973-D 5C5CMS66FS10431043
851431973 10C10CMS67FB3030
851441973-D 10C10CMS67FB100100Teletrade
58911973 25C25CMS67160160
58921973-D 25C25CMS67152152
67201973 50C50CMS67320320Ebay. Best of 2 I've owned. The other was the best of the 5 that the Michig...
67211973-D 50C50CMS67570570Ex Michigan Collection. Best of 3 that I've owned!
74121973 $1$1MS6613841384JCPing. Awesome coin!
74131973-D $1$1 
74141973-S S$1 Silver$1 
29711974 1C1CMS67RD10261026
29741974-D 1C1CMS67RD14151415
29781974-S 1C1CMS67RD220220Ex Close to Perfect. Nicest of 3 ms67s I have owned.
840921974 5C5CMS66FS190190
840931974-D 5C5CMS67FS4040
51451974 10C10CMS67160160
51461974-D 10C10CMS6820229Stooge
58931974 25C25CMS67301301
58941974-D 25C25CMS67410410
67221974 50C50CMS67142142Ex Lindemann Collection
67231974-D 50C50CMS67262262Ex Richard Green
74151974 $1$1 
74161974-D $1$1 
74171974-S S$1 Silver$1 
29771975 1C1CMS67RD861861Roll from Mark Mrkvickas
29791975-D 1C1CMS67RD554554Roll from Chris Merrill
840941975 5C5CMS66FS392392
840951975-D 5C5CMS66+ FS1010GoldRush Numismatics
51471975 10C10CMS671301355
851481975-D 10C10CMS67FB4141
29821976 1C1CMS67RD13991399Teletrade
29851976-D 1C1CMS67RD150150Pinevalley. Nicest of 3 ms67rds I've owned (including one I got graded myse...
840961976 5C5CMS66FS122122
840971976-D 5C5CMS66FS371371Teletrade. Best of 2 I've owned.
51491976 10C10CMS67161163Dennis Doeppenschmidt. Best of 3 I've owned!
51501976-D 10C10CMS6830315Ex Palmisano Collection
58961976 25C Clad25CMS67981981
58971976-D 25C Clad25CMS686060
58981976-S 25C Silver25CMS6879737973
67261976 50C Clad50CMS67181181Dennis Doeppenschmidt
67271976-D 50C Clad50CMS67321321
67281976-S 50C Silver50CMS6841314131
74191976 $1$1MS67130130Dennis Doeppenschmidt
74201976-D $1$1MS6760341James Sego/Bob Johnson
74221976-S S$1 Silver$1 
29861977 1C1CMS67RD854854
29871977-D 1C1CMS67RD264264
840981977 5C5CMS66FS180180
840991977-D 5C5CMS67FS2020Ex Just Having Fun Collection. Purchased from Wondercoin.
51511977 10C10CMS67210219
851521977-D 10C10CMS67FB4040
59021977 25C25CMS67531531
59031977-D 25C25CMS67291291
67311977 50C50CMS67381381TreasureGallery. Nicest of 4 I've owned!
67321977-D 50C50CMS67463463
74231977 $1$1MS67200200Ex James Sego Hall of Fame Collection. This is one of the first 5 pcgs grad...
74241977-D $1$1 
29921978 1C1CMS67RD47154715Bill McMurray
  1978-D 1C1C 
  1978 5C5C 
841011978-D 5C5CMS66FS564564
51531978 10C10CMS67382383Craig Harries. Near ms68 and so near fb! Best of 2 ms67's I've owned.
51541978-D 10C10CMS675315314Nick Cascio. Best of 2 ms67's I've owned.
59041978 25C25CMS67440440
59051978-D 25C25CMS67311311Roll from Chris Merrill
67331978 50C50CMS67340340Teletrade. Best of 2 I've owned.
67341978-D 50C50CMS67301301Ex Lindemann Collection
74251978 $1$1 
74261978-D $1$1 
29951979 1C1CMS67RD1611116111Roll from Glenn Antrim
29981979-D 1C1CMS67RD252252
  1979 5C5C 
841031979-D 5C5CMS66FS440440
51551979 10C10CMS67290292
51561979-D 10C10CMS6830322Wondercoin. Ex JHF.
59061979 25C25CMS67492492emzee
59071979-D 25C25CMS67240240
67351979 50C50C 
67361979-D 50C50CMS67411411
995711979-P SBA $1SBA$1MS671501091Rob Ezerman. Best of the 4 he has owned!
95721979-D SBA $1SBA$1 
95731979-S SBA $1SBA$1MS683030
30011980 1C1CMS67RD823823
30041980-D 1C1CMS67RD391391Roll from the Arizona hoard. Best of 5 ms67rd's I have got graded.
841041980-P 5C5CMS66FS320320
841051980-D 5C5CMS66FS280280
51571980-P 10C10CMS67331333Mint Set from Betty Gamble. Best of 2 ms67's I got graded.
51581980-D 10C10CMS67181183Mint Set from Betty Gamble. Best of 6 ms67s I got graded!
59081980-P 25C25CMS67410410
59091980-D 25C25CMS67181181Teletrade. Best of 2 I've owned.
67371980-P 50C50CMS6717301730Ebay. Best of 2 I've owned.
67381980-D 50C50CMS67361361Aw coins, best of 2 they had. A real beauty!
95741980-P SBA $1SBA$1MS6712631263DRG. FT. Got him to sell it from his do not sell box.
95751980-D SBA $1SBA$1MS6712901290Ex DRG Collection. Full Talons. This and 1981-s are the next toughest dates...
95761980-S SBA $1SBA$1MS67770770Ex DRG Collection. Full Talons. Dr Golan searched at least 35 bags of 1980-...
30431981 1C1CMS67RD603603My submission. Roll from Glenn Antrim. Best of about 6 ms67rd's I got grade...
30371981-D 1C1CMS67RD581581My submission. Best of 21 ms67rds I got graded from 2 boxes of 100 rolls ea...
841061981-P 5C5CMS66FS8181Ex Just Having Fun Collection. Purchased from Wondercoin and best of the tw...
841071981-D 5C5CMS66FS711711Steve from the pcgs coin forum. Best of 3 ms66fs's I've owned.
851591981-P 10C10CMS67FB10021002
851601981-D 10C10CMS68FB170170Ebay
59101981-P 25C25CMS67120120Alan Hager
59111981-D 25C25CMS67280280Heritage
67391981-P 50C50CMS67250250Ex Michigan Collection. Best of 3 ms67's I've owned including the Richard G...
67401981-D 50C50CMS67260260Ex Lindemann Collection
95781981-P SBA $1SBA$1MS67180180TNFC. Full Talons. Best of the 2 they had for sale.
95791981-D SBA $1SBA$1MS67910910joeyuk from the pcgs coin forum.
95801981-S SBA $1SBA$1MS673030Ex DRG Collection. Purchased from James Sego Rare Coins. The 1981 Susan B A...
30471982 1C1CMS68RD140150Roll from Witter Coins
  1982-D 1C1C 
841081982-P 5C5CMS66+ FS2020
841091982-D 5C5CMS66FS321321
851611982-P 10C10CMS67FB5151Ebay. Only ms67fb 82-p to ever surface in a public auction or in the regist...
851631982-D 10C10CMS67FB546546
59121982-P 25C25CMS67281281tnfc
59131982-D 25C25CMS67392392Teletrade
67411982-P 50C50CMS67100100
67421982-D 50C50CMS67+3030
  1983 1C1C 
30511983-D 1C1CMS68RD401401
841101983-P 5C5CMS66FS120120Bought from a pcgs forum member. The highlight of my nickel set!
841111983-D 5C5CMS66FS140140
51641983-P 10C10CMS67350358
851651983-D 10C10CMS67FB2020
59141983-P 25C25C 
59151983-D 25C25CMS67150150Kitty''s Coins
67431983-P 50C50CMS67212212Ex Lindemann Collection
67441983-D 50C50CMS6734193419Ex Lindemann Collection
30591984 1C1CMS68RD8831103
30681984-D 1C1CMS68RD220220Roll from Glenn Antrim. Nicest of 5 ms68rds I got graded. Much nicer than p...
841121984-P 5C5CMS66FS711711
841131984-D 5C5CMS66+ FS2020
851661984-P 10C10CMS68FB7070
851671984-D 10C10CMS67FB161161Roll from Witter Coins
59161984-P 25C25CMS67140140
59171984-D 25C25CMS678080
67451984-P 50C50CMS67280280Ex Michigan Collection. Best of 3 I've owned.
67461984-D 50C50CMS67151151
30711985 1C1CMS68RD332332Pinevalley
30741985-D 1C1CMS68RD18351835
841141985-P 5C5CMS66FS480480
841151985-D 5C5CMS66FS451451
851681985-P 10C10CMS67FB252252
51691985-D 10C10CMS681101197
59181985-P 25C25C 
59191985-D 25C25CMS678080
67471985-P 50C50CMS67571571
67481985-D 50C50CMS67932932
  1986 1C1C 
31211986-D 1C1CMS68RD14301430
841161986-P 5C5CMS66FS471471
841171986-D 5C5CMS66FS241241
851701986-P 10C10CMS67FB4040
51711986-D 10C10CMS685058
59201986-P 25C25CMS678080Alan Hager. Best of the 4 he got graded in 2007.
59211986-D 25C25CMS67121121TreasureGallery. Best of the 3 they got graded.
67491986-P 50C50CMS67553553
67501986-D 50C50CMS6714041404
30651987 1C1CMS68RD741741Ebay
30801987-D 1C1CMS68RD261261
841181987-P 5C5CMS67FS250250
841191987-D 5C5CMS66FS10441044
51721987-P 10C10CMS681301317Nick Cascio
851731987-D 10C10CMS67FB7171
59221987-P 25C25CMS67160160
59231987-D 25C25CMS67230230Aw coins
67511987-P 50C50CMS67942942
67521987-D 50C50CMS6714871487
31031988 1C1CMS68RD220220Pinevalley
31051988-D 1C1CMS68RD331331
841201988-P 5C5CMS66+ FS1010
841211988-D 5C5CMS66FS673673
51741988-P 10C10CMS6840463
851751988-D 10C10CMS68FB4040
59241988-P 25C25C 
59251988-D 25C25CMS67101101Datentype
67531988-P 50C50CMS67570570
67541988-D 50C50CMS6717811781
30771989 1C1CMS68RD231231Bob Johnson
30891989-D 1C1CMS68RD632632
841221989-P 5C5CMS67FS8181
841231989-D 5C5CMS66+ FS2020
51761989-P 10C10CMS6850577
851771989-D 10C10CMS68FB5050
59261989-P 25C25CMS67100100Datentype. He is responsible for the entire ms67 pop, but saved his nicest ...
59271989-D 25C25C 
67551989-P 50C50CMS67490490
67561989-D 50C50CMS67711711
  1990 1C1C 
30861990-D 1C1CMS68RD18021802Roll from David Pierce. Maybe should have been graded ms69.
841241990-P 5C5CMS67FS4040
841251990-D 5C5CMS66FS411411
51781990-P 10C10CMS686061
51791990-D 10C10CMS685053
59281990-P 25C25C 
59291990-D 25C25CMS67211211Ex Michael Fuller Collection. Best of 2 I've owned.
67571990-P 50C50CMS67370370
67581990-D 50C50CMS67130130
30921991 1C1CMS68RD360360
30951991-D 1C1CMS68RD14251425
841261991-P 5C5CMS66FS491491
841271991-D 5C5CMS66FS561561Datentype. His best ms66fs, almost as nice as his pop 1 ms67fs.
51801991-P 10C10CMS67390397Ebay
51811991-D 10C10CMS67210212Ebay. Best of 2 ms67's I've owned.
59301991-P 25C25CMS67120120
59311991-D 25C25C 
67591991-P 50C50CMS67542542
67601991-D 50C50CMS682020Ex Richard Green
30981992 1C1CMS68RD1481114811
31011992-D 1C1CMS68RD25162516Telecoin
  1992-P 5C5C 
841291992-D 5C5CMS66FS655655
51821992-P 10C10CMS682302326Stooge
51831992-D 10C10CMS6840466
59321992-P 25C25CMS675151Barry Gardner. Coin originally submitted by Datentype!
59331992-D 25C25C 
67611992-P 50C50CMS6715881588
67621992-D 50C50CMS6715331533
31071993 1C1CMS68RD12921292
31091993-D 1C1CMS68RD25762576
841301993-P 5C5CMS66+ FS2222
841311993-D 5C5CMS67FS130130
851841993-P 10C10CMS67FB191191
851851993-D 10C10CMS67FB4040
59341993-P 25C25CMS67230230
59351993-D 25C25C 
67631993-P 50C50CMS6710201020
67641993-D 50C50CMS6710131013
31151994 1C1CMS68RD310310Ex William Hancotte
31181994-D 1C1CMS68RD901901
841321994-P 5C5CMS66FS628832814
841331994-D 5C5CMS66FS583583
51861994-P 10C10CMS6830385
851871994-D 10C10CMS67FB4141
59361994-P 25C25CMS678181Datentype
59371994-D 25C25C 
67651994-P 50C50CMS6714571457
67661994-D 50C50CMS67582582
31331995 1C1CMS68RD74027695
31301995-D 1C1CMS68RD695695
841361995-P 5C5CMS67FS180180
  1995-D 5C5C 
851881995-P 10C10CMS67+ FB1111
51921995-D 10C10CMS6860617
59381995-P 25C25CMS67604604Sean Jackson
59391995-D 25C25CMS67481481
67671995-P 50C50CMS6711361136
67681995-D 50C50CMS67977977
31361996 1C1CMS68RD922922
31391996-D 1C1CMS68RD22562256
841371996-P 5C5CMS67FS342342
841381996-D 5C5CMS67FS261261
51911996-P 10C10CMS68194019494
851901996-D 10C10CMS68FB8080
851891996-W 10C10CMS68FB25102510
59601996-P 25C25C 
59611996-D 25C25C 
67691996-P 50C50CMS68570570
67701996-D 50C50CMS68210210
31451997 1C1CMS68RD230230I got #3 and #10 in the pop report graded but then got this one from Datent...
31421997-D 1C1CMS68RD581581Datentype. Best of the 5 he got graded.
841391997-P 5C5CMS67FS94241241
841411997-D 5C5CMS66FS581581
51931997-P 10C10CMS682202240Heritage
851941997-D 10C10CMS68FB2020
59401997-P 25C25C 
59411997-D 25C25C 
67711997-P 50C50CMS67987987
67721997-D 50C50CMS67634634
31481998 1C1CMS68RD532542
31511998-D 1C1CMS68RD443443
841421998-P 5C5CMS66FS485485
841431998-D 5C5CMS66FS120120Datentype. Best of 2 I've owned.
851951998-P 10C10CMS68FB7070
851961998-D 10C10CMS68FB3030
59421998-P 25C25CMS68400400
59431998-D 25C25CMS67281281Datentype. Best of 2 I've owned.
67731998-P 50C50CMS6712471247
67741998-D 50C50C 
  1999 1C1C 
31571999-D 1C1CMS69RD470470
841441999-P 5C5CMS67FS191191
  1999-D 5C5C 
851971999-P 10C10CMS68FB33503350
851981999-D 10C10CMS68FB943943
59441999-P 25C Delaware25C 
59451999-D 25C Delaware25C 
59461999-P 25C Pennsylvania25C 
59471999-D 25C Pennsylvania25C 
59481999-P 25C New Jersey25C 
59491999-D 25C New Jersey25C 
59501999-P 25C Georgia25C 
59511999-D 25C Georgia25CMS6717541754
59521999-P 25C Connectict25C 
59531999-D 25C Connectict25C 
67761999-P 50C50C 
67771999-D 50C50C 
95811999-P SBA $SBA$1MS6741964196
95821999-D SBA $1SBA$1