DRMs 2013 Proof Set - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 70.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 70.000
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DRMs 2013 Proof Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5169112013-S 1C1CPR70DC960
5168972013-S 5C5CPR70DC690
5168952013-S 10C10CPR70DC1720
5186852013-S 10C Silver10CPR70DC1700
5168332013-S 25C White Mountain NP25CPR70DC1600
5168242013-S 25C White Mountain NP Silver25CPR70DC3110
5168352013-S 25C Perry's Memorial25CPR70DC1510
5168262013-S 25C Perry's Memorial Silver25CPR70DC2450
5168372013-S 25C Great Basin NP25CPR70DC1840
5168282013-S 25C Great Basin NP Silver25CPR70DC3750
5168392013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP25CPR70DC1900
5168302013-S 25C Fort McHenry NP Silver25CPR70DC3760
5168412013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP25CPR70DC2080
5168322013-S 25C Mount Rushmore NP Silver25CPR70DC3480
5168912013-S 50C50CPR70DC360
5186862013-S 50C Silver50CPR70DC1140
5177582013-S $1 Native American$1PR70DC1530
5173382013-S $1 Theodore Roosevelt$1PR70DC1930
5173402013-S $1 William McKinley$1PR70DC1810
5173422013-S $1 William H. Taft$1PR70DC2480
5173442013-S $1 Woodrow Wilson$1PR70DC1990