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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5187981921 VAM 1A Rev Field Break$1MS6211A VAM-1A
5187991921 VAM 1F MS of Matte PF Dies$1MS6430A
5188001921 VAM 1H MS of Satin PF Dies$1MS6432A
  1922 VAM 1E, VAM 2L Gouge in Rays$1 
5188031922 VAM 17 Doubled Wing$1MS6311A
5188041922-D VAM 1M Obv Die CUD$1N100A
5188051922-D VAM 2A Retained Die Break$1XF4510A
5188061922-D VAM 14A Retained Die Break$1N100A
5188071922-S VAM 2X Rev Rim CUD$1MS6210A DOUBLE CUD REVERSE
5188081922-S VAM 5A Overpolished Rev Die$1MS6410A
5188091922-S VAM 10 Extra Ray$1MS6320A
5188101923 VAM 1G Tiara Die Gouge$1MS6310A
1338261923 VAM 1V Extra Hair$1MS645225A
4045911923 VAM 1AA Extra Hair$1MS6217A
5188111923 VAM 1AB Extra Hair$1AU5811A
5188121923 VAM 8 Doubled TRVST$1MS6210A
5188131923-D VAM 1E Extra Hair$1XF4511A BREAK IN HAIR
5188141923-D VAM 1H "Ponytail"$1AU5511A RETAINED CUD
5188151923-D VAM 1AZ Rev Rim CUD$1 
5188161923-S VAM 1I Rev Retained CUD$1N100A
5188171923-S VAM 1W Hair Die Break$1AU5810A
  1924 VAM 1D, VAM 1BB Clashed E$1 
5188201924 VAM 1G Wing Break$1MS6311A
5188211924 VAM 1H Extra Hair$1MS6222A
5188221924 VAM 1AA Broken Jaw$1AU5810A
5188231924 VAM 11A Wing Die Break$1MS6211A VAM-11A
5188241926 VAM 1A Broken Wing$1MS6310A
5188251926-D VAM 1B Extra Hair$1VF3510A
5188261926-S VAM 3B, VAM 3D Overpolished Die$1MS6310A
5188281934 VAM 1A Obv Die Scratch$1MS6311A