Coins Certified as of 11/26

Silver & Gold Eagles Complete Set, Proof (1986-present): The Heller Collection

The Heller Collection - 16th

Current Statistics
Rank 16
Weighted GPA 70.923
Complete 61.97%
Set Rating 46.627
Retired Statistics (11/11/2005)
Rank 9
Weighted GPA 69.960
Complete 91.21%
Set Rating 66.462
s1heller's Sets
The Heller Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
98021986-S S$1$1PR70DC2412024120
  1987-S S$1$1 
  1988-S S$1$1 
  1989-S S$1$1 
98371990-S S$1$1 
98471991-S S$1$1 
98571992-S S$1$1PR70DC1065010650
98671993-P S$1$1PR70DC67906790
98771994-P S$1$1PR70DC59305930
98961995-P S$1$1PR70DC1074010740**
  1995-W S$1$1 
99101996-P S$1$1PR70DC1369013690
99131997-P S$1$1PR70DC1043010430
99301998-P S$1$1PR70DC1838018380
99481999-P S$1$1PR70DC1346013460
999492000-P S$1$1 
999542001-W S$1$1PR70DC2141021410
  2002-W S$1$1 
999642003-W S$1$1PR70DC2781027810
999702004-W S$1$1PR70DC3303033030
8999752005-W S$1$1PR70DC450037950
  2006-P S$1 REV PR$1 
  2006-W S$1$1 
  2007-W S$1$1 
  2008-W S$1$1 
  2010-W S$1$1 
  2011-P S$1 REV PR$1 
  2011-W S$1$1 
  2012-S S$1 $1 
  2012-S S$1 Rev PR $1 
  2012-W S$1$1 
  2013-W S$1$1 
  2013-W S$1 REV PR$1 
  2014-W S$1$1 
*  2015-W S$1  
98191988-P G$5$5PR70DC40804080
98291989-P G$5$5PR70DC21702170
98391990-P G$5$5PR70DC47304730
98491991-P G$5$5PR70DC58405840
98591992-P G$5$5PR70DC28402840
98691993-P G$5$5PR69DC36482473648247
98791994-W G$5$5PR70DC17701770
98891995-W G$5$5PR70DC20802130
99031996-W G$5$5PR70DC17901790
99151997-W G$5$5PR70DC12001200
99321998-W G$5$5PR70DC15901590
99401999-W G$5$5PR70DC14101410
999502000-W G$5$5PR70DC17301730
999552001-W G$5$5PR70DC14101410
999602002-W G$5$5PR70DC23402340
999652003-W G$5$5PR70DC27402740
999712004-W G$5$5PR70DC22602260
999762005-W G$5$5PR70DC41204130
  2006-W G$5$5 
  2007-W G$5$5 
  2008-W G$5$5 
  2010-W G$5$5 
  2011-W G$5$5 
  2012-W G$5$5 
  2013-W G$5$5 
  2014-W G$5$5 
*  2015-W G$5$5 
98211988-P G$10$10PR70DC49304930
98311989-P G$10$10PR70DC26402640
98411990-P G$10$10PR70DC23202320
98511991-P G$10$10PR70DC45504550
98611992-P G$10$10PR70DC25302530
98711993-P G$10$10PR70DC15401540
98811994-W G$10$10PR70DC26602660
98911995-W G$10$10PR70DC38004010
99051996-W G$10$10PR70DC32003200
99171997-W G$10$10PR70DC20002000
99341998-W G$10$10PR70DC23202320
99421999-W G$10$10PR70DC15701570
999512000-W G$10$10PR70DC18601860
999562001-W G$10$10PR70DC19601960
999612002-W G$10$10PR70DC32303230
999662003-W G$10$10PR70DC43404350
999722004-W G$10$10PR70DC28602860
999772005-W G$10$10PR70DC26502650
  2006-W G$10$10 
  2007-W G$10$10 
  2008-W G$10$10 
  2010-W G$10$10 
  2011-W G$10$10 
  2012-W G$10$10 
  2013-W G$10$10 
  2014-W G$10 $10 
*  2015-W G$10$10 
98131987-P G$25$25PR70DC23902390**
98231988-P G$25$25PR70DC24802480
98331989-P G$25$25PR70DC13701370**
98431990-P G$25$25PR70DC930930
98531991-P G$25$25PR70DC33103310**
98631992-P G$25$25PR70DC18301830
98731993-P G$25$25PR69DC412187412187
98831994-W G$25$25PR70DC21802180
98931995-W G$25$25PR70DC32703390**
99071996-W G$25$25PR70DC28302830
99191997-W G$25$25PR70DC17901790
99361998-W G$25$25PR70DC15101510
99441999-W G$25$25PR70DC15101510
999522000-W G$25$25PR70DC18801880
999572001-W G$25$25PR70DC25502550
999622002-W G$25$25PR70DC37703770**
999672003-W G$25$25PR70DC43904400
999732004-W G$25$25PR70DC28602870**
999782005-W G$25$25PR70DC32503250
  2006-W G$25$25 
  2007-W G$25$25 
  2008-W G$25$25 
  2010-W G$25$25 
  2011-W G$25$25 
  2012-W G$25$25 
  2013-W G$25$25 
  2014-W G$25$25 
*  2015-W G$25$25 
98071986-W G$50$50PR70DC38103810
98151987-W G$50$50PR70DC51305130
98251988-W G$50$50PR70DC47104710
98351989-W G$50$50PR70DC44704470
98451990-W G$50$50PR70DC30803080
98551991-W G$50$50PR70DC17301730
98651992-W G$50$50PR70DC16501650
98751993-W G$50$50PR69DC23761292376129
98851994-W G$50$50PR70DC21002100
98951995-W G$50$50PR70DC26202750
99091996-W G$50$50PR70DC20602060
99281997-W G$50$50PR70DC20302030
99381998-W G$50$50PR70DC13501350
99461999-W G$50$50PR70DC12801280
999532000-W G$50$50PR70DC17201720
999582001-W G$50$50PR70DC12501250
999632002-W G$50$50PR70DC25102510
999682003-W G$50$50PR70DC34103420
999742004-W G$50$50PR70DC23502360
999792005-W G$50$50PR70DC30303030
  2006-W G$50$50 
  2006-W G$50 REV PR$50 
  2007-W G$50$50 
  2008-W G$50$50 
  2010-W G$50$50 
  2011-W G$50$50 
  2012-W G$50$50 
  2013-W G$50$50 
  2014-W G$50$50 
*  2015-W G$50$50 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.