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Rank 3
Weighted GPA 42.984
Complete 30.43%
Set Rating 9.798
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weston collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
6701051772-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 RAU5341
6700151772-MO MF Inverted Assayer8 R 
6701261773-MO FM Inverted Assayer8 R 
1631451773-MO FM8 R 
4089781774-MO FM8 R 
6700171775-MO FM8 R 
1702351776-MO FM8 R 
2402851777/6-MO FM8 R 
1589341777-MO FF8 R 
2402891778/7-MO FF8 R 
2402881778-MO FM8 R 
6709521778-MO FF8 RXF4542
6701161779-MO FF8 RAU5017
1598321780-MO FF8 RXF4514
6701691781-MO FF8 R 
1401901782-MO FF8 R 
6701011783-MO FF8 R 
4047441783-MO FM8 R 
6701991784-MO FF8 R 
6701681784-MO FM8 RAU5012
4125081785-MO FM8 R 
8791951786/5-MO FM8 R 
6700941786-MO FM8 RXF40213
8791971787/6-MO FM8 R 
3928691787-MO FM8 RAU5312
6701671788-MO FM8 RAU5545
6701641789-MO FM CAROLUS III8 R 
4105571789-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 R 
6700221790-MO FM CAROLUS IV8 RVF3516
2633361790-MO FM CAROLUS IIII8 RN104
6700721791-MO FM8 R 
1654371792-MO FM8 R 
6700311793-MO FM8 RAU5830
6701861794-MO FM8 RAU5523
2633411795/4-MO FM8 R 
6700271795-MO FM8 R 
6700701796-MO FM8 RXF4527
6700321797-MO FM8 R 
6700851798-MO FM8 R 
6700331799-MO FM8 RAU5831
5132451800-MO FM8 RXF4514
2633501801/0-MO FM8 R 
2633491801/791-MO FM8 R 
5134221801-MO FM8 R 
2633531801-MO FT/M8 R 
5132511801-MO FT8 R 
2633551802/1-MO FT8 R 
5132531802-MO FT8 RN108LOOKS AU 50 TO ME, OH WELL
2633571802-MO FT/M8 R 
5132551803-MO FT8 RAU5316
2633591803-MO FT/M8 R 
5132571803-MO TH8 R 
2633611804/3-MO TH8 R 
5132591804-MO TH8 RXF45319
2633621805/4-MO TH8 R 
5132611805-MO TH8 RAU55312
5132621806-MO TH8 RAU5575
2633651807/6-MO TH8 R 
5132641807-MO TH8 RAU5886
5132661808/7-MO TH8 R 
5132671808-MO TH CAROLUS IIII8 RAU5846
5132761808-MO TH FERDIN VII8 R 
2633701809/8-MO TH8 R 
5132811809-MO TH8 RAU58+113
1694361809-MO HJ8 R 
2633721809-MO HJ/TH8 R 
1651221810/9-MO HJ8 R 
4073591810-MO TH8 R 
2633761810-MO HJ/TH8 R 
5132831810-MO HJ8 RAU5556
2633781811/0-MO HJ Amored Bust8 R 
5132871811-MO HJ Armored Bust8 RMS6261
2633801811-MO HJ/TH Armored Bust8 R 
4032161811-MO HJ Draped Bust8 RN104
3932721812-MO HJ8 R 
2633831812-MO JJ/HJ8 R 
2633841812-MO JJ8 R 
2633851813-MO HJ8 R 
4129751813-MO JJ8 R 
2633871814/3-MO HJ8 R 
2633881814/3-MO JJ8 RAU5311
5133051814-MO JJ8 R 
2633901815/4-MO JJ8 R 
1401781815-MO JJ8 R 
2633921816/5-MO JJ8 R 
1620741816-MO JJ8 R 
1401791817-MO JJ8 R 
5133131818-MO JJ8 R 
1511921819-MO JJ8 R 
5133141820-MO JJ8 R 
5133151821-MO JJ8 R