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Merion Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
22061900 1C1CMS64RB36191
38611900 5C5CMS64362236CAC
48211900 10C10CMS635799
48221900-O 10C10CMS64+119
48231900-S 10C10CMS632466
56251900 25C25CMS646358
56261900-O 25C25CMS621068
56271900-S 25C25CAU5555113
64861900 50C50CAU5838229CAC
64871900-O 50C50CAU53855
64881900-S 50C50CAU553380CAC. From Michael Kittle Rare Coins.
72641900 S$1$1MS64+2434473
72661900-O S$1$1MS66978137CAC
72701900-S S$1$1MS65543132CAC. From DLRC. Colorful toning
  1901 1C1C 
38621901 5C5C 
48241901 10C10C 
48251901-O 10C10C 
48261901-S 10C10C 
56281901 25C25C 
56291901-O 25C25C 
56301901-S 25C25C 
64891901 50C50C 
64901901-O 50C50C 
64911901-S 50C50C 
  1901 S$1$1 
  1901-O S$1$1 
  1901-S S$1$1 
  1902 1C1C 
38631902 5C5C 
48271902 10C10C 
48281902-O 10C10C 
48291902-S 10C10C 
56311902 25C25C 
56321902-O 25C25C 
56331902-S 25C25C 
64921902 50C50C 
64931902-O 50C50C 
64941902-S 50C50C 
  1902 S$1$1 
  1902-O S$1$1 
  1902-S S$1$1 
22151903 1C1CMS64RB62797
38641903 5C5CMS65210113Colorful toning
48301903 10C10CMS633280CAC. From Holsonbake Numismatics
48311903-O 10C10CAU5523125
48321903-S 10C10CXF451397CAC. Sept 2014 Long Beach.
56341903 25C25CMS621777CAC
56351903-O 25C25CMS621669CAC
56361903-S 25C25CVF3010134
64951903 50C50CAU581990CAC
64961903-O 50C50CXF4022170Original surfaces. From Glenn at Holsonbake numismatics.
64971903-S 50C50CXF4021115CAC
72841903 S$1$1MS6450614125OGH
72861903-O S$1$1MS66636101This date was once among the rarest morgans in mint state. In early 1960's...
72881903-S S$1$1XF403901338CAC
  1904 1C1C 
38651904 5C5C 
48331904 10C10C 
48341904-S 10C10C 
56371904 25C25C 
56381904-O 25C25C 
64981904 50C50C 
64991904-O 50C50C 
65001904-S 50C50C 
  1904 S$1$1 
  1904-O S$1$1 
  1904-S S$1$1 
  1905 1C1C 
38661905 5C5C 
48351905 10C10C 
48361905-O 10C10C 
48371905-S 10C10C 
56391905 25C25C 
56401905-O 25C25C 
56411905-S 25C25C 
65011905 50C50C 
65021905-O 50C50C 
65031905-S 50C50C 
22241906 1C1CMS65RB1271CAC
38671906 5C5CMS65+421CAC
48381906 10C10CMS66+15CAC. Was PCGS First Gen Holder MS65 with Gold CAC sticker. Upgraded to MS...
48391906-D 10C10CMS66125Ex. Gardner Collection. Heritage Lot 98298, May 2015 New York. Variety: B...
48401906-O 10C10CMS662011
48411906-S 10C10CMS66207
56421906 25C25CMS66+12CAC
56431906-D 25C25CMS651912
56441906-O 25C25CMS653430CAC
65041906 50C50CMS64+230Was in PCGS MS64 first generation holder.
65051906-D 50C50CMS645526
65061906-O 50C50CMS642317CAC. From DLRC
65071906-S 50C50CMS644222
  1907 1C1C 
38681907 5C5C 
  1907 10C10C 
  1907-D 10C10C 
  1907-O 10C10C 
48451907-S 10C10C 
56451907 25C25C 
  1907-D 25C25C 
56471907-O 25C25C 
  1907-S 25C25C 
65081907 50C50C 
65091907-D 50C50C 
65101907-O 50C50C 
65111907-S 50C50C 
  1908 1C1C 
  1908-S 1C1C 
38691908 5C5C 
48461908 10C10C 
48471908-D 10C10C 
48481908-O 10C10C 
48491908-S 10C10C 
56491908 25C25C 
56501908-D 25C25C 
56511908-O 25C25C 
56521908-S 25C25C 
65121908 50C50C 
65131908-D 50C50C 
65141908-O 50C50C 
65151908-S 50C50C 
  1909 1C Indian1C 
  1909-S 1C Indian1C 
  1909 1C Lincoln1C 
  1909 VDB 1C1C 
  1909-S 1C Lincoln1C 
  1909-S VDB 1C1C 
38701909 5C5C 
48501909 10C10C 
48511909-D 10C10C 
48521909-O 10C10C 
48531909-S 10C10C 
56531909 25C25C 
56541909-D 25C25C 
56551909-O 25C25C 
56561909-S 25C25C 
65161909 50C50C 
65171909-O 50C50C 
  1909-S 50C50C