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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
George V 1/2 Penny (1911-1936)   1/2D 
George VI 1/2 Penny (1938-1952)   1/2D 
Elizabeth II 1/2 Penny (1953-1962)1702221962(p)1/2DPR64RB149
George V Penny (1911-1936)   1D 
George VI Penny (1938-1952)   1D 
Elizabeth II Penny (1955-1963)1447181959(m)1DPR62RB727
Edward VII Threepence (1910)43860019103D 
George V Threepence (1911-1936)   3D 
George VI Threepence (1938-1951)   3D 
Elizabeth II Threepence (1953-1963)1438751958(m)3DPR652865
Edward VII Sixpence (1910)43862419106D 
George V Sixpence (1911-1936)   6D 
George VI Sixpence (1938-1951)   6D 
Elizabeth II Sixpence (1953-1963)177561961(m)6DPR653634
Edward VII Shilling (1910)4386271910Shil 
George V Shilling (1911-1936)   Shil 
George VI Shilling (1938-1939)   Shil 
Elizabeth II Shilling (1953-1963)178721960(m)ShilPR652258
Edward VII Florin (1910)4386291910Florin 
George V Florin (1911-1936)1457651934-35FlorinPR6312
George VI Shilling (1938-1951)   Florin 
Elizabeth II Florin (1953-1963)180001960(m)FlorinPR654930
George VI Crown (1937-1938)   Crown