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About this set: Both the French Revolution and the American War of Independence took place during George III's long reign, and the famous naval Battle of Trafalgar and the Battle of Waterloo also took place during this time. During the Napoleonic Wars, bank notes came into general use as the issue of Guineas was stopped between 1799 and 1813. These interesting little coins, Third-Guineas, were minted to relieve the shortage of smaller money. As to their designs, Third-Guineas dated 1797 through 1800 have the First Laureated Head of Geo III Rt., while the reverse had a Crown, and the date was in the legend. Between 1801 and 1803, the obverse remained the same, but the reverse finds the date moved below the Crown. In 1804 and until the issue was stopped in 1813, the obverse contained a Second Laureated Head with Short Hair Rt. The 1811 date is particularly elusive in high grade.

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Spencer Collection George III Third-Guinea Date Set
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
61802417971/3 GMS6225Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, KM-620, FR-365, Geo. III, First Year of Den...
61802817981/3 GAU5543Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, Fr-365, Laureated Head of Geo III to Right,...
61810217991/3 G 
61801818001/3 G 
61813518011/3 G 
61807118021/3 G 
61003918031/3 G 
61801718041/3 G 
61803418061/3 G 
61803218081/3 GMS6330Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, Mint State & Tied for Finest
61807218091/3 GAU5513Great Britain, Gold 1/3 guinea, George III, KM-650, Scarce
61804018101/3 GMS6241Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, Mint State & Tied for Finest
16891618111/3 G 
61802018131/3 G