Spencer Collection British Elizabeth II Type Gold Set with VIP Proof Sovereign - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: Elizabeth II was born on April 21, 1926, in London, England, the oldest child of the Duke of York and his wife, Elizabeth. Her father became King George VI of Great Britain and Ireland in 1936 when his older brother Edward VIII (1894–1972) gave up the throne. She married Philip Mountbatten in November 1947, (a distant cousin) and they had four children—Prince Charles (1948–), Princess Anne (1950–), Prince Andrew (1960–), and Prince Edward (1964–). Elizabeth II became queen of the United Kingdom upon the death of her father in 1952. Elizabeth II has had a long and glorious reign during which the coinage of England underwent significant change. For example, in 1965 it was decided to change to a decimal system of coinage in the year 1971. As part of the transition to decimal coinage the halfpenny and halfcrown were demonetized. Of special interest to the type gold collector are the pre-decimal issues which are of the highest rarity. A few proof gold sovereigns were minted and released to very important people (hence the name VIP Proof Sovereigns) in 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1963. Examples of the VIP Proof Sovereigns have periodically been available at public auction where prices realized have reflected their rarity. The Spencer Collection includes a 1958 VIP Proof Sovereign (Spink #4125) with famous provenance; ex Sharps-Pixley Collection and more recently, ex Terner. The five pound, two pound and half-sovereign pre-decimal proof coins are pretty much non-existent, however a few proof only coins were minted in 1953, but never released to the public.

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Spencer Collection British Elizabeth II Type Gold Set with VIP Proof Sovereign
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Sovereign Pre-Decimal 1952-19702072251958SovPR6611Great Britain, Gold Proof "VIP" Sovereign, WR-450, R4, A "VIP" Sovereign be...
Five Pounds Decimal 1980-19843893961982£5PR69DC90Great Britain Gold 5 Pound Gem Deep Cameo Proof, Low Mintage, S.4201, Tied ...
Two Pounds Decimal 1980-19832073031982£2PR69170Great Britain, Proof 2 PD, Tied for Finest
Sovereign Decimal 1974-19842072381982SovPR6950Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, Tied for Finest
Half-Sovereign Decimal 1980-198420684819831/2 SovPR69210Great Britain Gold 1/2 Sovereign, Tied for Finest
Five Pounds Third Portrait 1985-19973884961990£5PR67CA11Great Britain Gold 5 Pound GEM Cameo Proof, Scarce
Two Pounds Third Portrait 1985-19973891201997£2PR69DC30Great Britain, Proof 2 PD, Tied for Finest
Sovereign Third Portrait 1985-19973885671995SovPR69DC100Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, Low Mintage Date, Deep Cameo Gem, Tied...
Half-Sovereign Third Portrait 1985-199720685019851/2 SovPR6910Great Britain Gold 1/2 Sovereign, Finest
Britannia 100 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-19976190101987£100PR69DC1402Great Britain, Gold 100 Pds Britannia PROOF DC
Britannia 50 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-19971624691988£50PR6810Great Britain, Gold Proof 50 Pds 1988 Britannia, Half Ounce AGW, Finest
Britannia 25 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-19976190091987£25PR69DC651Great Britain, Proof Quarter Ounce Gold
Britannia 10 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-19971625191988£10PR6811Great Britain 10 Pound Small Gold, Britannia
Five Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1693412000£5PR6910GB 5 PD Gold Gem Proof, Low Mintage Type, Finest
Two Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1719922003£2PR69886Great Britain, Proof 2 Pound Gold, PR69DCAM on Holder
Sovereign Fourth Portrait 1998-present1626092003SovPR69481Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, PR69DCAM on Holder
Half-Sovereign Fourth Portrait 1998-present16257120031/2 SovPR69501Great Britain Gold 1/2 Sovereign, PR69DCAM on Holder
Britannia 100 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1438662006£100PR69DC1644Great Britain Gold
Britannia 50 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1438652006£50PR69DC15416Great Britain Gold
Britannia 25 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1438642006£25PR69DC14714Great Britain Gold
Britannia 10 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present3885701989£10PR69DC60Great Britain 10 PD Small Gold, Tied for Finest
Britannia 1 Pound Fourth Portrait 2013-present743342013£1 
Five Pounds Anniversary 19892073871989£5PR6831Great Britain, One Year Type; Queen Facing on Throne; Rv. Royal Arms Surmou...
Two Pounds Anniversary 19892073081989£2PR6940Great Britain, One Year Type; Queen Facing on Throne; Rv. Royal Arms Surmou...
Sovereign Anniversary 19892072451989SovPR6920Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, One Year Type, Queen Facing on Throne;...
Half-Sovereign Anniversary 198920685419891/2 SovPR6910Great Britain Gold 1/2 Sovereign, One Year Type, Finest