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British Gold Type Set, Elizabeth II (acc. 1952): Spencer Collection British Elizabeth II Type Gold Set #2

Spencer Collection British Elizabeth II Type Gold Set #2 - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 68.769
Complete 46.43%
Set Rating 31.929
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Spencer Collection British Elizabeth II Type Gold Set #2
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Sovereign Pre-Decimal 1952-1970   Sov 
Five Pounds Decimal 1980-19842073841984£5PR6863437157Great Britain Gold 5 Pound Gem Proof
Two Pounds Decimal 1980-19832073041983£2PR695801070Great Britain, Proof 2 PD, Tied for Finest
Sovereign Decimal 1974-19842072391983SovPR69170740Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, Tied for Finest
Half-Sovereign Decimal 1980-198420684719821/2 SovPR6910600Great Britain Gold 1/2 Sovereign, Finest
Five Pounds Third Portrait 1985-19973889721985£5PR68DC91231126Great Britain Gold 5 Pound Gem Deep Cameo Proof, Tied for Finest
Two Pounds Third Portrait 1985-19973884931988£2PR69DC501241Great Britain, Proof Deep Cameo 2 PD Gold, Tied for Finest
Sovereign Third Portrait 1985-19973891341996SovPR69DC91701Great Britain, Gold Proof Sovereign, Low Mintage Date, Deep Cameo Gem, Tied...
Half-Sovereign Third Portrait 1985-199738849519881/2 SovPR69DC20380Great Britain, Gold Deep Cameo Proof 1/2 Sovereign, Finest
Britannia 100 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-19973890241988£100PR68DC21024225Great Britain, Gold 1988 Proof Britannia 100 Pds, one ounce AGW, Finest, Mu...
Britannia 50 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-1997   £50 
Britannia 25 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-1997   £25 
Britannia 10 Pounds Third Portrait 1987-1997   £10 
Five Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1714972002£5PR69101008163Great Britain Gold 5 PD Superb Gem Proof, Low Mintage Type, Finest
Two Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present3891402004£2PR69DC201068380GB 2 PD Proof, Low Mintage Type
Sovereign Fourth Portrait 1998-present3893841999SovPR69DC1911691679Great Britain, Proof Deep Cameo Gold Sovereign, Low Mintage and Difficult D...
Half-Sovereign Fourth Portrait 1998-present   1/2 Sov 
Quarter-Sovereign 2009-present   1/4 Sov 
Britannia 100 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present   £100 
Britannia 50 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present   £50 
Britannia 25 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present   £25 
Britannia 10 Pounds Fourth Portrait 1998-present1438632006£10PR69DC17279102197Great Britain
Britannia 1 Pound Fourth Portrait 2013-present   £1 
Britannia 50 Pence Fourth Portrait 2014-present545911201450p 
Five Pounds Anniversary 1989  1989£5 
Two Pounds Anniversary 19892073081989£2 
Sovereign Anniversary 1989  1989Sov 
Half-Sovereign Anniversary 1989  19891/2 Sov