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Eisenhower Dollars Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1971-1978): Mike's Barely Used Ikes

Mike's Barely Used Ikes - 76th

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About this set: My collection of Eisenhower Dollars. Thank you to those who've helped me assemble the set.

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Mike's Barely Used Ikes
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
74061971$1MS659258492584Booming luster. Thank you James Sego!
74071971-D$1MS66108663111165Thank you James Sego!
74081971-S SILVER$1MS6754085428Thank you James Sego!
74091972$1MS6548126104052Type 3. Gorgeous rainbow toning. Thank you James Sego!
74101972-D$1MS664803948039Rainbow toning most visible on obverse. Thank you Mr. Ballard.
74111972-S SILVER$1MS68178642178642..
74121973$1MS6513941361394136Solid coin. From DLRC.
74131973-D$1MS663222632226Even satin like toning over nice luster. Thank you Mr. Ballard.
74141973-S SILVER$1MS6890399039Nice even satiny luster. Nearly perfect. ..
74151974$1MS6512771911277191Delicate rim toning. ..
74161974-D$1MS665044350443Attractive copper toning. ?
74171974-S SILVER$1MS681099610996Light toning. ..
74181976 $1MS65591322776549Mostly untoned. ?
74201976-D$1MS6632216120559Mostly untoned. ..
74221976-S SILVER$1MS6875207520..
74231977$1MS669062990629Thank you James Sego!
74241977-D$1MS664811848118Thank you James Sego!
74251978$1MS664241642416Golden toned. Very pretty. Thank you Mr. Ballard.
74261978-D$1MS665952259522Thank you James Sego!