Spencer Collection George III Gold Type Set 1760-1820 #2 - 2nd

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Spencer Collection George III Gold Type Set 1760-1820 #2
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Five Guineas78670617705 G 
Two Guineas1607461768P2 G 
Guinea6100301798GuineaMS6215283664Great Britain, Gold Guinea, Fr-356, S-3729, KM-609, Geo III, Fifth Head to ...
Half-Guinea61801918131/2 GMS624123733Great Britain Gold 1/2 Guinea of George III, Out of collection assembled in...
Third-Guinea61802417971/3 GMS62251424Great Britain, Gold 1/3 Guinea, KM-620, FR-365, Geo. III, First Year of Den...
Quarter-Guinea61803617621/4 GAU55313315Great Britain, 1/4 Guinea, Ex Eliasberg Collection, and earlier from the St...
Sovereign2068801820SovMS6421125Great Britain, Gold Sovereign, KM-674. Gorgeous Large Date Open "2". Only 1...
Half-Sovereign20657318171/2 SovMS655172Great Britain, Gold 1/2 Sovereign, GEM, KM-673, Only one higher!