Coins Certified as of 10/25

Morgan Dollars Super Set, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921): JJ Wolcin Super Set

JJ Wolcin Super Set - 5th

Current Statistics
Rank 5
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 61.983
Complete 94.24%
Set Rating 57.230
Retired Statistics (3/22/2014)
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 61.849
Complete 94.53%
Set Rating 57.342
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About this set: 

JJ Wolcin Super Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
401171878 8TF VAM 1 Spear Point$1MS64PL4070PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
401201878 8TF VAM 2 Lines in LIB$1MS63DM713515PCGS purchase on ebay
401211878 8TF VAM 3 Spiked Eye$1MS64PL30238PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1337871878 8TF VAM 4 Denticle Chip$1MS656060PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1337881878 8TF VAM 5 Doubled RIB$1MS64102102raw (unattrib) purchase on ebay
401271878 8TF VAM 6 Pierced Eyelid$1MS64PL10326PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1337901878 8TF VAM 7 Tripled E$1MS64100100ANACS MS63 purchase on ebay
1337911878 8TF VAM 8 Stick Feather$1MS646060ANACS MS64 purchase on ebay
1337921878 8TF VAM 9 1st Die Pair$1AU5321182118ANACS AU53 purchase on ebay
401351878 8TF VAM 10 Notched 7$1MS63PL10329PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
401401878 8TF VAM 12 Notched Star$1MS62PL224837PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1337951878 8TF VAM 14 Chip in Ear$1MS63122122ANACS MS63 purchase on TT
1337961878 8TF VAM 14.1 Alligator Eye$1MS6432103210PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
401491878 8TF VAM 14.2 Polished Ear$1MS62PL252084PCGS purchase on ebay
1337981878 8TF VAM 14.3 Doubled Bow$1MS6210161016PCGS purchase on ebay
1337991878 8TF VAM 14.4 Concave Reverse$1MS63+110110NGC MS64 (unattrib) purchase at Balt
1338001878 8TF VAM 14.5 Open Nostril$1AU50814814PCGS purchase on LC
  1878 8TF VAM 14.6 Dot on Ear$1 
  1878 8TF VAM 14.7 Flakey Ear$1 
401611878 8TF VAM 14.8 Spiked Eye$1MS63+ PL1113PCGS purchase on H
  1878 8TF VAM 14.9 Tripled Eyelid$1 
1338051878 8TF VAM 14.10 Cracked Bonnet$1MS6212201220NGC MS61 purchase on RCI
  1878 8TF VAM 14.11 Wild Eye$1 
  1878 8TF VAM 14.12 Eye Dots$1 
1338081878 8TF VAM 14.13 Doubled Eyelid$1AU503535PCGS purchase on H
1338091878 8TF VAM 14.14 Eye Chip$1 
1338101878 8TF VAM 14.15 Lines in Hair$1XF40619619PCGS purchase on TT
401771878 8TF VAM 14.16 Wild Lips$1MS62PL2335PCGS purchase on ebay
1338121878 8TF VAM 14.17 Chip in Ear$1 
1338131878 8TF VAM 14.18 Broken 7$1 
1338141878 8TF VAM 14.19 Broken 8$1 
1338151878 8TF VAM 14.20 Boll Lines$1 
401871878 8TF VAM 15 Doubled Liberty$1MS63PL40146NGC MS64PL purchase on VQ
1338171878 8TF VAM 16 Tripled Stars$1MS64325325PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1338181878 8TF VAM 17 Diagonal in 8$1MS6463206320PCGS (unattrib) purchase on BM
1338191878 8TF VAM 18 Doubled Date$1MS6442124212PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
401951878 8TF VAM 19 Doubled Date$1MS64PL41113PCGS MS63 upgraded to 64PL
1338211878 8TF VAM 20 Doubled Date$1MS64222222PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
401991878 8TF VAM 21 Broken R&B$1MS64PL714016PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1338231878 8TF VAM 22 Polished LIB$1MS64233233PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
402041878 8TF VAM 23 Crazy Lips$1MS63DM1446413PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
402051878 7/8TF Weak VAM 32 7/3$1MS63PL114249PCGS purchase on H
402091878 7/8TF Weak VAM 34 7/4$1MS64PL60211PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1338281878 7/8TF Strong VAM 41 7/7$1MS64131171PCGS purchase on ebay
1338291878 7/8TF Weak VAM 44 Trpl Blossoms$1AU5889812PCGS purchase on H
402071878 7/8TF Weak VAM 33 Dbl Legs$1MS64PL308322PCGS purchase on ebay
402151878 7/8TF Strong VAM 36 7/4$1MS64PL20152PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1340341878 7/8TF Strong VAM 37 7/4$1MS6431113111ANACS MS63 purchase on ebay
402191878 7/8TF Strong VAM 38 7/5$1MS64PL704418PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340361878 7/8TF Strong VAM 39 7/5$1MS64206206ANACS MS64 purchase from PP
402231878 7/8TF Strong VAM 40 7/5 $1MS64PL41239PCGS (unattrib) purchase on BM
1340381878 7/8TF Weak VAM 41A 7/4$1MS6442114916PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340391878 7/8TF Strong VAM 42 7/7$1MS64132132PCGS purchase from PP
970751878 7TF Reverse of 1878$1MS63DM14210454874091PCGS 63DM purchase on ebay
1340301878 7TF R78 VAM 30 Extra Talons$1MS652020PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340311878 7TF R78 VAM 31 Lines Thru Leg$1MS657070PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
402331878 7TF R78 VAM 43 Doubled Legs$1MS64PL70161PCGS purchase on ebay
1338301878 7TF R78 VAM 45 Dbl Talons$1MS648282ANACS MS64 purchase on H
1338311878 7TF R78 VAM 70 Doubled RIB$1MS6491111ANACS MS64PL purchase on ebay
1339731878 7TF R78 VAM 79 Fill in 8s$1MS64+0200PCGS MS64 unattrib purchase on ebay
402411878 7TF R78 VAM 80 Weak LIB $1MS64PL3090PCGS purchase on H
402431878 7TF R78 VAM 81 Polished Ear$1MS64PL10114PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
402461878 7TF R78 VAM 82 Doubled Stars$1MS64DM30215PCGS (unattrib) purchase on DonR
402471878 7TF R78 VAM 83 High 1$1MS65PL2061PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340441878 7TF R78 VAM 84 Line Under 8$1MS65131141PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
  1878 7TF R78 VAM 85 Dbld Liberty$1 
  1878 7TF R78 VAM 86 Dbld Liberty$1 
1338321878 7TF R78 VAM 100 Type1 Obv $1MS656464PCGS (unattrib) purchase on Heritage
1338331878 7TF R78 VAM 115 or VAM 198 (formerly 199.1) Trpl Blos$1MS623061PCGS purchase on H
402671878 7TF R78 VAM 116 Doubled P$1MS643030PCGS purchase on H
1338351878 7TF R78 VAM 117 or VAM 141 Tripled Star$1MS655060PCGS (unattrib) purchase on BM
  1878 7TF R78 VAM 123 Spiked Eye$1 
1339741878 7TF R78 VAM 145 or VAM 162 Broken N&M$1MS643141NGC MS64 purchase on ebay
1340451878 7TF R78 VAM 166 Tripled Eye$1XF45118118raw (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340461878 7TF R78 VAM 168 Doubled P$1AU585050PCGS purchase on H
1339761878 7TF R78 VAM 169 Quad Stars$1MS62178178ANACS MS62 purchase on ebay
1339771878 7TF R78 VAM 170 Doubled Date$1MS614646ANACS MS61 purchase on ebay
1338371878 7TF R78 VAM 171 Tripled R$1MS641010PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1339781878 7TF R78 VAM 187 Doubled R$1MS628282PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1340471878 7TF R78 VAM 188 Washed Out L$1MS632020NGC MS63 purchase on ebay
4125741878 7TF R78 VAM 189 Re-engraved Wing$1MS621010PCGS MS61 purchase from MF upgraded to MS62
970771878 7TF Reverse of 1879$1MS63DM433423282113ANACS 63DM purchase on ebay (VAM 200)
1338381878 7TF R79 VAM 203 Short Leaf$1MS65130130PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1338391878 7TF R79 VAM 220 Tripled R$1MS623030ICG MS62 (unattrib) purchase on H
4125771878 7TF R79 VAM 222A Face Chips$1MS622121PCGS purchase on H
1338401878 7TF R79 VAM 223 Washed Out L$1MS63103103PCGS purchase on ebay
4125801878 7TF R79 VAM 224 168 Reeds$1MS638787NGC MS63 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
4125861878 7TF R79 VAM 227-1 or VAM 228B Slashed O$1AU581727ANACS AU58 purchase at Balt
970811878-CC$1MS64DM1223975402866PCGS purchase on ebay
1338411878-CC VAM 6 or VAM 18 Doubled Leaves$1MS645171PCGS purchase on ebay
404371878-CC VAM 11 Lines in Wing$1MS65PL30203PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1338441878-CC VAM 24 Doubled Leaves$1AU584343PCGS purchase from GV
70831878-S$1MS65PL146194441957ANACS MS65PL purchase on H
4125891878-S $1 VAM 17A Denticle Clash$1MS656161PCGS purchase on H
405351878-S $1 VAM 19 Torn Bonnet$1MS65152152PCGS purchase on ebay
1338481878-S VAM 26-27, VAM 56-60, VAM 62 or VAM 72 Long Arrow Shaft$1AU5539818PCGS purchase from JA
1339791878-S VAM 6 or VAM 22 Doubled Rib$1MS65165175PCGS purchase on ebay
4125921878-S VAM 50 or VAM 76 Lava Wing$1MS61223335PCGS purchase on ebay
70851879$1MS65PL2231188321PCGS purchase on ebay
970911879-O$1MS63DM393638422918PCGS purchase on ebay
1338541879-O VAM 4 or VAM 28 O/Horizontal O $1MS638080ICG MS61 (unattrib) purchase on TT
70871879-CC$1MS63PL911098781090PCGS purchase on H
70891879-CC VAM 3 Capped Die$1MS60PL5871331503NGC MS61DM purchase on H
70931879-S$1MS66PL3136477381988PCGS purchase on ebay
1338651879-S VAM 4, VAM 6, VAM 9, VAM 23, VAM 25, VAM 34-35, VAM 39, VAM 42-43, VAM 46, VAM 50-52, VAM 56, VAM 66, VAM 77 Reverse of 1878$1MS6430625106raw purchase ebay
970971880$1MS64DM884246341659PCGS purchase on BM
1338701880 VAM 1A Knobbed 8$1MS611111PCGS purchase on ebay
1338711880 VAM 6 8/7 Spikes$1MS62113113ANACS MS62 purchase on ebay
1338721880 VAM 7 8/7 Crossbar$1AU55+0400NGC AU58 purchase on TT
1338731880 VAM 8 8/7 Ears$1AU533939ANACS AU55 purchase on ebay
1338741880 VAM 9 8/7 Stem$1MS64+317318PCGS MS64 (unattrib) purchase on H
1338751880 VAM 23 80/79$1AU58162162PCGS purchase on NNC
4125951880 VAM 25 0/9 Overdate$1MS656070PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
4125981880 VAM 32A Clashed "In"$1MS64195195PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
  1880 VAM 33A Partial E Rev$1 
1339811880 VAM 39A Partial E Rev $1MS637171PCGS purchase on ebay
4160851880 VAM 11, VAM 16, VAM 29 or VAM 53 Checkmark$1MS6520215PCGS (unattrib) purchase on Heritage
71011880-CC$1MS65PL1211626881066PCGS purchase from DonR
71081880-CC VAM 4 80/79 Rev of 78$1MS65548107574112PCGS purchase on ebay
71041880-CC VAM 5 8/7 High 7 or VAM 6 8/7 Low 7$1MS6639512533PCGS purchase on BM
71101880-CC VAM 7 8/7 Rev of 78$1MS65+9421044PCGS purchase on ebay
71151880-O$1MS63PL442828331676PCGS purchase on ebay
411661880-O VAM 7 Rusted Date$1MS63163163PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1338791880-O VAM 48 Hangnail$1MS64161161PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
412871880-O VAM 4 OR VAM 5 80/79 Crossbar$1MS63PL7214688NGC purchase on ebay
1338831880-O VAM 6, VAM 6A or VAM 6C 8/7 Ear$1MS64292312PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1339871880-O VAM 16-17 or VAM 21 Checkmark$1MS646181PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1338841880-O VAM 49 8/7 Ear Hangnail$1MS63+1010ANACS MS63 purchase on TT
1338851880-O VAM 43 Doubled Ear$1MS634141PCGS purchase on H
971191880-S$1MS66DM19333113343158PCGS purchase on ebay
1338861880-S VAM 8 80/79 Medium S or VAM 9 Large S$1MS6750312NGC MS67 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1338881880-S VAM 10 8/7 Crossbar$1MS66110110PCGS purchase on ebay
71221880-S VAM 11 0/9 Overdate$1MS67529649NGC MS67 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
413241880-S VAM 12 Checkmark$1MS675050PCGS purchase on H
71251881$1MS64PL821747331695NGC MS64PL purchase on ebay
971271881-CC$1MS65DM2086450452208PCGS purchase on ebay
971291881-O$1MS64DM3685444041051PCGS purchase on ebay
4126011881-O VAM 1D Pummeled Eye$1MS6358511NGC MS62 purchase on ebay
1339891881-O VAM 27 Doubled Ear$1MS617676NGC MS61 purchase on H
415961881-O VAM 5 So-Called O/S$1MS64PL10103ANACS MS64PL purchase on ebay
971311881-S$1MS65DM237915429817707PCGS purchase from PP
4126041881-S VAM 54 Wounded Eagle$1MS63819819PCGS purchase from JK
971331882$1MS64DM863960122357PCGS purchase on ebay
71351882-CC$1MS66PL9881499251PCGS purchase on ebay
4130301882-CC VAM 2, VAM 2A, VAM 2B, VAM 2C Counter Clash Series$1MS65DM2063116PCGS (unattrib) purchase on BM
971371882-O$1MS64DM1453364561361PCGS purchase on H
1338891882-O VAM 3 O/S Flush or EDS$1MS63115165PCGS purchase on BM
1338911882-O VAM 4 O/S Recessed or EDS$1MS64573573PCGS purchase on H
871381882-O VAM 5 O/S Broken or EDS$1MS64344436PCGS purchase on H
1338951882-O VAM 7 O/O$1MS6467136813ANACS MS64 purchase on H
71411882-S$1MS66PL78849491229PCGS purchase from PP
971431883$1MS65DM1061544991431PCGS purchase on USC
1338961883 VAM 10 Sextupled Stars$1MS61833833raw (unattrib) purchase on ebay
971451883-CC$1MS65DM78317898403414raw purchase on ebay
971471883-O$1MS65DM1122386071123PCGS purchase on ebay
1338971883-O VAM 4 O/O$1MS65192202NGC MS65 purchase on ebay
1339901883-O VAM 36A or VAM 22A Partial E Rev$1MS65207217PCGS purchase on H
71481883-S$1MS644676346965PCGS purchase on H
971511884$1MS64DM1004964813348PCGS purchase on DonR
1339911884 VAM 2A Partial E Rev$1MS65188188PCGS purchase on H
1338991884 VAM 3 Large Dot or VAM 4 Small Dot$1MS654171PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1339921884 VAM 5 Doubled Ear$1MS652020ANACS MS65 purchase on ebay
971531884-CC$1MS65DM63216089232676PCGS purchase on ebay
971551884-O$1MS65DM25560152552049PCGS purchase on ebay
424521884-O VAM 6 O/O$1MS65PL60193ANACS 65PL purchase on ebay
1339931884-O VAM 10 O/O$1MS6532133213PCGS purchase on H
424901884-O VAM 25 Date in Denticles$1MS64DM1060PCGS purchase on TT
1339951884-O VAM 35 Doubled Eyelid$1MS65104124PCGS purchase from JC
71561884-S$1AU5812443761244380PCGS purchase on DVRC
971591885$1MS65DM3369893562042PCGS purchase on TT
1339981885 VAM 1A, VAM 1B, or VAM 1C Pitted Rev$1MS65112296PCGS purchase on ebay
460001885 VAM 22 Dash$1MS64101101NGC MS64 (unattrib) purchase on TT
971611885-CC$1MS65DM2156545921626PCGS purchase on E
425981885-CC VAM 4 Doubled Dash$1MS65PL404117trade with PB
71631885-O$1MS66PL4012638518PCGS purchase on Y
71651885-S$1MS64PL52132563735NGC MS64PL purchase on ebay
1339011885-S VAM 6 or VAM 9 S/S$1MS656060PCGS purchase on ebay
971671886$1MS65DM14537162463770PCGS purchase on H
1339021886 VAM 1A Line in 6 or VAM 21 Line in M MPD$1MS66153163PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1339041886 VAM 17 Doubled Arrows$1MS66153153PCGS purchase on H
1340001886 VAM 20 Doubled Date$1MS638484NGC MS63 purchase on ebay
1340011886 VAM 1C 3+2 Clashed Rev$1MS66183183PCGS purchase on ebay
71681886-O$1MS62779963789971PCGS purchase on ebay
1339051886-O VAM 1A Clashed E$1MS61411411ANACS MS62 purchase on TT
1340021886-O VAM 7 O/O$1AU53812812PCGS purchase on ebay
4126071886-O VAM 11A 2+2 Clash$1AU583335NGC (unattrib) purchase on H
71701886-S$1MS6413504381427467PCGS purchase on ebay
427931886-S VAM 2 S/S$1MS64PL724121PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
971731887$1MS65DM17840173352255PCGS purchase on ebay
1339071887 VAM 1A Donkey Tail$1MS60215215PCGS purchase on ebay
1340031887 VAM 1B Partial E Rev$1AU53412412PCGS purchase on ebay
71751887 VAM 2 7/6$1MS64PL5419468250PCGS purchase on ebay
1339091887 VAM 5 Doubled Date$1MS663232PCGS purchase from JC
1339101887 VAM 12 Alligator Eye$1MS66212212PCGS purchase on ebay
971771887-O$1MS64DM99112944581PCGS purchase on H
1340521887-O VAM 30A TY Clash$1MS63113113PCGS purchase on H
1339111887-O VAM 2 Double 1 Triple 7$1MS63345345NGC MS63 purchase on ebay
71781887-O VAM 3 7/6$1MS63308123319127PCGS purchase on H
1339131887-O VAM 5 Doubled Stars$1MS648181PCGS purchase from BR
1339141887-O VAM 22A DDO Pitted Rev$1MS634040PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
971811887-S$1MS62DM185422415679PCGS purchase on ebay
429371887-S VAM 2 S/S$1MS64203715PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340041887-S VAM 4, VAM 11 Doubled Date$1MS64157188PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
71831888$1MS65PL551438751092PCGS purchase on BM
1340081888 VAM 4, VAM 6-7, VAM 12, or VAM 16A Doubled Rev$1MS6530161PCGS purchase on ebay
1339161888 VAM 11 Doubled Ear$1MS65274274PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340091888 VAM 18 Doubled Eyelid$1MS654040PCGS purchase on ebay
971851888-O$1MS64DM2177485342968PCGS purchase on ebay
1339171888-O VAM 1A Clashed E$1MS6440104010ANACS MS63 purchase on H
871841888-O VAM 1B Scarface$1MS6230206137raw XF (unattrib) purchase on ebay
73081888-O VAM 4 Hot Lips$1AU5556289943NGC AU55 purchase on ebay
  1888-O VAM 7A Shooting Star$1 
430201888-O VAM 9 Doubled Arrows$1MS65DM304010PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1339251888-O VAM 2, VAM 5-6, VAM 17-18, VAM 21, VAM 24, VAM 34 Oval O$1MS6230167PCGS purchase from NC
1340101888-O VAM 15 Doubled Reverse$1AU554545ANACS AU58 purchase on ebay
71861888-S$1MS6415914811710490PCGS purchase on ebay
1340111888-S VAM 1B Pitted Reverse$1MS639292raw purchase on ebay
4126131888-S VAM 13 Gouged Eagle$1MS652020PCGS purchase on H
71891889$1MS65PL4252259495PCGS purchase on H
4126161889 VAM 5A or VAM 28A Pitted Reverse$1MS63931411PCGS purchase on ebay
1340131889 VAM 16, VAM 18 or VAM 20 Doubled Ear$1MS6591306trade with DH
1339281889 VAM 19A or VAM 22 Bar Wing$1MS642785111PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340151889 VAM 23A Clashed IN$1 
71901889-CC$1AU532508542501108NGC AU53 purchase on TT
971931889-O$1MS63DM362724012244PCGS purchase on ebay
1339301889-O VAM 1A Clashed E$1AU55158158ANACS AU55 purchase on BM
1339311889-O VAM 2 Oval O$1MS643030PCGS purchase at APMEX
1339331889-O VAM 6 Doubled Date$1MS64170170PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340161889-O VAM 20A Weak E Rev$1AU5512101210PCGS purchase on H
71951889-S$1MS64PL45122365959PCGS purchase on ebay
971971890$1MS64DM94174483846PCGS purchase on ebay
971991890-CC$1MS63DM30724940983222PCGS purchase on ebay
871981890-CC VAM 4 Tailbar$1MS6317395188105ANACS MS62 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
72011890-O$1MS65PL29573475PCGS purchase on H
1340171890-O VAM 10 Comet Variety$1MS6437143714PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
1340531890-O VAM 20 Doubled Ear$1XF45911911PCGS purchase on ebay
972031890-S$1MS63DM404343914592PCGS purchase on ebay
1339351891 VAM 2 Doubled Ear or VAM 2A Dbl Ear/Moustache$1MS64303343NGC MS64 purchase on H
72071891-CC$1MS64PL114243688908PCGS purchase on H
435041891-CC VAM 3 or VAM 7 Spitting Eagle$1MS63PL50148126PCGS (unattrib) purchase on TT
72091891-O$1MS63PL211224621944PCGS purchase on H
1339381891-O VAM 1A Clashed E$1AU586868raw purchase on ebay
1340181891-O VAM 1B Pitted Reverse$1AU556262raw purchase from JL
1340191891-O VAM 3A Weak E Rev$1AU55107107ANACS AU50 purchase on ebay
72111891-S$1MS64PL112462328771PCGS purchase on BM
1339391891-S VAM 3 Doubled Stars$1MS652020PCGS purchase on ebay
72131892$1MS64PL2831598443PCGS purchase on ebay
72151892-CC$1MS64PL80181791558PCGS purchase on ebay
72161892-O$1MS6422063952210400PCGS purchase on GLH
1339401892-O VAM 5(7) Doubled Ear$1MS632020ANACS MS63 purchase on H
72181892-S$1AU53337532337537PCGS unattrib vam 2 purchased on S/B
1339411892-S VAM 2 Doubled Date$1AU535657NGC AU53 (unattrib) purchase on ebay
4126191892-S VAM 8 Tripled Hair$1XF453434PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
72201893$1MS6412513071251307PCGS purchase on ebay
1339421893 VAM 4 Doubled Stars$1MS642020PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
72231893-CC$1MS63PL2321122640PCGS purchase from DonR
72241893-O$1MS61151812153837NGC MS61PL purchase on H
72261893-S$1VF3535513663551367PCGS purchase on H
72281894$1MS63366315367316PCGS purchase on H
72301894-O$1MS63330426331426PCGS purchase on H
72331894-S$1MS64PL323951244PCGS purchase from DonR
72361895-O$1AU55587634587645NGC AU55 purchase on ebay
1340201895-S VAM 3 S/S$1MS625757PCGS purchase on H
1339431895-S VAM 4 S/Horizontal S$1MS621067
972411896$1MS65DM1432151192696PCGS purchase on SG
1339441896 VAM 4 Doubled Stars$1MS654252ANACS MS65 purchase on VQ
1339451896 VAM 19 8 in Denticles$1MS65175185ANACS MS65 purchase on ebay
438731896 VAM 20 Bar 6$1MS65PL1081PCGS purchase (unattrib) on ebay
72421896-O$1MS62607355613355PCGS purchase on ebay
1340541896-O VAM 19 Shifted Date$1AU586666PCGS purchase on H
1340221896-S$1MS644100PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
1340221896-S VAM 5 S/S$1MS62611611PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
972471897$1MS64DM713264372649PCGS purchase on ebay
1339461897 VAM 6A Pitted Reverse$1MS65259259PCGS MS65 purchase on H
1340231897 VAM 8 Doubled Stars$1MS65114114PCGS MS65 purchase on H
72481897-O$1MS62651367661373PCGS purchase on BM
72511897-S$1MS65PL147531414487PCGS purchase on ebay
972531898$1MS65DM661726761079PCGS purchase on ebay
72551898-O$1MS66PL57112236419PCGS purchase on ebay
72571898-S$1MS64PL4261288624PCGS purchase on ebay
72591899$1MS65PL75111424399PCGS purchase on ebay
72611899-O$1MS66PL1921458245PCGS purchase on H
1339491899-O VAM 4, VAM 6 or VAM 31-32 Micro O$1MS641021PCGS (MS63 upgraded to MS64) purchase at Balt
1339511899-O VAM 5 Micro O Wing Lines$1AU583737PCGS purchase at Balt
72631899-S$1MS65PL403524167PCGS purchase on ebay
1339521899-S VAM 7 Doubled Date$1MS65151151PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H
72651900$1MS64PL2931151505449PCGS purchase on ebay
1339541900 VAM 11 or VAM 24 Doubled Wing$1MS65174214ANACS MS65 purchase on ebay
1340241900 VAM 16, VAM 16A or VAM 18 Two Olive Rev$1MS6561126PCGS purchase on ebay
72671900-O$1MS65PL903267831427NGC MS65PL purchase on H
1339551900-O VAM 15 Doubled Stars$1MS666060PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1339561900-O VAM 29A Die Break$1MS621010raw purchase on ebay
1339571900-O VAM 9 O/CC$1AU584545PCGS purchase on BM
1339601900-O VAM 7, VAM 7A, VAM 8, VAM 8A, VAM 10-12 O/CC$1MS64181219971052ICG MS64 purchase on ebay
72711900-S$1MS65PL216621159PCGS purchase on H
72721901$1AU5811597641159766NGC AU58 purchase on ebay
73021901 VAM 3 Shifted Eagle DDR$1AU5535174621raw (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340271901 VAM 5 or VAM 16 Doubled Ear$1AU55119119ANACS AU58 (unattrib) purchase on H
445841901 VAM 7 Doubled Arrows$1AU554343PCGS (unattrib) purchase on Heritage
72751901-O$1MS65PL170203235647PCGS purchase on ebay
72761901-S$1MS649983751010383PCGS purchase on TT
72791902$1MS65PL1491687689PCGS purchase on H
1339661902 VAM 4 Doubled Ear$1MS639495NGC MS64 (unattrib) purchase on H
72811902-O$1MS66PL151670126PCGS purchase on ebay
448251902-O VAM 25, VAM 43 or VAM 54 Doubled Ear$1MS65131162PCGS purchase on ebay
72821902-S$1MS6415204791530481PCGS purchase on ebay
72851903$1MS64PL454354324644PCGS purchase on SG
72871903-O$1MS65PL2972361873PCGS purchase on H
72881903-S$1MS651275912859PCGS purchase on BS
73061903-S VAM 2 Small S$1XF4542185122PCGS purchase on TT
72901904$1MS6415053931522395ANACS MS64 purchase on ebay
72931904-O$1MS66PL8581075154PCGS purchase on H
4126291904-O VAM 4B Fishhook$1MS65163163PCGS purchase on ebay
72941904-S$1MS64449191459196PCGS purchase on ebay
72961921 Morgan$1MS6552027325218735PCGS purchase on ebay
4126321921 Morgan VAM 40A Denticle Clash$1MS63139139PCGS purchase on ebay
1339681921 Morgan VAM 41 (formerly VAM 1A )$1MS655050PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay
1340281921 Morgan Pitted Reverse$1MS662020PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H - vam 3B
1339691921 Morgan Wide Reeding$1MS653131PCGS (unattrib) purchase on ebay - vam 27A
72991921-D$1MS64PL15459522553NGC MS64PL purchase on ebay
1340291921-D Morgan VAM 1B Capped R$1MS655050PCGS purchase from JC
1340551921-D VAM 1N Unicorn$1MS657070PCGS purchase on H
*  1921-D VAM 1X Doubled Cud$1 
1340571921-D VAM 3A Wing Dot$1MS62723723ANACS MS63 purchase on ebay
  1921-D VAM 9A _RUST$1 
1339701921-D VAM 1A TRU_T Variety $1MS653131ICG MS65 (unattrib) purchase on TT
73001921-S$1MS6511041591104159PCGS purchase on H
1340601921-S VAM 1B, VAM 1B-1, VAM 1B-2, VAM 1B-3, VAM 1B-3a, VAM 1B-4, VAM 1B-4a, VAM 1B-4b, VAM 1B-5, VAM 1B-6 or VAM 1B-7 Thorn Head$1MS63723515trade with CM
1340591921-S VAM 6A (formerly VAM 1A)$1MS64165165PCGS (unattrib) purchase on H

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.