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Indian Cents with Major Varieties, Circulation Strikes (1859-1909): Hudson Valley Varieties

Hudson Valley Varieties - 9th

Current Statistics
Rank 9
Weighted GPA 65.654
Complete 98.44%
Set Rating 61.626
%RD 52.38%
Retired Statistics (8/27/2012)
Rank 8
Weighted GPA 65.761
Complete 98.44%
Set Rating 62.812
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Hudson Valley Varieties
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
205218591CMS651753217732Eagle Eye {PS}
205818601CMS651755417554Eagle Eye {PS}
20561860 Pointed Bust1CMS6537133913Eagle Eye {PS}
206118611CMS652179021790Eagle Eye {PS}
206418621CMS65247100247100Eagle Eye {PS}
206718631CMS652636326363Eagle Eye {PS},Larson
20701864 Copper-Nickel1CMS651382914030Eagle Eye {PS},Larson
20781864 Bronze1CMS66RD351351Eagle Eye {PS}, S1
20801864 L on Ribbon1CMS65RB8378599
20831865 Fancy 51CMS66RB606174CAC,Eagle Eye {PS}
920831865 Plain 51CMS66RB40429Eagle Eye {PS}
208618661CMS65RB8969085Eagle Eye {PS}
208918671CMS65RB65265116Eagle Eye {PS}
920891867/671CMS64RB16102116Eagle Eye {PS}
209218681CMS65RB11022112138Eagle Eye {PS}
209518691CMS65RB110712197Eagle Eye {PS}
209818701CMS65RB65768133Eagle Eye {PS}
210118711CMS65RB6416547Eagle Eye {PS}
210418721CMS65RB7487777Eagle Eye {PS}
21071873 Open 31CMS66RB40486
21111873 Closed 31CMS64RD18221822Eagle Eye {PS}
21151873 Doubled LIBERTY1CAU55BN17311858Eagle Eye {PS} S1
211918741CMS65RB1113112137Eagle Eye {PS}
212218751CMS65RB99699112Eagle Eye {PS}
212518761CMS65RB81581128Eagle Eye {PS}
212818771CMS65RB6856888Eagle Eye {PS}
213218781CMS65RD53165316Eagle Eye {PS}
213818801CMS65RD46194919Eagle Eye {PS}
214118811CMS65RD75307530Eagle Eye {PS},Carnton
214418821CMS66RD213213Eagle Eye {PS},Chiro
214718831CMS66RD286296Eagle Eye {PS}
214918841CMS66RB505119Eagle Eye {PS}
215218851CMS66RB808168Eagle Eye {PS}
21551886 Variety 11CMS65RB4654666Eagle Eye {PS}
921551886 Variety 21CMS65RB3223248Eagle Eye {PS}
215918871CMS65RD61266126Eagle Eye {PS}
216818881CMS65RD31153115Eagle Eye {PS}
217418891CMS65RD499499Eagle Eye {PS}, Paddock
217718901CMS65RD50105010Eagle Eye {PS}
218018911CMS65RD71127112Eagle Eye {PS}
218318921CMS65RD52205220Eagle Eye {PS}
218618931CMS65RD81358135Eagle Eye {PS}
218918941CMS65RD74357435Eagle Eye {PS},BWRC
921891894/1894 Doubled Date1CMS64RD12131213Eagle Eye {PS}
219218951CMS65RD1205812058Eagle Eye {PS}
219518961CMS65RD53225322Eagle Eye {PS}
219818971CMS65RD57235723Eagle Eye {PS}
921971897 1 in Neck1CMS64RB2193Eagle Eye {PS}
220118981CMS66RD52135313Eagle Eye {PS}
220418991CMS66RD79337933Eagle Eye {PS}
220719001CMS66RD67356835Eagle Eye {PS}
221019011CMS65RD2028520285Eagle Eye {PS}
221319021CMS66RD51165116Eagle Eye {PS}
221619031CMS66RD74137413Eagle Eye {PS}
221919041CMS66RD669669Eagle Eye {PS}
222519061CMS65RD1813118131Eagle Eye {PS}
222819071CMS65RD2054020540Eagle Eye {PS}
223119081CMS66RD637637Eagle Eye {PS}, Epstein
22341908-S1CMS65RD2205222052Eagle Eye {PS}
22371909 Indian1CMS66RD1723517236Eagle Eye {PS}, S1
22391909-S Indian1CMS65RB1477147417Eagle Eye {PS}