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Early American Coins and Tokens Basic Design Set (1616-1820): The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection

The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 53.769
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 53.769
Retired Statistics (9/8/2006)
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 53.769
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 53.769
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About this set: This Early American Coin & Token Collection was birthed from my desire and goal of collecting a 1st Year Type of all U.S. Coinage. As my collection, knowledge and passion grew, my numismatic hobby quickly became a very rewarding addiction. This set and related sub-sets are the results of the never ending challenge and excitement associated with constantly learning and a true numismatist's quest for perfection.

The Troy Wiseman & Son's Collection
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Massachusetts Silver Oak Tree 201652ShillingAU539232553
Massachusetts Silver Pine Tree241652ShillingAU5362248117
Maryland Coinage33Maryland6PenceXF4511172336
New Jersey St. Patrick Coinage46St Patrick1/2 PVF35BN1274860
American Plantation Token49Am Plant1/24RLAU58725852
Rosa Americana Coinage1131722PennyMS6350298
Woods Hibernia Coinage18217231/2 PMS64RD3011343
Virginia Coinage24217731/2 PMS64RD35125348
Elephant Token Halfpenny 55Elephant1/2 PMS64BN5166
Higley Copper 2011737HigleyVF25BN2031
Voce Populi Coinage26217601/2 PMS62BN12171524
Pitt Token23617661/2 PAU55BN15131613
Rhode Island Ship Medal585RI ShipTokenAU55452061
Chalmers Coinage5951783ShilngAU583163
French Colonies Billon Coinage1586571762-BBSou MMS6410145
French Colonies Sou 17671586511767-ASouAU55BN612915
Continental Dollar7951776$1MS624242165
Nova Constellatio Copper8131785C NovaMS63BN64157
Immunis Columbia8411787ImmColMS64BN3030
Massachusetts Copper3111788CentMS63BN1153570
Connecticut Copper Bust Left3641787ConnctAU55BN654053
New York Excelsior4271787N YorkVF35BN19412
Machins Mills Copper469'1787'1/2 PXF40BN14242544
Nova Eborac Copper4781787CopperAU55BN6131316
New Jersey Copper Head Right5031787NJersyMS63BN2084
Vermont Copper Plow5451786VermontAU50BN720824
Vermont Copper Bust Right5601787VermontAU50BN411615
North American Token 5891781TokenAU55BN6464
Bar Copper 599BarCentAU50BN12511251
Auctori Plebis Token 6011787TokenAU55BN6161
Mott Token 6031789TokenMS63156197
Kentucky Copper 625KentuckyCentMS64RD3489220
Franklin Press Token 6311794TokenMS64BN51132
Myddelton Token 6491796TokenPR645286
Castorland Medal 6531796MedalMS64601210
Talbot Allum & Lee Cent906341794CentPR64BN629245
Washington Triumpho Token6641783CopperAU55BN149149
Washington Military Bust6671783CopperAU55BN25428080
Washington Draped Bust6871783 ResCopperPR64RD208495
Washington 1791-95 'Washington President' Obverse7021791CentMS64BN2475428
Washington Undated Liberty & Security768N.D.(1795)PennyMS64RB1244011
Washington Success Medal 779Wash-SuccessMedalMS6330153
Fugio Cent8831787FugioMS64BN841920371