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Silver, Gold & Platinum Eagles Complete Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1986-present): F. Soro - The Discovery Collection

F. Soro - The Discovery Collection - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
Weighted GPA 69.815
Complete 93.98%
Set Rating 66.445
Retired Statistics (2/15/2014)
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 69.815
Complete 97.36%
Set Rating 68.512
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About this set: 2 B OR NOT 2 B D BEST

F. Soro - The Discovery Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
98011986 S$1$1MS6970974 
98081987 S$1$1MS69892420 
98161988 S$1$1MS6958741 
98261989 S$1$1MS6957730 
98361990 S$1$1MS6939600 
98461991 S$1$1MS6963370 
98561992 S$1$1MS6951251 
98661993 S$1$1MS6938120 
98761994 S$1$1MS6943450 
98861995 S$1$1MS6943791 
99001996 S$1$1MS6954600 
99121997 S$1$1MS6939433 
99291998 S$1$1MS69367317 
99471999 S$1$1MS6938030 
99492000 S$1$1MS6962541 
99542001 S$1$1MS692148424 
99592002 S$1$1MS69982665 
99642003 S$1$1MS705930 
899702004 S$1$1MS696010Signed by Jessica Lynch
99752005 S$1$1MS703180 
899812006 S$1$1MS69139353557 
899912006-W S$1$1MS692891289 
99952007 S$1$1MS6914480213 
1504462007-W S$1$1MS7036880 
3930952008 S$1$1MS70107550 
3930582008-W S$1$1MS709500 
3964112008-W S$1 Reverse of 2007$1MS692232361 
4044232009 S$1$1MS70207900 
4155322010 S$1$1MS70458750 
5052532011 S$1$1MS70384040 
5092992011-S S$1$1MS707940 
5052552011-W S$1$1MS7031040 
5097712012 S$1$1MS7088580 
5175072012-W S$1$1MS704690 
5159162013 S$1$1MS70144560 
  2013-W S$1$1  
5179562013-W S$1 Enhanced Mint State$1MS70150820 
  2014 S$1$1  
  2014-W S$1$1  
98031986 G$5$5MS70280 
98101987 G$5$5MS7070 
98181988 G$5$5MS699772 
98281989 G$5$5MS70130 
98381990 G$5$5MS697523 
98481991 G$5$5MS69105627 
98581992 G$5$5MS698227 
98681993 G$5$5MS70170 
98781994 G$5$5MS70110 
98881995 G$5$5MS70110 
99021996 G$5$5MS70170 
99141997 G$5$5MS701210 
99311998 G$5$5MS701350 
99391999 G$5$5MS701400 
999401999-W G$5$5MS69179721 
99502000 G$5$5MS70320 
99552001 G$5$5MS70650 
99602002 G$5$5MS70370 
99652003 G$5$5MS703880 
99712004 G$5$5MS702430 
899762005 G$5$5MS704320 
899802006 G$5$5MS702230 
799802006-W G$5$5MS7011550 
1469102007 G$5$5MS70890 
1504422007-W G$5$5MS703530 
3930972008 G$5$5MS705480 
3930622008-W G$5$5MS703660 
4044312009 G$5$5MS7084100 
4155372010 G$5$5MS70106170 
5052562011 G$5$5MS7075260 
5099072012 G$5$5MS705520 
5164902013 G$5$5MS7023260 
  2014 G$5$5  
98041986 G$10$10MS70290 
98111987 G$10$10MS695226 
98201988 G$10$10MS695343 
98301989 G$10$10MS69129743 
98401990 G$10$10MS696701 
98501991 G$10$10MS6949218 
98601992 G$10$10MS694065 
98701993 G$10$10MS694353 
98801994 G$10$10MS694465 
98901995 G$10$10MS692110 
99041996 G$10$10MS692363 
99161997 G$10$10MS694067 
99331998 G$10$10MS70170 
99411999 G$10$10MS70160 
999421999-W G$10$10MS6913631 
99512000 G$10$10MS6923486 
99562001 G$10$10MS70170 
99612002 G$10$10MS6919335 
99662003 G$10$10MS704820 
99722004 G$10$10MS704210 
899772005 G$10$10MS702640 
899822006 G$10$10MS706410 
799822006-W G$10$10MS7013260 
1469172007 G$10$10MS70410 
1504412007-W G$10$10MS702650 
3930992008 G$10$10MS703580 
3930642008-W G$10$10MS7011190 
4044352009 G$10$10MS7011860 
4155392010 G$10$10MS704840 
  2011 G$10$10  
  2011-W G$10$10  
5099052012 G$10$10MS702160 
5164962013 G$10$10MS7037390 
  2014 G$10$10  
98051986 G$25$25MS70580 
98121987 G$25$25MS694443 
98221988 G$25$25MS69130031 
98321989 G$25$25MS695501 
98421990 G$25$25MS695140 
98521991 G$25$25MS70130 
98621992 G$25$25MS6916374 
98721993 G$25$25MS6967912 
98821994 G$25$25MS7090 
98921995 G$25$25MS695150 
99061996 G$25$25MS7090 
99181997 G$25$25MS695826 
99351998 G$25$25MS696165 
99431999 G$25$25MS696886 
99522000 G$25$25MS697698 
99572001 G$25$25MS70330 
99622002 G$25$25MS70110 
99672003 G$25$25MS703760 
99732004 G$25$25MS708700 
899782005 G$25$25MS705670 
899872006 G$25$25MS701090 
799832006-W G$25$25MS7017100 
1469192007 G$25$25MS70400 
1504432007-W G$25$25MS701610 
3931012008 G$25$25MS701010 
3930662008-W G$25$25MS7011340 
4044392009 G$25$25MS707620 
4155412010 G$25$25MS704620 
  2011 G$25$25  
5099032012 G$25$25MS702290 
5164992013 G$25$25MS709820 
  2014 G$25$25  
98061986 G$50$50MS70260 
98141987 G$50$50MS70330 
98241988 G$50$50MS699378 
98341989 G$50$50MS7090 
98441990 G$50$50MS70240 
98541991 G$50$50MS70290 
98641992 G$50$50MS7060 
98741993 G$50$50MS70390 
98841994 G$50$50MS695931 
98941995 G$50$50MS694270 
99081996 G$50$50MS695621 
99271997 G$50$50MS70180 
99371998 G$50$50MS70730 
99451999 G$50$50MS69145018 
99532000 G$50$50MS70330 
99582001 G$50$50MS70120 
99632002 G$50$50MS70350 
99682003 G$50$50MS703210 
99742004 G$50$50MS704650 
899792005 G$50$50MS701780 
899842006 G$50$50MS7010220 
899922006-W G$50$50MS706520 
1469212007 G$50$50MS701150 
1504442007-W G$50$50MS701510 
3931032008 G$50$50MS701910 
3930682008-W G$50$50MS707160 
4044422009 G$50$50MS704960 
4155422010 G$50$50MS7035530 
5052652011 G$50$50MS7015880 
5052662011-W G$50$50MS702430 
5097742012 G$50$50MS707230 
5147122012-W G$50$50MS707590 
5165012013 G$50$50MS7018010 
5188322013-W G$50$50MS7010710 
  2014 G$50$50  
  2014-W G$50$50  
997541997 P$10$10MS70230 
97651998 P$10$10MS7060 
97731999 P$10$10MS7060 
97792000 P$10$10MS70120 
97862001 P$10$10MS70170 
97942002 P$10$10MS70510 
211002003 P$10$10MS70540 
211042004 P$10$10MS70720 
8211082005 P$10$10MS701390 
8211122006 P$10$10MS701090 
211212006-W P$10$10MS702820 
1469232007 P$10$10MS70200 
1504342007-W P$10$10MS702740 
3931052008 P$10$10MS70420 
3930782008-W P$10$10MS704440 
997531997 P$25$25MS6911005 
97661998 P$25$25MS6978939 
97741999 P$25$25MS7030 
97802000 P$25$25MS7050 
97872001 P$25$25MS7050 
97952002 P$25$25MS701030 
211012003 P$25$25MS702490 
211052004 P$25$25MS702120 
8211092005 P$25$25MS701270 
8211132006 P$25$25MS70530 
211222006-W P$25$25MS702370 
1469252007 P$25$25MS70180 
1504362007-W P$25$25MS702470 
3931072008 P$25$25MS70930 
3930802008-W P$25$25MS702270 
997521997 P$50$50MS696045 
97671998 P$50$50MS693452 
97751999 P$50$50MS7010 
97812000 P$50$50MS6910170 
97882001 P$50$50MS697131 
97962002 P$50$50MS69394313 
211022003 P$50$50MS70710 
211062004 P$50$50MS70760 
8211102005 P$50$50MS70670 
8211142006 P$50$50MS70630 
211232006-W P$50$50MS703410 
1469262007 P$50$50MS70180 
1504382007-W P$50$50MS701480 
3931092008 P$50$50MS70580 
3930822008-W P$50$50MS703030 
997511997 P$100$100MS692051 
97681998 P$100$100MS692301 
97761999 P$100$100MS691050 
97822000 P$100$100MS693580 
97892001 P$100$100MS692710 
97972002 P$100$100MS696811 
211032003 P$100$100MS69181912 
211072004 P$100$100MS70460 
8211112005 P$100$100MS70460 
8211152006 P$100$100MS70450 
211242006-W P$100$100MS704050 
1469292007 P$100$100MS70110 
1504402007-W P$100$100MS701870 
3931112008 P$100$100MS70570 
3930842008-W P$100$100MS702970 
  2014 P$100 $100  
98021986-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC152302222 
98091987-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC100241100 
98171988-S S$1 PR$1PR70DC9740 
98271989-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC89791643 
98371990-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC88702212 
98471991-S S$1 PR$1PR70DC8620 
98571992-S S$1 PR$1PR69DC7839960 
98671993-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC7722642 
98771994-P S$1 PR$1PR70DC5900 
98961995-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC68001000 
98871995-W S$1 PR$1PR69DC199460 
99101996-P S$1 PR$1PR70DC13010 
99131997-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC65141017 
99301998-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC79841752 
99481999-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC73521302 
999492000-P S$1 PR$1PR69DC95341116 
999542001-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC18850 
999592002-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC21100 
999642003-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC26160 
999702004-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC31190 
999752005-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC31690 
8999772006-P S$1 REV PR$1PR693183577 
899982006-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC14430 
1495712007-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC29770 
3930612008-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC19800 
4155352010-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC154550 
  2011-P S$1 REV PR$1  
5052222011-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC44030 
  2012-S S$1 PR$1  
  2012-S S$1 REV PR$1  
  2012-W S$1 PR$1  
5169262013-W S$1 PR$1PR70DC84260 
  2013-W S$1 REV PR$1  
  2014-W S$1 PR$1  
98191988-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC3920 
98291989-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC2110 
98391990-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC4580 
98491991-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC5760 
98591992-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC2760 
98691993-P G$5 PR$5PR70DC2600 
98791994-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1770 
98891995-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2070 
99031996-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1780 
99151997-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1200 
99321998-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1560 
99401999-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1370 
999502000-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1610 
999552001-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1370 
999602002-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2340 
999652003-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2570 
999712004-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2250 
999762005-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC4070 
999802006-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC250 
1480772007-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1010 
3930702008-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2630 
5027392010-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC9560 
5052252011-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC1710 
5121062012-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC2660 
5182082013-W G$5 PR$5PR70DC5190 
  2014-W G$5 PR$5  
98211988-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC5010 
98311989-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC2560 
98411990-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC2290 
98511991-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC4450 
98611992-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC2560 
98711993-P G$10 PR$10PR70DC1670 
98811994-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC2650 
98911995-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC3810 
99051996-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC3150 
99171997-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC2000 
99341998-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC2300 
99421999-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC1500 
999512000-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC1830 
999562001-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC1980 
999612002-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC3400 
999662003-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC4380 
999722004-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC2860 
999772005-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC2550 
999812006-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC150 
1480792007-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC960 
3930722008-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC3910 
5027422010-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC3830 
5052282011-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC1810 
  2012-W G$10 PR$10  
5182102013-W G$10 PR$10PR70DC4570 
  2014-W G$10 PR$10  
98131987-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC2290 
98231988-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC2440 
98331989-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC1340 
98431990-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC880 
98531991-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC3230 
98631992-P G$25 PR$25PR70DC1780 
98731993-P G$25 PR$25PR69DC403492 
98831994-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC2160 
98931995-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC3240 
99071996-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC2920 
99191997-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1820 
99361998-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1460 
99441999-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1460 
999522000-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1890 
999572001-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC2600 
999622002-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC4120 
999672003-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC4470 
999732004-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC2950 
999782005-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC3280 
999822006-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC170 
1480812007-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1080 
3930742008-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC4820 
5027442010-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC3370 
5052312011-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC1740 
  2012-W G$25 PR$25  
5182132013-W G$25 PR$25PR70DC4360 
  2014-W G$25 PR$25  
98071986-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC3690 
98151987-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC4890 
98251988-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC4610 
98351989-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC4310 
98451990-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC3020 
98551991-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1650 
98651992-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1590 
98751993-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1290 
98851994-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2070 
98951995-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2420 
99091996-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2020 
99281997-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2010 
99381998-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1320 
99461999-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1230 
999532000-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1650 
999582001-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1200 
999632002-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2410 
999682003-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC3300 
999742004-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2330 
999792005-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC2890 
999842006-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC4910 
899942006-W G$50 REV PR$50PR704840 
1480832007-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC950 
3930762008-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC3640 
4155452010-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC4840 
5052342011-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC1670 
  2012-W G$50 PR$50  
5182152013-W G$50 PR$50PR70DC10200 
  2014-W G$50 PR$50  
97541997-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC1480 
997651998-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC1070 
997731999-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC2620 
997792000-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC3410 
997862001-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC1620 
997942002-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC1970 
9211002003-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC2040 
9211042004-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC2200 
9211082005-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC1370 
9211122006-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC380 
1495742007-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC570 
3930862008-W P$10 PR$10PR70DC4120 
97531997-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC1390 
997661998-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC1440 
997741999-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC2510 
997802000-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC3860 
997872001-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC1750 
997952002-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC2520 
9211012003-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC2030 
9211052004-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC1640 
9211092005-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC1650 
9211172006-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC2530 
1495762007-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC880 
3930882008-W P$25 PR$25PR70DC2340 
97521997-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC1320 
997671998-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC4890 
997751999-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC2510 
997812000-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC3040 
997882001-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC1560 
997962002-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC2340 
9211022003-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC1940 
9211062004-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC1780 
9211102005-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC1530 
9211142006-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC250 
1495782007-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC500 
3930562007-W P$50 REV PR$50PR709220 
3930902008-W P$50 PR$50PR70DC2410 
97511997-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC960 
997681998-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1570 
997761999-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1200 
997822000-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC2070 
997892001-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1220 
997972002-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1990 
9211032003-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1460 
9211072004-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1520 
9211112005-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1410 
9211192006-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC2360 
1495802007-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC550 
3930922008-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC1770 
4044772009-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC4790 
4155472010-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC6000 
5077702011-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC2660 
5151522012-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC2220 
5182172013-W P$100 PR$100PR70DC3330 
  2014-W P$100 PR$100  
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