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$3 Gold No 1870-S Basic Set, Circulation Strikes (1854-1889): The South Texas Collection

The South Texas Collection - 3rd

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About this set: This set began in 1996 as a complete gold typeset. With a little encouragement from Doug Winters (at the ANA summer camp in Colorado Springs in the summer of 1999), I set out to finish a complete set of $3.00 gold pieces. As in any coin collectors pursuit of a collection your knowledge of a given field grows as does your collection. But when you narrow down the scope of your collection and begin to specialize in a specific field such as the Indian Princess then the knowledge consumed can become priceless. This set combines some of the lesser known and appreciated rarities in a rarity laden series. The 1856 being well struck, the 1856 S small s and medium S, the 1873 closed 3 in AU 53, 55,58, MS 61, 63,& 64. As well as pedigrees ranging from Bass to Pittman. This set is destined to be mostly comprised of Mint State 61,62, & 63 pieces chosen on the basis of originality, clean surfaces, and prooflike appearance.

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The South Texas Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
79691854$3MS641425314253Satiny luster is present throughout. Obverse is two tone coloring, reverse ...
79701854-D$3AU5521122112This is an extremely early striking of the 1854 D. The reason I make this s...
79711854-O$3AU58253253Fiery prooflike fields and struck from the relapped die
79721855$3MS6371377137Prooflike and lustrous
79731855-S$3MS611111Original skin, semi-prooflike, good strike, mellow honey coloring on obvers...
79741856$3MS64335335Satiny cartwheel lustre,darker gold coloring around the devices on obverse ...
79751856-S$3MS643030Satiny fields of honey gold coloring. Very well struck. This is the medium ...
79761857$3MS6235283528Prooflike original, from a clashed die
79771857-S$3AU589292Former Richard Jewell Collection
79781858$3MS633333Prooflike and swirling luster, well struck.Formerly of the Bass collection
79791859$3MS6326272627Semi pl fields with a satin lustre.Old gold coloring with original and undi...
79811860-S$3MS622020Top pop well struck except for the bow knot on the reverse. Semi-prooflike ...
79821861$3MS6316161616Semi prooflike light yellow gold coloring.Good strike.
79831862$3MS648787Very well struck, darker orange coloring, heavily polished die-disappearing...
79841863$3MS6211251125Blazing luster and prooflike
79851864$3MS646565Two toned coloring of orange and lilac.Semi pl around the devices with sati...
79891868$3MS64157157Frosty cartwheel luster, fully struck,the coloring is lght gold with reddis...
79901869$3MS636363Old yellow gold coloring with lustrous and pl surfaces, also from the Ameri...
79931871$3MS6310161016Proolike, well struck, old gold coloring. Really clean looking fields.
79941872$3MS639696Purchased from Sonny Henry auction, difficult to locate one any better than...
79951873 Closed 3$3MS642020Bright blazing cameo appearance, formerly of the Bass collection
79991877$3MS623232Prooflike with dark gold coloring
80011879$3MS641236112361Full strike, prooflike,with light honey gold toning.
80021880$3MS6340834083Feiry gold, prooflike cameo, very pretty under a light.
80031881$3MS639797CAC stickered for the following reasons: Wholly original coin inclusive of ...
80041882$3MS6422132213Fully struck, mellow gold coloring, with proof-like appearance.
80051883$3MS6238623862The old green label holder, and a very original coin. Nice luster and pl
80061884$3MS662020Brilliant bright prooflike coin, with the orange peel appearance so commonl...
80071885$3MS6426222622IN AN OLD GREEN HOLDER. Full strike with tangerine/gold coloring. And a beu...
80081886$3MS646161Prooflike cameo,tangerine gold color,fully struck original coin, formerly i...
80091887$3MS6471387138Brilliant prooflikeon obverse and reverse, darker gold coloring, with an im...
80101888$3MS64141133141133Full strike, frosty mellow gold coloring
Beautiful collection!
Posted @ 11/14/2012 5:32 AM By Gold7272