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Trade Dollars Chop Mark Set, Circulation Strikes (1873-1878): David Reimer Chop Marked Trade Dollar Collection

David Reimer Chop Marked Trade Dollar Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: Trade dollars have a fascinating history: minted from silver mined in the old west, shipped by boat to the Orient for international trade, chopmarked Trade dollars bear physical evidence that they served their intended purpose. This collection was put together over the past decade or so and is one of the few --if not only-- complete collection of chopmarked Trade dollars in existance. It was a tremendous challenge and pleasure to put together.
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David Reimer Chop Marked Trade Dollar Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
870311873 Chop MarkT$1XF453232The 73-P is one of the most difficult Trade Dollars to find chopmarked. On the obverse are two carefully placed chops: the first one is "wang" which can be translated into "king;" the second one "feng" which can mean "seal." An intriguing combination! This coin has been owned by a number of prominent Trade Dollar collectors over the years. I am very happy to have it leading off my collection.
870321873-CC Chop MarkT$1AU582020The 1873-CC is one of the keys to the series, chopmarked or not.
870331873-S Chop MarkT$1MS627272One faint chopmark, under Miss Liberty's outstretched arm to China holding an olive branch, on an otherwise mint state example. The 1873-S is the most difficult San Francisco Trade dollar to find chopmarked. They exist, but are not common.
870341874 Chop MarkT$1MS612020Another P mint Trade Dollar that is very difficult to find chopmarked. Most Philadelphia Trade Dollars circulated domestically, although a handful did make it to the Orient, many via London.
870351874-CC Chop MarkT$1MS642020Readily available chopmarked, but almost never in this state of preservation. Most of the mintage of 1.4 million coins made it to China. Almost none survived and returned in this condition.
870361874-S Chop MarkT$1MS645050Fairly common chopmarked, this lustrous S-mint Trade dollar saw little circulation and received a solitary chopmark on the reverse.
870371875 Chop MarkT$1XF402020Ex-Rose. Rarest of all chopmarked Trade dollars, with perhaps a half-dozen known chopmarked. Frank Rose was the godfather of chopmark collecting and author of the reference book "Chopmarks". A Merchant Marine, Rose purchased this coin in the Orient in 1968. Type I/I.
870381875-CC Chop MarkT$1MS627474Like the 74-CC, the 75-CC Trade dollar is relatively common chopmarked. This one is a bit scruffy from the trip by horse-drawn wagon, train and ship from Carson City, Nevada to China. Still, it has an interesting incused chop mark under Liberty's outstretched arm.
870391875-S Chop MarkT$1MS644040Type I obverse, Type I reverse, the most common obverse-reverse combination for the 75-S. However, it is certainly not common in this state of preservation. A very pretty coin to look at, with history to boot.
870401875-S/CC Chop MarkT$1MS624262The sequence of events that created the S over CC variety has never clearly been explained. Regardless, the variety is very scarce and this is one of the nicest examples of one that made it to China and back.
870411876 Chop MarkT$1AU584141Also tough to find chopmarked, but not as difficult as P mint Trade Dollars from the previous years. I acquired this one from a noted Trade dollar expert in exchange for an unchopmarked 76 P with the very rare Type II obverse, Type II reverse combination.
770421876-CC Chop MarkT$1MS611050This is the highest graded chopmarked 76-CC with a Double Die Reverse. A neat error, the doubling is pronounced and easily visible to the naked eye.
870431876-S Chop MarkT$1MS644040Most San Francisco-minted Trade Dollars ended up in the Orient, and this one is no exception. Few made it back in this condition, however. Type I obverse/Type I reverse, the most common combination for the 1876-S.
870441877 Chop MarkT$1MS602427Still somewhat scarce chopmarked, compared to previous years the 77 P is relatively obtainable chopmarked.
870451877-CC Chop MarkT$1MS627171This Carson City dollar saw little use in the Orient and picked up one chopmark on the reverse.
870461877-S Chop MarkT$1MS637171Very clean with some flash left on it, this Trade dollar has a single chop mark prominently placed on the obverse under Miss Liberty's outstretched hand to China.
870471878-CC Chop MarkT$1XF451212Extremely rare. Possibly less than 12 known chopmarked. I purchased this one in 2000 from a dealer in California who got it out of Japan. Since then, I've not seen another one come on the market.
870481878-S Chop MarkT$1MS622020One of the most common Trade dollars with a relatively high mintage, the 78-S is difficult to find with chopmarks. Of all the S-mint Trade dollars, why was the 78-S less likely to be used in commerce with China?
I'm thinking of the stories each coin has since none of them became chop-marked by accident ;-)
Posted @ 6/9/2014 2:30 PM By mercurydimeguy
This is really cool, I think I can get into doing a set like this.
Posted @ 6/9/2014 2:29 PM By mercurydimeguy
Great set! I'm developing a passing interest in chopped Trades and you certainly are fanning my interest! Great set!
Posted @ 4/27/2014 11:03 PM By greyfox070
Posted @ 4/27/2014 11:03 PM By greyfox070
Posted @ 4/27/2014 11:03 PM By greyfox070
Thanks, it's been a fun set to put together.
Posted @ 9/16/2013 1:58 PM By DDR
Very unique set. Interesting way to collect them. Congrats on a very nice collection!
Posted @ 9/7/2013 5:45 PM By aesplin
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