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Rank 21
Weighted GPA 70.684
Complete 97.67%
Set Rating 68.288
%DCAM 95.24%
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ItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Lincoln Cent - Wheat reverse (1950-1958)337419551CPR66RD557459
Lincoln Cent - Memorial reverse, bronze (1959-1982)934431974-S1CPR69DC5380
Lincoln Cent - Memorial reverse, zinc (1983-2008)934761983-S1CPR69DC195439
Lincoln Cent - Bicentennial (2009)4072512009-S1CPR69DC5233396
Lincoln Cent - Shield (2010-Present)4166822010-S1CPR69DC3793266
Jefferson Nickel (1950-2003)942061973-S5CPR69DC31954
Jefferson Nickel - Westward Journey Series (2004-2005) 942432005-S5CPR69DC13582865
Jefferson Nickel - Return to Monticello (2006-Present) 1504662007-S5CPR69DC4648270
Roosevelt Dime - Silver (1950-Present)4188062010-S10CPR70DC8760
Roosevelt Dime - Clad (1965-Present)952531975-S10CPR69DC456949
Washington Quarter - Silver (1950-1998)   25C 
Washington Quarter - Clad (1965-1998)960141979-S25CPR70DC2220
Washington Quarter - Silver Bicentennial (1976)960081976-S25CPR69DC18126107
Washington Quarter - Clad Bicentennial (1976)960071976-S25CPR69DC14743106
Washington Quarter - States reverse, silver (1999-2008)960431999-S25CPR69DC6182158
Washington Quarter - States reverse, clad (1999-2008)960421999-S25CPR69DC4451244
Washington Quarter - Commemorative series, Silver (2009-Present)4065832009-S25CPR69DC2378770
Washington Quarter - Commemorative series, Clad (2009-Present)4065862009-S25CPR69DC2468527
Franklin Half Dollar (1950-1963)96697195650CPR68DC40442
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver (1964, 1992-Present)968341992-S50CPR69DC4528598
Kennedy Half Dollar - Accented Hair (1964)86801196450CPR67CA236110
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Clad (1965-1970)968041968-S50CPR69DC33516
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad (1971-Present)968091973-S50CPR69DC612518
Kennedy Half Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)968121976-S50CPR69DC2427495
Kennedy Half Dollar - Clad Bicentennial (1976)968111976-S50CPR69DC1572739
Kennedy Half Dollar - Gold 50th Anniversary (2014)  2014-W50C 
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad (1971-1978)974301973-S$1PR69DC140380
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver (1971-1974)974281971-S$1PR69DC2255514
Eisenhower Dollar - Silver Bicentennial (1976)974361976-S$1PR69DC2520119
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial Type 1 (1976)974341976-S$1PR69DC128951
Eisenhower Dollar - Clad Bicentennial Type 2 (1976)974351976-S$1PR69DC165651
Susan B. Anthony Dollar - (1979-1999)995891979-SSBA$1PR69DC10686761
Sacagawea Dollar - Eagle in Flight reverse (2000-2008)995982000-SSAC$1PR69DC11945582
Sacagawea Dollar - Native American reverse (2009-2012)4069452009-S$1PR69DC5515726
Presidential Dollar (2007-2016)3948802008-S$1PR69DC2890173
First Spouse $10 Gold (2007-2016)1508902007-W$10PR69DC927224
American Buffalo Gold, any denomination (2006-present)1495862007-W$50PR69DC1844429
American Eagle Silver Dollar (1986-Present)98021986-S$1PR69DC145511896
American Eagle Gold, any denomination (1986-Present)98791994-W$5PR69DC2730167
American Eagle Platinum, any denomination (1997-Present)97541997-W$10PR69DC2184145
Commemorative Half Dollar (1982-Present)96011982-S50CPR69DC13283438
Commemorative Dollar (1983-Present)210112006-S$1PR69DC4034373
Commemorative Gold $5 (1986-Present)210132006-S$5PR69DC2720458
Commemorative Gold $10 (1984-Present)96141984-P$10PR69DC234540

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.