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Copper, Nickel and Silver Type Set (1792-1964): driftwood

driftwood - 32nd

Current Statistics
Rank 32
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.795
Complete 61.62%
Set Rating 29.571
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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
Liberty Cap Left Half Cent (1793)  17931/2C 
Liberty Cap Rt Half Cent Lg Hd (1794)  17941/2C 
Liberty Cap Rt Half Cent Sm Hd (1795-1797)   1/2C 
Draped Bust Half Cent (1800-1808)   1/2C 
Classic Head Half Cent (1809-1836)   1/2C 
Braided Hair Half Cent (1840-1857)   1/2C 
Chain Cent (1793)  1793 Chain1C 
Wreath Cent (1793)  1793 Wreath1C 
Liberty Cap Cent, Beaded Border (1793)  17931C 
Liberty Cap Cent, Dent. Border (1794-1796)   1C 
Draped Bust Cent (1796-1807)   1C 
Classic Head Cent (1808-1814)   1C 
Coronet Head Cent (1816-1839)   1C 
Braided Hair Cent (1839-1857)190918551CMS65RD8118163842
Flying Eagle Cent (1856-1858)201618571CMS652292059889
Indian Cent Cop Nic, No Shield (1859)224718591CPR65542822671
Indian Cent Cop Nic (1860-1864)206418621CMS66812142884
Indian Cent Bronze (1864-1909)232018771CPR65RD2013156713015
Lincoln Cent, Wheat (1909-1958)28331955-S1CMS67RD36432186104768
Lincoln Cent, Steel (1943)27171943-S1CMS6717741015776308
Lincoln Cent, Memorial (1959-1964)9340119631CPR68DC265945106385
Two Cents (1864-1873)365618732CPR66RD6070168
Nickel Three Cents (1865-1889)374818803CNMS674011202109
Shield Nickel, Rays (1866-1867)381718665CPR6640214613
Shield Nickel, No Rays (1867-1883)379518685CMS663772423583
Liberty Head Nickel, No "CENTS" (1883)384118835CMS6644759654113
Liberty Head Nickel (1883-1913)9390719095CPR66DC7140411300
Buffalo Nickel, Type 1 (1913)398819135CPR66118632696862
Buffalo Nickel, Type 2 (1913-1938)399219155CPR6762134781498
Jefferson Nickel (1938-1964)   5C 
Jefferson Nickel, Wartime (1942-1945)41801942-P5CPR661584519344014633
Three Cent Silver, Type 1 (1851-1853)366418513CSMS661333134080
Three Cent Silver, Type 2 (1854-1858)367018543CSMS655414227132
Three Cent Silver, Type 3 (1859-1873)367718593CSMS66207826286
Bust Half Disme (1792)  1792H10C 
Flowing Hair Half Dime (1794-1795)   H10C 
Draped Bust Half Dime, Small Eagle (1796-1797)   H10C 
Draped Bust Half Dime, Large Eagle (1800-1805)   H10C 
Capped Bust Half Dime (1829-1837)42781831H10CMS66391119473
Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Stars (1837-1838)43121837H10CMS6527169255
Liberty Seated Half Dime, No Drap (1838-1840)43171838H10CMS6631136932
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Drapery (1840-1859)43711859H10CMS661940332200
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Arrows (1853-1855)43561853H10CMS6643198227
Liberty Seated Half Dime, Legend (1860-1873)43771860H10CMS665657618360
Draped Bust Dime, Small Eagle (1796-1797)   10C 
Draped Bust Dime, Large Eagle (1798-1807)   10C 
Capped Bust Dime, Large Denticles (1809-1828)   10C 
Capped Bust Dime, Small Denticles (1828-1837)4520183110CMS66745024
Liberty Seated Dime, No Stars (1837-1838)4562183710CMS65663718
Liberty Seated Dime, No Drapery (1838-1840)4568183810CMS661824320
Liberty Seated Dime, Drapery (1840-1860)4619185910CMS652136257200
Liberty Seated Dime, Arrows (1853-1855)4603185310CMS65766412191
Liberty Seated Dime, Legend (1860-1891)4704189010CMS65656225012240
Liberty Seated Dime, Legend, Arrows (1873-1874)4668187410CMS6621125214
Barber Dime (1892-1916)4899191510CPR6783656136
Mercury Dime (1916-1945)5023194010CMS67FB39244204252078
Roosevelt Dime (1946-1964)95238196310CPR69DC20103092185
Twenty Cents (1875-1878)52981875-S20CMS66601116527
Draped Bust Quarter, Small Eagle (1796)5310179625CMS654344
Draped Bust Quarter, Large Eagle (1804-1807)   25C 
Capped Bust Quarter, Large Size (1815-1828)   25C 
Capped Bust Quarter, Small Size (1831-1838)   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, No Drapery (1838-1840)   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, No Motto (1840-1865)5442185725CMS66351617369
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arr & Rays (1853)5426185325CMS6517121812
Liberty Seated Quarter, Arrows NM (1854-1855)   25C 
Liberty Seated Quarter, With Motto (1866-1891)5582188125CPR65323015581780
Liberty Seated Quarter, Motto, Arr (1873-1874)5491187325CMS65126130107
Barber Quarter (1892-1916)5678189225CPR685017520
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 1 (1916-1917)5705191625CMS65FH762620261075
Standing Liberty Quarter, Type 2 (1917-1930)57171917-D25CMS66FH2363576907
Washington Quarter, Silver (1932-1964)   25C 
Flowing Hair Half Dollar (1794-1795)   50C 
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Sm Eagle (1796-1797)   50C 
Draped Bust Half Dollar, Lg Eagle (1801-1807)   50C 
Capped Bust Half Dollar, Let Edge (1807-1836)6151182850CMS65112440220
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "50 CENTS" (1836-1837)   50C 
Capped Bust Half Dollar, "HALF DOL." (1838-1839)   50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Drap (1839)  183950C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, No Motto (1839-1866)   50C 
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Arr & Ray (1853)6275185350CMS6513131513
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, NM, Arr (1854-1855)62801854-O50CMS6520185540
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Motto (1866-1891)6366188450CMS677215128
Liberty Seated Half Dollar, Mot, Arr (1873-1874)6343187350CMS651446328
Barber Half Dollar (1892-1915)96546189950CPR66DC691250803
Walking Liberty Half Dollar (1916-1947)65791919-S50CMS661104939511006
Franklin Half Dollar (1948-1963)96697195650CPR68DC438799111509
Kennedy Half Dollar (1964)96800196450CPR67DC22837367068247
Flowing Hair Dollar (1794-1795)   $1 
Bust Dollar, Small Eagle (1795-1798)   $1 
Bust Dollar, Large Eagle (1798-1804)   $1 
Liberty Seated Dollar, Gob NS Obv (1836)112251836$1PR641302511
Liberty Seated Dollar, Gob ST Obv (1838-1839)   $1 
Liberty Seated Dollar, No Motto (1840-1865)69271841$1MS651118994
Liberty Seated Dollar, With Motto (1866-1873)970141866$1PR66DC306320
Trade Dollar (1873-1885)70531873T$1PR6620250106
Morgan Dollar (1878-1921)973331898$1PR67DC153109811780
Peace Dollar, High Relief (1921-1922)73831922$1PR663118210from the Norweb collection
Peace Dollar (1922-1935)73781935$1MS66228327425881