Ashmore - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: These are mostly the plate coins for the book written by Ash.

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Owner's Comments
1339581900-O/CC VAM 7$1AU553030A
1339591900-O/CC VAM 7A$1AU582020A
1339601900-O/CC VAM 8$1MS6418111811A
1339611900-O/CC VAM 8A$1MS64148148A Logan
1339571900-O/CC VAM 9$1MS633131A Logan
1339621900-O/CC VAM 10$1MS64182182A BY
1339631900-O/CC VAM 11$1MS6432113211A
1339641900-O/CC VAM 12$1MS63520520A
congrats on making the number 1 set.
Posted @ 12/8/2013 7:56 AM By Nickcap