Ashmore - 3rd

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Rank 3
Weighted GPA 42.105
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 42.105
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Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
1338451878-S VAM 26$1AU583131A
1338461878-S VAM 27$1AU505454A
1338471878-S VAM 56$1AU531111A FUN show Steve T.
1338481878-S VAM 57$1MS624040A CAC
1338491878-S VAM 58$1XF455252A Top Coin
1338501878-S VAM 59$1AU534141A From JK
1338511878-S VAM 60$1XF454244A LDS PB
1338521878-S VAM 62$1XF403333A
1338531878-S VAM 72$1VF201616A Heaven's Door
Congrats Mr. Ash, it's about time you joined the club. Nice pick up on that V72!!
Posted @ 1/14/2013 6:47 PM By thetinman10