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Silver Commemoratives 144 Piece Mintmark & Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1892-1954): Bruce Scher

Bruce Scher - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.188
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.188
Retired Statistics (6/22/2012)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 67.188
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 67.188
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About this set: This set being put together by Pinnacle Rarities. I have been working with Kathleen Duncan since 1999 when we did the shorter 50 piece set..Have a desire to now complete this 144 peice set with the best we can find. Over the years Pinnacle has built top sets in both Barber and Seated coinage for me. I thank the folks at Pinnacle for their push to find the best and ease to work with.

Bruce Scher
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
92201893 Isabella25CMS673511 
92241921 Alabama50CMS66+93 
92251921 Alabama 2X250CMS67+20 
92271936 Albany50CMS671499 
92291937 Antietam50CMS68143 
92331935 Arkansas50CMS67+30 
92341935-D Arkansas50CMS67+71 
92351935-S Arkansas50CMS67202 
92371936 Arkansas50CMS67132 
92381936-D Arkansas50CMS67305 
92391936-S Arkansas50CMS67152 
92411937 Arkansas50CMS66+710 
92421937-D Arkansas50CMS67+51 
92431937-S Arkansas50CMS6760 
92451938 Arkansas50CMS67132 
92461938-D Arkansas50CMS67232 
92471938-S Arkansas50CMS6720 
92491939 Arkansas50CMS66+52 
92501939-D Arkansas50CMS6782 
92511939-S Arkansas50CMS6791 
92541936-S Bay Bridge50CMS68+20 
92571934 Boone50CMS6810 
92581935 Boone50CMS67+50 
92621935/34 Boone50CMS6820 
92591935-D Boone50CMS67121 
92631935/34-D Boone50CMS6880 
92601935-S Boone50CMS67+11 
92641935/34-S Boone50CMS6820 
92661936 Boone50CMS6840 
92671936-D Boone50CMS67+50 
92681936-S Boone50CMS67+63 
92701937 Boone50CMS6830 
92711937-D Boone50CMS6840 
92721937-S Boone50CMS6820 
92741938 Boone50CMS67306 
92751938-D Boone50CMS68+11 
92761938-S Boone50CMS6830 
92791936 Bridgeport50CMS67735 
94041946 Booker T. Washington50CMS67+81 
94051946-D Booker T. Washington50CMS67+30 
94061946-S Booker T. Washington50CMS678512 
94081947 Booker T. Washington50CMS6770 
94091947-D Booker T. Washington50CMS6770 
94101947-S Booker T. Washington50CMS67160 
94121948 Booker T. Washington50CMS6760 
94131948-D Booker T. Washington50CMS67230 
94141948-S Booker T. Washington50CMS67+30 
94161949 Booker T. Washington50CMS67210 
94171949-D Booker T. Washington50CMS67+30 
94181949-S Booker T. Washington50CMS67450 
94201950 Booker T. Washington50CMS6623744 
94211950-D Booker T. Washington50CMS67140 
94221950-S Booker T. Washington50CMS67+30 
94241951 Booker T. Washington50CMS67112 
94251951-D Booker T. Washington50CMS67251 
94261951-S Booker T. Washington50CMS67+10 
92811925-S California50CMS6851 
92831936 Cincinnati50CMS67+10 
92841936-D Cincinnati50CMS67428 
92851936-S Cincinnati50CMS66585 
92881936 Cleveland50CMS67+71 
92911936 Columbia50CMS67+91 
92921936-D Columbia50CMS68194 
92931936-S Columbia50CMS6851 
92961892 Columbian50CMS67+50 
92971893 Columbian50CMS67152 
92991935 Connecticut50CMS67667 
93011936 Delaware50CMS67+82 
93031936 Elgin50CMS6851 
93051936 Gettysburg50CMS67958 
93061922 Grant50CMS67442 
93071922 Grant Star50CMS663510 
93091928 Hawaiian50CMS6702 
93121935 Hudson50CMS67101 
93141924 Huguenot50CMS674910 
93161946 Iowa50CMS68707 
93181925 Lexington50CMS67184 
93201918 Lincoln50CMS6811 
93221936 Long Island50CMS67572 
93241936 Lynchburg50CMS67+110 
93261920 Maine50CMS67364 
93281934 Maryland50CMS67602 
93301921 Missouri50CMS65+639 
93311921 Missouri 2X450CMS66331 
93331923-S Monroe50CMS6751 
93351938 New Rochelle50CMS67+225 
93371936 Norfolk50CMS68+101 
93401926 Oregon50CMS67+83 
93411926-S Oregon50CMS6860 
93421928 Oregon50CMS6830 
93431933-D Oregon50CMS67+102 
93441934-D Oregon50CMS67+41 
93451936 Oregon50CMS6860 
93461936-S Oregon50CMS6831 
93471937-D Oregon50CMS68483 
93481938 Oregon50CMS679112 
93491938-D Oregon50CMS68+52 
93501938-S Oregon50CMS68101 
93521939 Oregon50CMS6831 
93531939-D Oregon50CMS68203 
93541939-S Oregon50CMS6871 
93571915-S Panama-Pacific50CMS67+93 
93591920 Pilgrim50CMS67437 
93601921 Pilgrim50CMS67+21 
93631936 Rhode Island50CMS67370 
93641936-D Rhode Island50CMS67+21 
93651936-S Rhode Island50CMS67+70 
93671937 Roanoke50CMS68151 
93691936 Robinson50CMS67+12 
93711935-S San Diego50CMS67+175 
93721936-D San Diego50CMS67948 
93741926 Sesquicentennial50CMS6680 
93761935 Spanish Trail50CMS6820 
93781925 Stone Mountain50CMS68+30 
93811934 Texas50CMS6811 
93821935 Texas50CMS6850 
93831935-D Texas50CMS6850 
93841935-S Texas50CMS6820 
93861936 Texas50CMS67+68 
93871936-D Texas50CMS68+10 
93881936-S Texas50CMS6820 
93901937 Texas50CMS6830 
93911937-D Texas50CMS67+182 
93921937-S Texas50CMS67+80 
93941938 Texas50CMS6810 
93951938-D Texas50CMS67+81 
93961938-S Texas50CMS6810 
93991925 Vancouver50CMS67459 
94011927 Vermont50CMS67303 
94301951 Washington-Carver50CMS66+53 
94311951-D Washington-Carver50CMS661209 
94321951-S Washington-Carver50CMS67+10 
94341952 Washington-Carver50CMS67143 
94351952-D Washington-Carver50CMS66451 
94361952-S Washington-Carver50CMS6760 
94381953 Washington-Carver50CMS6760 
94391953-D Washington-Carver50CMS66+11 
94401953-S Washington-Carver50CMS6781 
94421954 Washington-Carver50CMS6720 
94431954-D Washington-Carver50CMS66493 
94441954-S Washington-Carver50CMS6760 
94471936 Wisconsin50CMS68+40 
94491936 York50CMS68260 
92221900 Lafayette$1MS6732 
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