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Lincoln Cents Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes and Proof (1909-Present): Water Sports Pedigree Collection

Water Sports Pedigree Collection - 4th

Current Statistics
Rank 4
Weighted GPA 64.512
Complete 98.05%
Set Rating 61.929
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Water Sports Pedigree Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
24251909 VDB1CMS66RD22922902292290Thanks to Ken House
376331909 VDB DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)1CMS65RD1273218Thanks to Northeast Numismatics (CPS)
376361909 VDB DDO FS-1102 (FS-012.1)1CMS65RD35193519Thanks to Bubba Sully (CPS)
24311909 Lincoln1CMS65RD10786351078635Thanks to Coins by Hucky
24271909-S VDB1CMS63RB69327166935029Ebay
24341909-S Lincoln1CMS63RD461109461109Thanks to Robert Johnson
376401909-S/S RPM FS-15011CAU58BN27219Thanks to Robert Hodges RPM #1 Top 100 # 1
924341909-S/S S/Horizontal S FS-15021CMS64RD198281202286Teletrade RPM # 2 Top 100 # 2
243719101CMS65RD429195429195Thanks to Horizons Alliance
24401910-S1CMS64RD385416385416Thanks to David Lawrence
4106621910-S/S RPM FS-5011CAU58BN1216Thanks to David Lawerence rare coins (CPS) Top 100 # 3
376501910-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS64RB8386Thanks to DH Coin RPM # 2 Top 100 # 4
24451911-D1CMS63RB8624086754Thanks to Robert Greenspan
376551911-D/D RPM FS-5011CAU53BN1010Thanks to Ronald Denis (CPR) RPM # 1 Top 100 # 5
376601911-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS64RD2020Heritage (CPS) RPM # 2 Top 100 # 6
376611911-D/D RPM FS-5031CF12BN1212Thanks to Some Good Cents (CPR) RPM # 3 Top 100 # 7
376651911-D/D RPM FS-5041CMS64RB3030Thanks to Eternity Coin (CPS) RPM # 4 Top 100 # 8
24481911-S1CMS64RB26070260256Thanks to TNFC
376711911-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS63RB3637Thanks to Chris Welch RPM # 1 Top 100 # 9
24551912-D1CMS63RD3735437354Thanks to Legend Numismatics
247019141CMS64RD211207211207Thanks to Ira Stein
24721914-D1CMS63RB103293103533Thanks to Dr. Nigel Schultz
247919151CMS64RD199223199223Thanks to JETACO Coins
24821915-D1CMS64RD193172193172Thanks to LPG Coins
248819161CMS65RD412298412298Thanks to Robert Johnson
24931916-S1CMS63RB105231105384Thanks to Robert Johnson
376731917 DDO FS-1011CVF25BN491190Thanks to L&C Coin
25081918-D1CMS64RB15926159206Thanks to Gary at Small Cents
25111918-S1CMS64RB17824178125Thanks to Gene L Henry
25181919-D1CMS64RD1858118581Thanks to Bill Corum
31101922-D Weak D1CMS62BN812839Thanks to Langham Coins
32851922 No D Strong Reverse FS-4011CVF35BN48111374861163Ebay
25401922 No D Weak Reverse1CVF30BN7118271238Heritage
254519231CMS64RD308328308328Thanks to Rick at Eagle Eye Coins
25561924-S1CMS63RB143229143346Thanks to Superior Galleries
256019251CMS65RD539435539435Thanks to Steve Musil
25631925-D1CMS63RD8532485324Thanks to TNFC
376821925-S DDO FS-1011CXF40BN77710Long Beach Show -(CPR)
376881925-S/S RPM FS-5011CAU55BN212217Thanks to Mark E Kanavos RPM # 1 Top 100 # 15
25741926-S1CMS63RB141206141296Thanks to Park Ave. Numismatics
257819271CMS65RD444287444287Thanks to Vermont Coin
376951927 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB2325Thanks to Lake Coin and Bullion - (CPR)
25811927-D1CMS64RD1855618556Thanks to Ira Stein
377001927-D/D RPM FS-5011CAU58BN313316Thanks to Richard Fairbank RPM # 1 Top 100 # 17
25901928-D1CMS64RD3359933599Thanks to Fairtraderz
25931928-S1CMS63RD2921329213Thanks to Gary at Small Cents
377071928-S Large S FS-5011CMS63RB1181112Heritage - CPS
259619291CMS65RD576539576539Thanks to Kittys Antiques
377131929-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64RB2027Thanks to Yesterdays Change (CPS) RPM # 1 Top 100 # 19
260519301CMS66RD10571181057118Thanks to Atocha Jewelry
4181171930-D/D RPM FS-5011CXF40BN2427Thanks to Marvin King
377181930-D/D RPM FS-5021CVF35BN1414Thanks to Chris Welch RPM # 2 Top 100 # 20
377261930-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64RD268268Thanks to L&C Coin RPM # 1 Top 100 # 21
261419311CMS65RD653319653319Thanks to Horizons Alliance
26201931-S1CMS64RD13708861370886Thanks To David Lawrence
262319321CMS66RD4674146741Thanks to David Lawrence
26261932-D1CMS65RD472230472230Thanks to Coinbuf
263519341CMS66RD15583621558362Thanks to Hottest Coins
377311934 DDO FS-1011CMS64RB6061Thanks to Clayton Maggs - (CPR)
26381934-D1CMS66RD4113841138Thanks to David Lawrence
377401934-D/D RPM FS-5031CMS63RB2222Thanks to Alex Giachetto (CPR) RPM # 3 Top 100 # 24
377361934-D/D RPM FS-5041CMS63BN11112Thanks to Brandon Rowe, RPM #4 Top 100 # 25
377451935 DDO FS-1011CMS63BN42416Thanks to Herb's Coins & Stamps
26471935-S1CMS66RD2612526125Thanks to State Line Coin Exchange
826481936 DDO FS-1011CAU50BN6151351Thanks to RCNH
926501936 DDO FS-1021CMS64RD11311232Thanks to Quality Collector Coins - CPR
377551936 DDO FS-1031CMS63RB33348Thanks to Mr. Fuller
26531936-D1CMS66RD10511271051127Thanks to Robert Johnson
26621937-D1CMS66RD21723782172378Thanks to Robert Johnson
26651937-S1CMS66RD12702421270242Thanks to Mr. Cahal
377621938-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS66RD4040Mike Sturgeon Pedigree Top 100 # 28
26741938-S1CMS66RD27993012799301Thanks to Robert Johnson
377681938-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS66RD582582Thanks to Rare Coins of New Hampshire RPM # 2 Top 100 # 31
377711938-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS66RD413413Thanks to Ebesco Coin Inc. RPM # 1 Top 100 # 30
267719391CMS66RD32714703271470Ebay -My First PCGS Lincoln.
377771939 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD418418Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
26801939-D1CMS66RD16654731665473Thanks to Watson Coin
26831939-S1CMS66RD29504022950402Thanks to Robert Johnson
377781941 DDO FS-1011CAU50BN33325Ebay
377821941 DDO FS-1021CMS64RB31312Thanks to Paula Taschler
377841941 DDO FS-1031CAU55BN21213Great Collections
26981941-D1CMS66RD10462261046226Thanks to Robert Johnson
377901942 DDO FS-1021CAU55BN1010Thanks to Chris Welch
377931942 DDO FS-1031CVF35BN19113Thanks to Chris Welch
27071942-D1CMS66RD23124022312402Thanks to Tom Eaton
378011942-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS65RD11111111Thanks to Gary Darlington RPM # 2 Top 100 # 39
378041942-D/D RPM FS-5041CMS64RD511511Thanks to Daniel Bonnett RPM # 4 Top 100 # 40
378101942-S/S RPM FS-5121CMS64RD5454Mike Sturgeon Pedigree RPM # 12 Top 100 # 42
378161942-S DDO FS-1011CMS65RD24152415Thanks to D H Coin RPM # 1 Top 100 # 41
271119431CMS67155747155747From the Fabulous "TBL COLLECTION"
378181943 DDO FS-1011CMS65165165Thanks to Chris Welch
27141943-D1CMS6723061312306131Thanks to Betty Heilig
378191943-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS64636680Thanks to Ira Stein RPM # 1 Top 100 # 43
378201943-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
27171943-S1CMS67166968166968Thanks to Thomas Arnold
378221943-S DDO FS-1011CAU58151151Thanks to David Buckwalter
27251944-D1CMS66RD23793302379330Thanks to Tom Eaton
378281944-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS64RD47334733Thanks to Donna LaPalnte RPM # 2 Top 100 # 48
378311944-D/D RPM FS-5071CMS64RD6767Thanks to Barry Kenyon RPM # 7 Top 100 # 49
378331944-D/S OMM FS-5111CMS64RB2023117Thanks to Wayne Wolfe
378371944-D OMM FS-5121CMS64RD28272827Thanks to Chris Welch
27311944-S1CMS66RD32823783282378Thanks to Robert Johnson
27401945-S1CMS66RD40618594061859Thanks to Robert Johnson
27461946-D1CMS66RD14391821439182Thanks to Robert Johnson
378431946-S/D OMM FS-5111CMS64RD10221022Thanks to Gary Darlington
378491947 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD129129Thanks to Dennis Wells
27581947-S1CMS66RD18092071809207Thanks to Robert Johnson
378551947-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS65RD15151515Thanks to John Sparti RPM # 4 Top 100 # 62
27671948-S1CMS66RD22482382248238Thanks to Robert Johnson
27731949-D1CMS66RD5106451064Thanks to Robert Johnson
378591949-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS62BN10121Thanks to Debra Dimitrias RPM # 1 Top 100 # 64
277919501CMS66RD5526555265Thanks to AW Coins
378671950-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS66RD172172Thanks to Mikes Coins RPM # 4 Top 100 # 68
278819511CMS66RD4914749147Thanks to David Lawrence
378731951-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD19211921Thanks to L&C Coin
378861951-D/D RPM FS-5211CXF40BN210210Thanks to Mike Sturgeon
378791951-D/S OMM FS-5111CMS65RD37333733Thanks to L&C Coin
378821951-D OMM FS-5121CMS64RD20192019Thanks to L&C Coin
27941951-S1CMS66RD10531041053104Thanks to David Lawrence
279719521CMS66RD5132851328Thanks to Kimberly Cleary
28001952-D1CMS66RD14501081450108Thanks to Robert Johnson
378941952-D RPM FS-5111CMS63RD10351035Thanks to Steve & Debs Coins
28031952-S1CMS66RD14951651495165Thanks to Robert Johnson
379001953-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS64RD22332233Thanks to Mike Long RPM # 1 Top 100 # 72
281519541CMS66RD3856038560Thanks to Ed Allison
379061954-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD470470Teletrade RPM # 1 Top 100 # 75
28211954-S1CMS66RD39622593962259Thanks to L&C Coin
28251955 DDO FS-1011CAU58BN995113110201949Teletrade
379071955 FS-1021CAU58BN64673Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
379181955-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD58295829Thanks to L&C Coin
379241955-D RPM FS-5031CMS65RD181181Thanks to Chris Welch RPM # 3 Top 100 # 79
379331955-S/S/S FS-5011CMS65RD49204920Thanks to Coincard RPM # 1 Top 100 # 80
283619561CMS66RD7964879648Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
379421956-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS64RD12441244Thanks to L&C Coin RPM # 1 Top 100 # 81
379391956-D/D RPM FS-5081CMS64RD19381938Thanks to Charles Puckett RPM # 8 Top 100 # 82
28451957-D1CMS66RD17801331780133Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
284819581CMS66RD102759102759Thanks to Watson Coin
  1958 DDO FS-1011C 
28511958-D1CMS66RD29061752906175Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
285419591CMS66RD6922969229Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
379531959 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD41114111Thanks to Mike Long
379561959 DDO FS-1041CMS64RD24182418Thanks to Chris Welch
379621959-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD475475Thanks to Chris Welch RPM # 1 Top 100 # 89
28601960 Large Date1CMS66RD8033980339Thanks to Martin Gillette
28631960 Small Date1CMS66RD5721757217Ebay
28661960-D Large Date1CMS66RD5032050320Ebay
28691960-D Small Date1CMS66RD7923979239Ebay
828691960-D/D Small/Large Date FS-1011CMS64RD151123257219Ebay RPM # 100 Top 100 # 91
287219611CMS66RD36173617Thanks to Al Palmieri
28751961-D1CMS66RD2521625216Thanks To David Lawrence
35551961-D D/Horiz D FS-5011CMS65RD590590Thanks to Level 99 Games RPM # 1 Top 100 # 92
287819621CMS66RD6223862238Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
28811962-D1CMS66RD3322733227Thanks to Al Palmieri
288419631CMS66RD3182031820Thanks to Scott Brennan
28871963-D1CMS66RD16931693Thanks to Jim Gilber Rare Coin
379711963-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD2151721517Thanks to Patrick Sherman
289019641CMS66RD4671346713From the Fabalous "TBL COLLECTION"
  1964 SMS1C 
379771964 DDR FS-8011CMS64RD42234223Thanks to Ken Potter
379801964 DDR FS-8021CMS64RD15131513Thanks to William Hostutler
4085481966 DDO FS-1011CAU53BN25216Thanks to L&C Coin
290219671CMS66RD1982419824Thanks to Robert Johnson
379861968-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD142142Thanks to George Thidemann RPM # 1 Top 100 # 94
379921968-D DDR FS-8011CMS64RD116116Thanks to Brian Ribar
29171969-D1CMS66RD3412134121Thanks to AW Coins
4154981969-D No FG FS-9011CAU58BN72720Thanks to Historic Change
  1969-S DDO FS-1011C 
293219701CMS66RD3154331543Thanks to Robert Johnson
29291970-D1CMS66RD2101821018Thanks to David Lawrence
29351970-S Small Date1CMS66RD2131521315Heritage-Omaha Hoard Pedigree
29391970-S Large Date1CMS66RD5173451734Ebay
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1011C 
380021970-S Large Date DDO FS-1031CMS65RD263263Thanks to SG Rare Coins Inc.
929401971 DDO FS-1011CMS62RB101214107Thanks to Rogers Coins - Ron Bozarth Pedigree
380061971 DDO FS-1021CMS64RD15101510Thanks to L&C Coin
29501972 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD93919079581923Ebay
380161972 DDO FS-1021CMS64RD35433543Ebay
380191972 DDO FS-1031CMS65RD1141811418Thanks to M. Harmon
380211972 DDO FS-1041CMS63RB3139Thanks to Gay Ann Draper - (CPR)
380251972 DDO FS-1051CMS65RD171171Thanks to Long Horn Coins
380281972 DDO FS-1061CMS64RD27252725Thanks to Mike Sturgeon!
380311972 DDO FS-1071CMS64RD16301630Ebay
380341972 DDO FS-1081CMS64RD52415241Ebay
380371972 DDO FS-1091CMS64RD38243824Thanks to Chris Welch
29591972-S1CMS66RD2582025820Thanks to David Lawrence
29621973-D1CMS66RD3192431924Thanks to Jamie
29681973-S1CMS66RD16291629Thanks to Glen Gardner
297119741CMS66RD4609946099Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
29781974-S1CMS66RD1201512015Thanks To David Lawrence
297719751CMS66RD3087930879Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
29791975-D1CMS66RD3103831038Thanks to N. Amer.Certified Trading
29851976-D1CMS66RD1751517515Thanks to Jamie
299219781CMS66RD1614916149Thanks to AW Coins
29891978-D1CMS66RD1473314733Thanks to Jamie
29981979-D1CMS66RD1502115021Thanks to Jamie
300119801CMS66RD2427324273Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
380471980 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD104104Thanks to Cheapslabs
304319811CMS66RD2415924159Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
380591982 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD279279Thanks to L&C Coin
1460171982 Bronze Large Date1CMS66RD1282112821Thanks to Dale Rikert
1460201982 Bronze Small Date1CMS66RD1282212822Thanks to Marion Marlowe
1460271982 Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD1263812638Thanks to Jamie
1460301982 Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD12761276From the world famous Ajla Collection
  1982 Zinc Small Date DDR FS-18011C 
1460241982-D Bronze1CMS66RD81168116Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
1460331982-D Zinc Large Date1CMS67RD76177617Ebay
1460361982-D Zinc Small Date1CMS67RD51145114From the world famous Ajla Collection
305319831CMS67RD1483114831Thanks to Tim Sudduth
380671983 DDO FS-1011CMS62BN21235Ebay
380721983 DDO FS-1021CMS65RD7575Thanks to L&C Coin
380751983 DDO FS-1031CMS65RD10101010Everett Ramsey Pedigree
  1983 DDO FS-4011C 
30561983 DDR FS-8011CMS62RD3136541412Ebay
30511983-D1CMS67RD2362323623Thanks to Jamie
305919841CMS67RD1869618696Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
30621984 DDO FS-1011CMS66RD441202446205Ebay
380811984 DDO FS-1021CMS64RB3237Thanks to John Sparti
30681984-D1CMS67RD1961619616Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
380841984-D DDO FS-1011CMS63RB83810Thanks to Dennis Wells
307119851CMS67RD2372323723Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
30741985-D1CMS67RD540174540174Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
312419861CMS67RD2193221932Thanks to Richard Smith
31211986-D1CMS67RD385135385135Thanks to Jeremy's' Auction
306519871CMS67RD3637636376Thanks to Mustang Man
30801987-D1CMS67RD3752837528Thanks to David Webster
310319881CMS67RD1782117821Thanks to Jeff Jackson
30891989-D1CMS67RD2825028250Thanks to Tim Sudduth
308319901CMS67RD1863418634Thanks to Jim Willis
30861990-D1CMS67RD440149440149Thanks to Telecoin
309219911CMS67RD2433224332Thanks to JETACO Coins
30951991-D1CMS67RD481142481142Thanks to Michael Claus
  1992 Close AM1C 
31011992-D1CMS68RD24062406Thanks to Rust Coin, Inc.
  1992-D Close AM FS-9011C 
31091993-D1CMS68RD24152415Thanks to Dean Coldwater
311519941CMS67RD1473014730Thanks to Tom Eaton
381011994 DDR FS-8011CMS64RB80827Thanks to Tommy Mundy
31181994-D1CMS67RD2988929889Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
313319951CMS67RD2536625366Thanks to David Lawrence
31271995 DDO FS-1011CMS68RD2672127051Thanks to Westwood Rare Coin
31301995-D1CMS67RD2676826768Thanks to David Webster
381091995-D DDO FS-1011CAU58BN52541Thanks to Andrew Heebner
313619961CMS67RD4329143291Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
31391996-D1CMS67RD658227658227Thanks to Lazypoet
314519971CMS67RD1411614116Thanks to Jamie
381211997 Dbl Ear FS-1011CMS65RD2081420814Thanks to James Clark.
31421997-D1CMS67RD2393623936Thanks to Bow Tie Coins
314819981CMS67RD3065130651Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
831481998 Wide AM FS-9011CMS66RD951211113Thanks to Jeff Brown
31511998-D1CMS67RD1464414644Thanks to David Lawrence
315419991CMS67RD256250256250Thanks to David Lawrence
831541999 Wide AM FS-9011CMS64RD435762173Thanks to Rick Miller
316020001CMS68RD27162716Thanks to Tim Sudduth
831602000 Wide AM FS-9011CMS67RD34523472Thanks to Rhino Bullion
31632000-D1CMS68RD2251022510Thanks to Tim Sudduth
316620011CMS68RD6554165541Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
31692001-D1CMS68RD6062160621Thanks to Lazypoet
317220021CMS68RD676111676111Thanks to Michael Claus
31752002-D1CMS68RD691103691103Thanks to Jay Rudo
317820031CMS68RD12202981220298Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
31812003-D1CMS68RD532115532115Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
318420041CMS68RD1514415144Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
931902005 Satin Finish1CSP69RD121218121218Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
931932005-D Satin Finish1CSP69RD45724572Teletrade
9319620061CMS67RD26922692Thanks to Brian McGuire
8931962006 Satin Finish1CSP69RD9842098420Thanks to Silver DJ Coins
931992006-D1CMS67RD25732573Thanks to Brian McGuire
8931992006-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD9499194991Thanks to Mark Di Lauro
14953820071CMS67RD16941694Thanks to Barry Tice
1495392007 Satin Finish1CSP69RD24102410Thanks to Frank Harris
1495442007-D1CMS67RD17351735Thanks to Barry Tice
1495472007-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD6006460064Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
39489920081CMS67RD27352735Thanks to Chris Dudzik
3949022008 Satin Finish1CSP69RD11801180Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
3949052008-D1CMS67RD23142314Thanks to Chris Dudzik
3949082008-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD5866658666Thanks to Coinefame
4072372009 Early Childhood1CMS66RD89616348049Thanks to New York Coin Exchange
4072402009 Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP69RD43204320Thanks to Joe's Coins
4072432009-D Early Childhood1CMS66RD98046377562Thanks to Jeffrey A. Smith
4072462009-D Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP68RD13941901394190Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4078312009 Formative Years1CMS66RD66613240813Thanks to Scarsdale Coin
4078382009 Formative Years, Satin Finish1CSP68RD11562331156233Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4078412009-D Formative Years1CMS66RD332110791Thanks to Country Hunter
4078472009-D Formative Years, Satin Finish1CSP68RD13261411326141Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4078502009 Professional1CMS66RD743415194Ebay
4078562009 Professional, Satin Finish1CSP69RD31603160Thanks to Christopher Hish
4078592009-D Professional1CMS66RD17637723Thanks to Angel Dee's
4078652009-D Professional, Satin Finish1CSP68RD13371691337169Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4078682009 Presidency1CMS66RD346319403Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
4078742009 Presidency, Satin Finish1CSP68RD12363161236316Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4078782009-D Presidency1CMS66RD21054395Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
4078842009-D Presidency, Satin Finish1CSP68RD14142021414202Thanks to Jim Elsmore
4166682010 Shield1CMS65RD181392181392Ebay
4166742010 Shield, Satin Finish1CSP68RD48514851Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
4166712010-D Shield1CMS66RD95119511Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
4166772010-D Shield, Satin Finish1CSP68RD6121061210Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
5050552011 1CMS67RD14871487Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
5050582011-D 1CMS67RD21712171Thanks to Seth Woods
5112442012 1CMS67RD1141611416Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
5112472012-D1CMS67RD716716Thanks to Gary Jeski
51751420131CMS66RD5774057740Thanks to Country Hunter
5175172013-D1CMS67RD21152115Thanks to Tazmic Enterprises
52440620141CMS67RD1361013610Thanks to Francisco Delafuente
5244092014-D1CMS67RD1121311213Thanks to Pine Valley Coins
*53970820151CMS67RD10211021Thanks to ALL Co.
*5396932015-D1CMS67RD10111011Thanks to Gary Jeski
  1909 VDB PR1C 
33041909 PR1CPR64RB113149113320Heritage
33071910 PR1CPR64RB10096100208Teletrade
33091911 PR1CPR64BN476447358Thanks to Liberty Coins.
33131912 PR1CPR64RB11969119126Heritage
33161913 PR1CPR64RB151115151271Thanks to Scott Stephen
33191914 PR1CPR64RB879887184Teletrade
33221915 PR1CPR64RB717671121Thanks to Northland Coin
33251916 PR1CPR64RB537453103Thanks to Scott Stephen
33321936 Satin PR1CPR63RD2917429174Ebay
33351936 Brilliant PR1CPR64RD439228439233Thanks to Tony
33381937 PR1CPR65RD431219431277Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
33411938 PR1CPR65RD579312579355Ebay
33441939 PR1CPR65RD684348684348Thanks to Scott Beaver
33471940 PR1CPR65RD635247635252Thanks to Dennis Mize
33501941 PR1CPR65RD528133528133Teletrade
33531942 PR1CPR65RD521118521182Thanks to Dean Schmidt
833591950 PR1CPR66CA72167261Thanks to Hannigan's RC
833621951 PR1CPR66CA41144115Thanks to David Lawrence
381461951 DDO FS-101 PR1CPR66RD231236Thanks To Jeff Werlin
33651952 PR1CPR67RD1405140173Teletrade
33681953 PR1CPR68RD21321272Heritage
381521953 DDO FS-101 PR1CPR66CA7479Heritage - (CPS)
833711954 PR1CPR67CA71107147Teletrade
833741955 PR1CPR67CA1211812177Teletrade
833771956 PR1CPR67CA11229112114Thanks to Old Coin Shop
33801957 PR1CPR68RD42042375Thanks to Dick Loken
833831958 PR1CPR67CA2262422684Teletrade
833861959 PR1CPR68CA41841162Thanks to Angel Dee's
833891960 Large Date PR1CPR68CA641864190Ebay
833921960 Small Date PR1CPR67CA15938159156Thanks to David Lawrence
34101960 DDO FS-101 Lg/Sm Date PR1CPR66RD347955109Thanks to Coins and Currency of Wayne PA.
34131960 DDO FS-102 Sm/Lg Date PR1CPR66RD426556112Thanks to Robert Bruner
381581960 TDO FS-103 (FS-023) PR1CPR66RD23512558Thanks to RCIS Coins
933951961 PR1CPR67DC81588158Teletrade
833981962 PR1CPR69CA59059402Teletrade
834011963 PR1CPR69CA97097675Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
934041964 PR1CPR69DC21612161Thanks to Pandava Bosworth
32901965 SMS PR1CSP67RD287828790Thanks To David Lawrence
32931966 SMS PR1CSP67RD871120871229Thanks to David Lawrence
32961967 SMS PR1CSP67RD81189811226Thanks to David Lawrence
934191968-S PR1CPR68DC2683626836Teletrade
381741968-S DDO FS-101 PR1CPR65CA3333Thanks to Dan Huges
934221969-S PR1CPR68DC2954829548Teletrade
934301970-S Large Date PR1CPR68DC1735017350Thanks to Don Merz
381891970-S DDO FS-113 LD PR1CPR67CA7177Thanks to Bill Graham
381931970-S TDO FS-104 LD PR1CPR65RD410418Thanks to L&C Coin
834261970-S Small Date FS-1402 PR1CPR67CA10352106173Thanks to Victorian Rare Coin
381831970-S DDO FS-102 LD/SM PR1CPR65RD11141117Thanks to Wayne Peek
934341971-S PR1CPR68DC15961596Thanks to Eagle Eye Rare Coins - Doug Wright Pedigree
835331971-S DDO FS-101 PR1CPR65CA19681972Heritage - RPM #3 Top 100 # 96
381981971-S DDO FS-102 PR1CPR65RD416421Thanks to Dennis Wells
1454381971-S DDO FS-103 Type 3 PR1CPR65RD28214Thanks to Michael Hassler
934371972-S PR1CPR68DC3548835488Teletrade
382111972-S DDO FS-101 PR1CPR64RD29216Thanks to Doug Wright
934401973-S PR1CPR69DC79337933Teletrade
934431974-S PR1CPR69DC79207920Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
934461975-S PR1CPR69DC65106510Teletrade
934491976-S PR1CPR69DC64806480Teletrade
934521977-S PR1CPR69DC186812186812Teletrade
934551978-S PR1CPR69DC211012211012Thanks to Finest Known
934581979-S Type 1 PR1CPR69DC141212141212Thanks to Finest Known
934611979-S Type 2 PR1CPR69DC139325139325Teletrade
934641980-S PR1CPR69DC221020221020Thanks to Finest Known
934671981-S Type 1 PR1CPR69DC310811310811Thanks to Finest Known
934701981-S Type 2 FS-501 PR1CPR69DC28802880Thanks to Carolina Coin
934731982-S PR1CPR69DC204818204818Thanks to Finest Known
934761983-S PR1CPR69DC231148231148Thanks to Finest Known
934791984-S PR1CPR69DC320991320991Thanks to Finest Known
934821985-S PR1CPR69DC33621073362107Thanks to Finest Known
934851986-S PR1CPR69DC40161064016106Thanks to Finest Known
934881987-S PR1CPR69DC42781494278149Thanks to Finest Known
934911988-S PR1CPR69DC37821893782189Thanks to Finest Known
934941989-S PR1CPR69DC35372303537230Thanks to Finest Known
934971990-S PR1CPR69DC41572304157230Thanks to Finest Known
4082391990 No S FS-101 PR1CPR67DC3231123Thanks to John Sparti
935001991-S PR1CPR69DC35312743531274Thanks to Finest Known
935031992-S PR1CPR69DC73004337300433Thanks to Finest Known
935121993-S PR1CPR69DC59833215983321Thanks to Finest Known
935151994-S PR1CPR69DC56453115645311Thanks to Finest Known
935181995-S PR1CPR69DC51114385111438Thanks to Finest Known
935211996-S PR1CPR69DC50512885051288Thanks to Finest Known
935241997-S PR1CPR69DC48342004834200Thanks to Finest Known
935271998-S PR1CPR69DC56142865614286Thanks to Finest Known
935291998-S Close AM PR1CPR68DC338046122Teletrade
935301999-S PR1CPR69DC64643806464380Thanks to Finest Known
382221999-S Close AM PR1CPR68DC235130243138Thanks to MOZEPPA!
935362000-S PR1CPR69DC76995127699512Thanks to Finest Known
935392001-S PR1CPR69DC69303766930376Thanks to Finest Known
935422002-S PR1CPR69DC70852567085256Thanks to Finest Known
935452003-S PR1CPR69DC81142928114292Thanks to Finest Known
935512004-S PR1CPR69DC65884386588438Thanks to Finest Known
935542005-S PR1CPR69DC71603907160390Thanks to Finest Known
935592006-S PR1CPR69DC57985225798522Ebay
1495552007-S PR1CPR69DC47323744732374Thanks to Presidential Dollars
3949132008-S PR1CPR69DC37384473738447Thanks to Seth Woods
4072512009-S Early Childhood PR1CPR69DC55744225574422Thanks to Enicoin
4078892009-S Formative Years PR1CPR69DC58463605846360Thanks to Enicoin
4078942009-S Professional PR1CPR69DC56504085650408Thanks to Enicoin
4078992009-S Presidency PR1CPR69DC57643805764380Thanks to Enicoin
4166822010-S Shield PR1CPR69DC41983234198323Thanks to Coin Diva
5050632011-S Shield PR1CPR69DC35174315226684Thanks to Direct Coin
5112522012-S Shield PR1CPR69DC12951021705186Thanks to L&C Coin
5175252013-S PR1CPR69DC17911372958286Thanks to L&C Coin
5244252014-S PR1CPR69DC7201372546388Thanks to ALL Co.
*5375652015-S PR1CPR69DC257541683378Thanks to L & C Coin

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.