Alcon - 2nd

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 66.452
Complete 99.51%
Set Rating 65.212
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
92201893 Isabella 25C25CMS6619965WHITE this is part of set comm 360 pies et/al
92221900 Lafayette S$1$1MS64993431part of set
92241921 Alabama 50C50CMS65459120PURCHISED DIRECT OUTSIDE EBAY
92251921 Alabama 2 x 2 50C50CMS64753587WHITE
92271936 Albany 50C50CMS6515011042PART OF RAW SET
92291937 Antietam 50C50CMS6729429
92331935 Arkansas 50C50CMS65524211LIGHTLEY TONED
92341935-D Arkansas 50C50CMS65435264LIGHTLEY TONED
92351935-S Arkansas 50C50CMS6616930LIGHT TONING
92371936 Arkansas 50C50CMS65312143TONED
92381936-D Arkansas 50C50CMS64605701
92391936-S Arkansas 50C50CMS65386166cross graded from ngc CIRT NUMBER 347068-017
92411937 Arkansas 50C50CMS64463406
92421937-D Arkansas 50C50CMS65375177
92431937-S Arkansas 50C50CMS64427304
92451938 Arkansas 50C50CMS65216116
92461938-D Arkansas 50C50CMS65225164
92471938-S Arkansas 50C50CMS6518890
92491939 Arkansas 50C50CMS64251214cross graded from NGC cirt # 2164658-004 was ms65
92501939-D Arkansas 50C50CMS65192127cross graded from NGC cirt # 2164658-005 was ms65
92511939-S Arkansas 50C50CMS64235346cross graded from NGC cirt # 2164658-006 was ms65
92541936-S Bay Bridge 50C50CMS6517591061
92571934 Boone 50C50CMS65606298WHITE
92581935 Boone 50C50CMS65590287
92621935/34 Boone 50C50CMS65703315
92591935-D Boone 50C50CMS65332111
92631935/34-D Boone 50C50CMS65252250
92601935-S Boone 50C50CMS64335653
92641935/34-S Boone 50C50CMS64232338
92661936 Boone 50C50CMS65776429
92671936-D Boone 50C50CMS65543317
92681936-S Boone 50C50CMS631241150
92701937 Boone 50C50CMS66409124slightley toned
92711937-D Boone 50C50CMS65287219WHITE
92721937-S Boone 50C50CMS6377635cross graded from ngc ms65 citr#174532-027
92741938 Boone 50C50CMS64199491
92751938-D Boone 50C50CMS64198527
92761938-S Boone 50C50CMS67355
92791936 Bridgeport 50C50CMS651695824
92811925-S California 50C50CMS66361140BLAST WHITE
92831936 Cincinnati 50C50CMS65453177BLAST WHITE
92841936-D Cincinnati 50C50CMS65607391BLAST WHITE
92851936-S Cincinnati 50C50CMS6527772BLAST WHITE
92881936 Cleveland 50C50CMS6429293052CROSS GRADED TO PCGS IS ALSO GRADED NGC MS65 2128863-004
92911936 Columbia 50C50CMS65874555
92921936-D Columbia 50C50CMS65677809
92931936-S Columbia 50C50CMS65724642
92961892 Columbian 50C50CMS6418111071OLD GREEN HOLDER
92971893 Columbian 50C50CMS6317132468WHITE
92991935 Connecticut 50C 50CMS6416601899WHITE
93011936 Delaware 50C50CMS651438843
93031936 Elgin 50C50CMS6522061476WHITE
93051936 Gettysburg 50C50CMS637334582
93061922 Grant 50C50CMS6414511110
93071922 Grant Star 50C50CMS63351748WHITE CROSS GRADED FROM NGC
93091928 Hawaiian 50C50CMS65512110PURCHISED LB SHOW 2-15-2008 FROM ROBERT HUGHES
93121936 Hudson 50C50CMS65696268PURCHISED LB COIN SHOW
93141924 Huguenot 50C50CMS65983441IRA GOLDBERG PRE LONG BEACH AUCTION 8 LOT 1104 POP 974 W 428 FINER
93161946 Iowa 50C50CMS67811121AUCTION LOT 1027 POP 761 WITH 89 FINER
93181925 Lexington 50C50CMS6418781474TONED EVEN
93201918 Lincoln 50C50CMS651253656
93221936 Long Island 50C50CMS6423881865WHITE
93241936 Lynchburg 50C50CMS651334743VERY LIGHT TONED
93261920 Maine 50C50CMS636812737BLAST WHITE
93281934 Maryland 50C50CMS6418592157WHITE
93301921 Missouri 50C50CMS64816325LB SHOW
93311921 Missouri 2 x 4 50C50CMS64750354LIGHT EVEN TONED
93331923-S Monroe 50C50CMS6311642049WHITE
93351938 New Rochelle 50C50CMS6515641195
93401926 Oregon 50C50CMS66460103
93411926-S Oregon 50C50CMS635873103TONED
93421928 Oregon 50C50CMS645171189
93431933-D Oregon 50C50CMS66408118BLAST WHITE
93441934-D Oregon 50C50CMS6636079JOYS DAD'S RAW SET
93451936 Oregon 50C50CMS66576202OGH PQ BLAST WHITE
93461936-S Oregon 50C50CMS643601134
93471937-D Oregon 50C50CMS661175732crossed from ngc ms66
93481938 Oregon 50C50CMS65732630
93491938-D Oregon 50C50CMS65681989
93501938-S Oregon 50C50CMS66540196
93521939 Oregon 50C50CMS65409400
93541939-S Oregon 50C50CMS64269790
93571915-S Panama-Pacific 50C50CMS66270103IRA GOLDBERG PRE LONG BEACH AUCTION LOT 1127 HAMER WAS 2,700.00
93591920 Pilgrim 50C50CMS651040460ana show boston ma bowers and merena auguest 2010 Boston Rarties Sale aucti...
93601921 Pilgrim 50C50CMS6410401076
93631936 Rhode Island 50C50CMS651203579WHITE
93641936-D Rhode Island 50C50CMS65920549WHITE
93651936-S Rhode Island 50C50CMS65758285WHITE
93671937 Roanoke 50C50CMS661239401BLAST WHITE
93691936 Robinson 50C50CMS651109548
93711935-S San Diego 50C50CMS661640190
93721936-D San Diego 50C50CMS66796126
93741926 Sesquicentennial 50C50CMS642153395LOT 0950 POP 1956 WITH 290 FINER WITH CAC STICKER
93761935 Spanish Trail 50C50CMS6410582128WHITE
93781925 Stone Mountain 50C50CMS6523791114BLAST WHITE
93811934 Texas 50C50CMS651296566
93821935 Texas 50C50CMS66838279
93831935-D Texas 50C50CMS659391037
93841935-S Texas 50C50CMS645501387
93861936 Texas 50C50CMS65890827BLAST WHITE
93871936-D Texas 50C50CMS66963390BLAST WHITE
93881936-S Texas 50C50CMS65900609BLAST WHITE
93901937 Texas 50C50CMS65665519set 3 coins niceley matched set blast white
93911937-D Texas 50C50CMS65735706set 3 coins niceley matched set blast white
93921937-S Texas 50C50CMS65648588set 3 coins niceley matched set blast white
93941938 Texas 50C50CMS65412272also ngc ms-65 3166045-008
93951938-D Texas 50C50CMS66299112crosed over from ngc ms66 cirt number 170644-019
93961938-S Texas 50C50CMS67749POP 46 @ 3-2008 ONE FINER IN MS68
93991925 Vancouver 50C50CMS65702425
94011927 Vermont 50C50CMS6637659
94041946 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS66481106WHITE SET
94051946-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS6630766WHITE SET
94061946-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS66480123WHITE SET
94081947 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65726262
94091947-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS64320660
94101947-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS64293983
94121948 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65738302WHITE
94131948-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65699339WHITE
94141948-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65718379WHITE
94161949 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65706339
94171949-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS67333ana show boston ma bowers and merena auguest 2010 Boston Rarties Sale aucti...
94181949-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS67480top pop 47 none finer
94201950 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65508275
94211950-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65514253
94221950-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65985609
94241951 Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65882249
94251951-D Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65519326
94261951-S Booker T. Washington 50C50CMS65580481
94301951 Washington-Carver 50C50CMS64635330
94311951-D Washington-Carver 50C50CMS661159LOT 10362 AMERICANA AUCTION POP 81 NONE FINER @ 2-2012
94321951-S Washington-Carver 50C50CMS65846212
94341952 Washington-Carver 50C50CMS651447348LOT10374 1 OF 3All examples with fulsome mint frost and either minimally pa...
94351952-D Washington-Carver 50C50CMS6533754LOT10374 3 OF 3 POP 298 WITH 195 FINER All examples with fulsome mint frost...
94361952-S Washington-Carver 50C50CMS65617221LOT10374 2 OF 3 All examples with fulsome mint frost and either minimally p...
94381953 Washington-Carver 50C50CMS65372110set 3 coins niceley matched set blast white
94391953-D Washington-Carver 50C50CMS6527658set 3 coins niceley matched set blast white
94401953-S Washington-Carver 50C50CMS6614720LOT 10420 AMERICANS SALE NY 1-2012 POP IS 96 WITH 9 FINER
94421954 Washington-Carver 50C50CMS64679594
94431954-D Washington-Carver 50C50CMS64696427PDS SET CROSS GRADED TO PCGS SET IS ALSO GRADED SGS MS68
94441954-S Washington-Carver 50C50CMS64807840
94471936 Wisconsin 50C50CMS661576567WHITE
94491936 York 50C50CMS661571639WHITE
96001982-D Washington 50C50CMS698080TOP OF THE POP IS MS69 @ 8-2010 POP IS 251
96051983-P Olympic S$1$1MS69297727WHITE
96061983-D Olympic S$1$1MS6920979WHITE
96071983-S Olympic S$1$1MS6919458WHITE
96091984-P Olympic S$1$1MS69246058WHITE
96101984-D Olympic S$1$1MS69182412WHITE
96111984-S Olympic S$1$1MS6915278WHITE
96181986-D Statue of Liberty 50C 50CMS69337165WHITE
96201986-P Statue of Liberty S$1 $1MS694662203WHITE
96241987-P Constitution S$1 $1MS704700
96281988-D Olympic S$1$1MS69221386WHITE
96321989-D Congress 50C50CMS69187815WHITE
96341989-D Congress S$1$1MS69205411WHITE
96381990-W Eisenhower S$1$1MS702060MS 70 POP @ 55 3-2010
96421991-D Mount Rushmore 50C 50CMS69203282WHITE
96441991-P Mount Rushmore S$1 $1MS704170WHITE 70 POP @ 2-2010=152
96521991-D Korea S$1$1MS703530NICE 70 POP @ 11-2008 = 34
96581991-D USO S$1$1MS703410MS70 TOP POP 102 @ 2-2010
96601992-D White House S$1 $1MS702670BLAST WHITE MS-70
96621992-D Columbus 50C50CMS701830OFF EBAY POP = 180
96641992-D Columbus S$1$1MS702160PURCHISED ON EBAY FROM:paleoguy45 TOP POP 105 @ 2-2012
99201992-P Olympic 50C50CMS702770LOW POP @ 10-2010 =83
99221992-D Olympic S$1$1MS701640SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 164
96681993-W Madison 50C50CMS702300BLAST WHITE NICE MS-70
96701993-D Madison S$1$1MS691892138WHITE
96741991-95-P World War II 50C 50CMS701420SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 142
96761991-95-D World War II S$1 $1MS702930BLAST WHITE MS-70
96801994-D World Cup 50C50CMS69142447CLEAN
96821994-D World Cup S$1$1MS69148250WHITE
96881993-P Jefferson S$1$1MS704440
96901994-W Prisoner of War S$1 $1MS706030LOW POP 70 ONLY 167 GRADED AT THIS LEVEL AS OF 11-2010
96921994-W Vietnam S$1 $1MS704650MS 70 POP 133 @3-2010
96941994-W Women in Military S$1 $1MS703820BLAST WHITE
96961994-D Capitol S$1$1MS704350
97081995-S Basketball 50C50CMS702370SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 237
97161995-D Gymnastics S$1$1MS691993274WHITE
97181995-D Paralympic S$1$1MS691482267WHITE
97041995-W Special Olympic S$1$1MS691097152WHITE
97101995-S Baseball 50C50CMS701410SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 140
97121996-S Swimming 50C50CMS6988183WHITE
97141996-S Soccer 50C50CMS69779176WHITE
96981995-S Civil War 50C50CMS701760TOP POP 72 @ 8-2010
97001995-P Civil War S$1$1MS692206200WHITE
97201995-D Track & Field S$1 $1MS69995180WHITE
97221995-D Cycling S$1$1MS691141174WHITE
97241996-D Tennis S$1$1MS691092147WHITE
97261996-D Paralympic S$1$1MS701450
97281996-D Rowing S$1$1MS69879142WHITE
97301996-D High Jump S$1$1MS691026108WHITE
97401996-S Community Service S$1$1MS691215131
97421996-D Smithsonian S$1$1MS703770TOP POP 244 AT 3-2012
97461997-P Botanic Garden S$1 $1MS691653146WHITE
97571997-S Jackie Robinson S$1$1MS69148864WHITE
97611997-P Officers S$1$1MS69996171WHITE
97631998-S Robert F. Kennedy S$1$1MS703020SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 300
97691998-S C. Attucks S$1$1MS702330
97711999-P Dolley Madison S$1$1MS704670
97781999-P Yellowstone S$1$1MS703230TOP POP 70 @8-2010= 103
97832000-P Library S$1$1MS703780
97852000-P Leif Ericson S$1$1MS691475205WHITE
97902001-P Capitol Visitors Ctr 50C 50CMS701140NICE 70 POP @ 11-2008 =24
97912001-P Capitol Visitors Ctr S$1 $1MS701180TOP POP 70 @ 10-2010 = 60
97932001-D Buffalo S$1 $1MS69147051282WHITE
97982002-P Salt Lake City Olympics S$1$1MS704240MS-70
210002002-W West Point Bicentennial S$1$1MS7011480
210012003-P First Flight 50C50CMS703400pop @ 6-2010 =149
210022003-P First Flight S$1$1MS703350
210042004-P Edison S$1$1MS707370LOW POP 70 AS OF 11-2010 IS 430
210052004-P Lewis & Clark S$1$1MS707660MS70 POP 344 @8-2010
210062005-P Marshall S$1$1MS705510
210072005-P Marine Corps S$1$1MS7011690NICE MS70 POP @ 11-2008=212
210082006-P Scientist S$1$1MS705440pop 391 on 3-2012
210092006-P Founding Father S$1$1MS708160MS70
210102006-S San Francisco Old Mint S$1$1MS706530BLAST WHITE
1474392007-P Jamestown S$1$1MS7012070BLAST WHITE NICE MS-70
1495692007-P Desegregation S$1$1MS705610WHITE
3944152008-S Bald Eagle 50C50CMS709110
3944162008-P Bald Eagle S$1$1MS709730
4073502009-P Abraham Lincoln S$1$1MS7033270low pop
4088252009-P Louis Braille Bicentennial S$1$1MS705190pop @ 6-2009 = 264
4185382010-P Boy Scouts of America S$1$1MS7027400
4177532010-W Disabled Veterans S$1$1MS7015900POP @ 4-2010 =1007
5061622011-D United States Army 50C50CMS6870100COIN DIVA ON EBAY
5061632011-S United States Army S$1$1MS702760POP POP 70 @ 7-2011=130
5072882011-S Medal of Honor S$1$1MS703270LOW POP 70 @ 6 2011 ONLY 62 AT THIS GRADE
5111622012-W Infantry S$1$1MS704080PART OF SETS
5114962012-P Star-Spangled Banner S$1$1MS702900PART OF SETS
5176482013-D 5 Star Generals Arnold, Bradley 50C50CMS698397POP 596 WITH ONE FINER
5176522013-W 5 Star Generals Marshall, Eisenhower S$1$1MS707080SET POP690 ON 05-13
5174752013-P Girl Scouts S$1$1MS706710EBAY COIN DIVA
5256392014-D Baseball Hall of Fame 50C50CMS691363341US MINT RAW THEN GRADED POP 935 WITH 205 FINER
5256492014-P Baseball Hall of Fame S$1$1MS6914841273SET POP 1421 FINER 1270
5243522014-P Civil Rights Act of 1964 S$1$1MS702790POP 278 PART OF SET
74431903 Jefferson G$1G$1MS66544102THIS IS A 2 GRADE UPGRADE COIN
74441903 McKinley G$1G$1MS65565579CLEAN
74471904 Lewis & Clark G$1G$1MS65293176AUCTION 3180 LOT 2227 pop 280 with 128 higher at time of purchise hammer pr...
74481905 Lewis & Clark G$1G$1MS64703333PURCHISED AT LONG BEACH SHOW 2-2008 FROM ROBERT HUGHES
74491915-S Panama-Pacific G$1G$1MS651210845
74501915-S Panama-Pacific G$2-1/2$2.50MS646951084LB SHOW
74521915-S Panama-Pacific G$50 Octagonal$50 
74511915-S Panama-Pacific G$50 Round$50 
74551917 McKinley G$1G$1MS65583498
74581922 Grant Dollar With Star G$1G$1MS66430160PURCHISED AT BALTIMORE AUCTION VIA EBAY
74591922 Grant Dollar Without Star G$1G$1MS66625264AUCTION LOT-1842 GOLDBERG PRE LB SHOW ALSO NGC MS 66 1517571-008
74661926 Sesquicentennial G$2-1/2$2.50MS651931176STACKS & BOWERS AUCTION LOT 3621
96131984-W Olympic G$10$10MS692559122CLEAN
96221986-W Statue of Liberty G$5 $5MS703200CLEAN
96261987-W Constitution G$5 $5MS7012400pop @ 6-2009 = 590
96301988-W Olympic G$5$5MS702460pop @ 6-2009 = 149
96361989-W Congress G$5$5MS702570
96461991-W Mount Rushmore G$5 $5MS703320
96661992-W Columbus G$5$5MS702980
99241992-W Olympic G$5$5MS703560pop @ 6-2009 = 258
96721993-W Madison G$5$5MS702730
96781991-95-W World War II G$5 $5MS701550CLEAN
96841994-W World Cup G$5$5MS69160981CLEAN
97321995-W Torch G$5$5MS702370CLEAN NICE
97341995-W Stadium G$5$5MS701910
97021995-W Civil War G$5$5MS701650
97361996-W Flag G$5$5MS691503134CLEAN
97381996-W Cauldron G$5$5MS69157177SLIGHT TONING ON RIM BOUTH SIDES
97441996-W Smithsonian G$5$5MS70800low pop 50 @ 4-2009
97481997-W Franklin D. Roosevelt G$5 $5MS702280CLEAN MS-70
97591997-W Jackie Robinson G$5$5MS6994856CLEAN LOW MINTAGE
97771999-W Washington G$5$5MS692038164CLEAN
97842000-W Library G$10$10MS691499455CLEAN
97922001-W Capitol Visitor Ctr G$5 $5MS692830253CLEAN
97992002-W Salt Lake City Olympics G$5$5MS702280EBAY AUCTION top pop 203 @ 6-2011
210032003-W First Flight G$10$10MS704690
210122006-S San Francisco Old Mint G$5$5MS703640CLEAN MS70
1474412007-W Jamestown G$5$5MS707540nice 70
3944192008-W Bald Eagle G$5$5MS705020
5061702011-P United States Army G$5$5MS69174167
5073072011-P Medal of Honor G$5 $5MS69152131US MINT RAW PART OF SET
5115472012-W Star-Spangled Banner G$5$5MS702740PART OF SETS
5176562013-P 5 Star Generals MacArthur G$5$5MS701140POP 76 ON 4-23-2013
5258572014-W Baseball Hall of Fame G$5$5MS69293430pop 285 with 420 finer ebay picks not working today so no pick
996011982-S Washington 50C PR50CPR70DC950
96081983-S Olympic S$1 PR$1PR69DC477456WHITE
96121984-S Olympic S$1 PR$1PR69DC4661155WHITE
96191986-S Statue of Liberty 50C PR50CPR70DC1860top pop 186
96211986-S Statue of Liberty S$1 PR$1PR70DC3940LOW POP 70 ONLY 85 AT THIS GRADE AS OF 11-2010
96251987-S Constitution S$1 PR$1PR70DC3570POP 182 ON 3-2012
96291988-S Olympic S$1 PR$1PR70DC3190POP 121 ON 2-2012
96331989-S Congress 50C PR50CPR69DC332665WHITE
96351989-S Congress S$1 PR$1PR69DC298396WHITE
96391990-P Eisenhower S$1 PR$1PR69DC6745251WHITE
96431991-S Mount Rushmore 50C PR50CPR70DC1660SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 165
96451991-S Mount Rushmore S$1 PR$1PR69DC3548274WHITE
96531991-P Korea S$1 PR$1PR69DC335882WHITE
96591991-S USO S$1 PR$1PR69DC2125101WHITE
96611992-W White House S$1 PR$1PR69DC2715129WHITE
96631992-S Columbus 50C PR50CPR70DC2020SIRIUS AUCTIONS DIRECT TOP POP 202
96651992-P Columbus S$1 PR$1PR69DC280995WHITE
99231992-S Olympic S$1 PR$1PR69DC283083WHITE
96691993-S Madison 50C PR50CPR69DC330990WHITE
96711993-S Madison S$1 PR$1PR69DC279860WHITE
96751991-95-P World War II 50C PR50CPR69DC292350WHITE
96771991-95-W World War II S$1 PR$1PR70DC1310NICE PR70 POP IS 20 @ 11-2008
96811994-P World Cup 50C PR50CPR69DC274914WHITE
96831994-S World Cup S$1 PR$1PR69DC2833156WHITE
96891993-S Jefferson S$1 PR$1PR69DC212299WHITE
96911994-P Prisoners of War S$1 PR$1PR69DC257347WHITE
96951994-P Women in Military S$1 PR$1PR69DC219735WHITE
96971994-S Capitol S$1 PR$1PR70DC1410LOW POP 4 COINS @ 10-2007
97091995-S Basketball 50C PR50CPR69DC165831WHITE
97171995-P Gymnastics S$1 PR$1PR69DC209147WHITE
97191995-P Paralympic S$1 PR$1PR69DC2202100WHITE
97051995-P Special Olympics S$1 PR$1PR69DC147775WHITE
97111995-S Baseball 50C PR50CPR70DC370
97131996-S Swimming 50C PR50CPR69DC121945WHITE
97151996-S Soccer 50C PR50CPR69DC116846WHITE
96991995-S Civil War 50C PR50CPR69DC262970WHITE
97011995-S Civil War S$1 PR$1PR69DC3361161WHITE
97211995-P Track and Field S$1 PR$1PR69DC190648WHITE
97231995-P Cycling S$1 PR$1PR69DC153248WHITE
97251996-P Tennis S$1 PR$1PR69DC133312WHITE
97271996-P Paralympic S$1 PR$1PR69DC152013WHITE
97291996-P Rowing S$1 PR$1PR69DC126514WHITE
97311996-P High Jump S$1 PR$1PR69DC13102WHITE
97411996-S Community Service S$1 PR$1PR70DC1860NICE PR70 LOW POP @ 11-2008=ONLY 12 COINS
97431996-P Smithsonian S$1 PR$1PR69DC170549WHITE
97471997-P Botanic Garden S$1 PR$1PR69DC162053WHITE
97581997-S Jackie Robinson S$1 PR$1PR69DC1896121WHITE
97621997-P Officers S$1 PR$1PR70DC1280LOW POP 70 ONLY 59 OF THEISE @ 12-2010
97641998-S Robert F. Kennedy S$1 PR$1PR69DC128060WHITE
97701998-S C. Attucks S$1 PR$1PR70DC820
97721999-P Dolley Madison S$1 PR$1PR70DC3290
997781999-P Yellowstone S$1 PR$1PR69DC194181WHITE
997832000-P Library S$1 PR$1PR69DC1895116WHITE
997852000-P Leif Ericson S$1 PR$1PR69DC200938WHITE
997902001-P Capitol Visitor Ctr 50C PR50CPR69DC12151WHITE
997912001-P Capitol Visitor Ctr S$1 PR$1PR69DC205283WHITE
997932001-P Buffalo S$1 PR $1PR69DC178051260WHITE
997982002-P Salt Lake City Olympics S$1 PR$1PR70DC850
9210002002-W West Point Bicentennial S$1 PR$1PR70DC2610
9210012003-P First Flight 50C PR50CPR69DC1406106WHITE
9210022003-P First Flight S$1 PR$1PR69DC192984WHITE
9210052004-P Lewis & Clark S$1 PR$1PR70DC8410?= guessing on the purchase price to fill in cost bases
9210042004-Edison S$1 PR$1PR69DC2256110WHITE
9210062005-P Marshall S$1 PR$1PR70DC3190
9210072005-P Marine Corps S$1 PR$1PR70DC8360
9210082006-P Scientist $1 PR$1PR70DC3750
9210092006-P Founding Father $1 PR$1PR70DC10060
210112006-S San Francisco Old Mint S$1 PR$1PR70DC3770WHITE NICE
1474402007-P Jamestown S$1 PR$1PR70DC9530NICE PR-70DCAM
1495702007-P Desegregation S$1 PR$1PR70DC4570pop @ 8-2009 = 160
3944172008-S Bald Eagle 50C PR50CPR70DC5090
3944182008-P Bald Eagle S$1 PR$1PR70DC3630pop @ 11-2008 =163
4073512009-S Abraham Lincoln S$1 PR$1PR70DC24960low pop
4088262009-P Louis Braille Bicentennial S$1 PR$1PR69DC1768138
4185392010-P Boy Scouts of America S$1 PR$1PR70DC16680low pop 70 @ 7-2010 =
4177542010-W Disabled Veterans S$1 PR$1PR70DC15290
5061662011-S United States Army 50C PR50CPR69DC25641COIN DIVA ON EBAY
5061682011-P United States Army S$1 PR$1PR70DC1080COIN DIVA ON EBAY LOW POP 70 @ 4-2011 = 104
5072902011-P Medal of Honor S$1 PR$1PR69DC902167
5111652012-W Infantry S$1 PR$1PR69DC512110PART OF SETS
5114942012-P Star-Spangled Banner S$1 PR$1PR69DC466164PART OF SETS
5176502013-S 5 Star Generals Arnold, Bradley 50C PR50CPR69DC71529POP 576 WITH 22 FINER
5176542013-P 5 Star Generals Marshall, Eisenhower S$1 PR$1PR70DC7120PART OF SET POP=703 ON 05-13
5174762013-W Girl Scouts S$1 PR$1PR70DC4470POP 407
5256402014-S Baseball Hall of Fame 50C PR50CPR70DC4920US MINT RAW THEN GRADED POP 351
5256422014-P Baseball Hall of Fame S$1 PR$1PR69DC1607974US MINT RAW THEN GRADED POP 993 WITH 771 FINER
5243552014-P Civil Rights Act of 1964 S$1 PR$1PR70DC2410POP 235
96141984-P Olympic G$10 PR$10PR69DC234840CLEAN
96151984-D Olympic G$10 PR$10PR69DC236646CLEAN ALSO NGC GRADED PF-69 ULTRA CAMEO CIRT NUMBER 2505412-004
96161984-S Olympic G$10 PR$10PR69DC2248123CLEAN
96171984-W Olympic G$10 PR$10PR69DC7700217CLEAN
96231986-W Statue of Liberty G$5 PR$5PR70DC6130LOW POP 568 @ 12010
96271987-W Constitution G$5 PR$5PR70DC1874070
96311988-W Olympic G$5 PR$5PR70DC4400LW POP 70 @ 11-2010 = 401
96371989-W Congress G$5 PR$5PR70DC5230
96471991-W Mount Rushmore G$5 PR$5PR70DC3730LOW POP 308 @ 11-2010
96671992-W Columbus G$5 PR$5PR70DC3620
99261992-W Olympic G$5 PR$5PR70DC2950POP= 244 @9-2010
96731993-W Madison G$5 PR$5PR70DC2480LOW POP 70 @ 11-2010 = 213
96791991-95-W World War II G$5 PR$5PR69DC4079181VERY LIGHT EVEN TONING BOUTH SIDES
97331995-W Torch G$5 PR$5PR70DC1560low pop 70 @ 4-2009
97351995-W Stadium G$5 PR$5PR70DC1680LOW POP 70 @ 10-2010=139 THIS COIN HAS SPOTY WERED TONING WITH A PINHEAD WO...
97031995-W Civil War G$5 PR$5PR70DC1560THIS COIN IS A LOW POP 70 123 @ 10-2010 VERY WERED TONED SPOTY BOUTH SIDES ...
97371996-W Flag G$5 PR$5PR70DC1330AUCTION EBAY top pop 121 @ 6-2011
97391996-W Cauldron G$5 PR$5PR69DC1816118TONED SLIGHT
97451996-W Smithsonian G$5 PR$5PR69DC185269EVEN TONED BOUTH SIDS
97491997-W Franklin D. Roosevelt G$5 PR$5PR69DC2270164CLEAN
97601997-W Jackie Robinson G$5 PR$5PR70DC1560CLEAN PR-70
997771999-W Washington G$5 PR$5PR69DC2998169CLEAN
997842000-W Library G$10 PR$10PR69DC4087491CLEAN
997922001-W Capitol Visitor Ctr G$5 PR$5PR70DC1550
997992002-W Salt Lake City Olympics G$5 PR$5PR70DC2250RLH ON EBAY
9210032003-W First Flight G$10 PR$10PR69DC1577111CLEAN
210132006-S San Francisco Old Mint G$5 PR$5PR70DC4580CLEAN
1474422007-W Jamestown G$5 PR$5PR70DC5580LOW POP 276
3944202008-W Bald Eagle G$5 PR$5PR70DC4730top pop 70 pop is 410 @ 7-2011
5061722011-W United States Army G$5 PR$5PR69DC18859
5073092011-W Medal of Honor G$5 PR$5PR69DC17336
5115482012-W Star-Spangled Banner G$5 PR$5PR70DC680PART OF SETS
5176582013-W 5 Star Generals MacArthur G$5 PR$5PR70DC1040POP 70 AT 4-23-2013
5256442014-W Baseball Hall of Fame G$5 PR$5PR70DC10170TOP POP 874