Water Sports Pedigree Collection - 4th

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Rank 4
Weighted GPA 66.830
Complete 99.04%
Set Rating 64.289
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Water Sports Pedigree Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1909 VDB1C 
330919111CPR64BN4560Thanks to Liberty Coins.
331619131CPR64RB138111Thanks to Scott Stephen
332219151CPR64RB6469Thanks to Northland Coin
332519161CPR64RB4971Thanks to Scott Stephen
33321936 Satin1CPR63RD29168Ebay
33351936 Brilliant1CPR64RD427219Thanks to Tony
333819371CPR65RD414199Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
334419391CPR65RD668332Thanks to Scott Beaver
334719401CPR65RD617240Thanks to Dennis Mize
335319421CPR65RD497108Thanks to Dean Schmidt
8335919501CPR66CA6816Thanks to Hannigan's RC
8336219511CPR66CA3914Thanks to David Lawrence Rare Coin
381461951 DDO FS-1011CPR66RD240Thanks To Jeff Werlin
381521953 DDO FS-1011CPR66CA74Heritage - CPS
8337719561CPR67CA11227Thanks to Old Coin Shop
338019571CPR68RD420Thanks to Dick Loken
8338619591CPR68CA408Thanks to Angel Dee's
833891960 Large Date1CPR68CA6418Ebay
833921960 Small Date1CPR67CA15537Thanks to David Lawrence
34101960 DDO FS-101 Lg/Sm Date1CPR66RD3477Thanks to Coins and Currency of Wayne PA.
34131960 DDO FS-102 Sm/Lg Date1CPR66RD4258Thanks to Robert Bruner
381581960 TDO FS-103 (FS-023)1CPR66RD2245Thanks to RCIS Coins
8340119631CPR69CA970Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
9340419641CPR69DC2161Thanks to Pandava Bosworth
32901965 SMS1CSP67RD2798Thanks To David Lawrence
32931966 SMS1CSP67RD842118Thanks to David Lawrence
32961967 SMS1CSP67RD78786Thanks to David Lawrence
381741968-S DDO FS-1011CPR65CA23Thanks to Dan Huges
934301970-S Large Date1CPR68DC17150Thanks to Don Merz
381891970-S DDO FS-113 LD1CPR67CA71Thanks to Bill Graham
381931970-S TDO FS-104 LD1CPR65RD39Thanks to L&C Coin
834261970-S Small Date FS-14021CPR67CA9545Thanks to Victorian Rare Coin
381831970-S DDO FS-102 LD/SM1CPR65RD1114Thanks to Wayne Peek
835331971-S DDO FS-1011CPR65CA1955Heritage
381981971-S DDO FS-1021CPR65RD312Thanks to Dennis Wells
1454381971-S DDO FS-103 Type 31CPR65RD27Thanks to Michael Hassler
382111972-S DDO FS-1011CPR64RD29Thanks to Doug Wright!
934431974-S1CPR69DC5470Mike Sturgeon Pedigree
934551978-S1CPR69DC175411Thanks to Finest Known
934581979-S Type 11CPR69DC110810Thanks to Finest Known
934611979-S Type 21CPR69DC118023Teletrade
934641980-S1CPR69DC193817Thanks to Finest Known
934671981-S Type 11CPR69DC27259Thanks to Finest Known
934701981-S Type 2 FS-5011CPR69DC2810Thanks to Carolina Coin
934731982-S1CPR69DC164312Thanks to Finest Known
934761983-S1CPR69DC198939Thanks to Finest Known
934791984-S1CPR69DC281273Thanks to Finest Known
934821985-S1CPR69DC295183Thanks to Finest Known
934851986-S1CPR69DC359281Thanks to Finest Known
934881987-S1CPR69DC3921126Thanks to Finest Known
934911988-S1CPR69DC3401155Thanks to Finest Known
934941989-S1CPR69DC3177188Thanks to Finest Known
934971990-S1CPR69DC3787179Thanks to Finest Known
4082391990 No S FS-1011CPR67DC32Thanks to John Sparti
935001991-S1CPR69DC3293246Thanks to Finest Known
935031992-S1CPR69DC6717357Thanks to Finest Known
935121993-S1CPR69DC5386280Thanks to Finest Known
935151994-S1CPR69DC5197242Thanks to Finest Known
935181995-S1CPR69DC4728358Thanks to Finest Known
935211996-S1CPR69DC4731261Thanks to Finest Known
935241997-S1CPR69DC4469175Thanks to Finest Known
935271998-S1CPR69DC5200248Thanks to Finest Known
935291998-S Close AM1CPR68DC3177Teletrade
935301999-S1CPR69DC5892307Thanks to Finest Known
382221999-S Close AM1CPR68DC230127Thanks to MOZEPPA!
935362000-S1CPR69DC7326466Thanks to Finest Known
935392001-S1CPR69DC6349327Thanks to Finest Known
935422002-S1CPR69DC6766237Thanks to Finest Known
935452003-S1CPR69DC7698262Thanks to Finest Known
935512004-S1CPR69DC6203404Thanks to Finest Known
935542005-S1CPR69DC6629344Thanks to Finest Known
1495552007-S1CPR69DC4331333Thanks to Presidential Dollars
3949132008-S1CPR69DC3455390Thanks to Seth Woods
4072512009-S Early Childhood1CPR69DC5285402Thanks to Enicoin
4078892009-S Formative Years1CPR69DC5552353Thanks to Enicoin
4078942009-S Professional1CPR69DC5363387Thanks to Enicoin
4078992009-S Presidency1CPR69DC5478365Thanks to Enicoin
4166822010-S Shield1CPR69DC3879275Thanks to Coin Diva
5050632011-S Shield1CPR69DC3054343Thanks to Direct Coin
5112522012-S Shield1CPR69DC116290Thanks to L & C Coin
5175252013-S1CPR69DC101762Thanks to L&C Coin
5244252014-S1CPR69DC720137Thanks to ALL Co.

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.

This realy a nice set !!
Posted @ 12/27/2012 5:59 AM By ynotan