Cardinal Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
Weighted GPA 59.462
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 59.462
%RD 0.00%
Retired Statistics (1/28/2013)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 59.154
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 59.154
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Cardinal Collection
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Owner's Comments
10001793 1/2C1/2CMS61BN112116
13411793 1C Chain1CMS65BN1020The 1787 Fugio Cent is credited with being the first coin issued under the ...
13471793 1C Wreath1CMS69BN1011As with the Chain Cent before it, the Wreath Cent derives its common name f...
354891793 1C Liberty Cap1CAU53BN1054