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ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Half Centavo9000519031/2CMS67RD20
One Centavo Territorial901071927-M1CMS67RD20
One Centavo Commonwealth901701937-M1CMS67RD10
Five Centavos Large Size9019319035CMS6710
Five Centavos Reduced Size902061930-M5CMS6610
Five Centavos Commonwealth902281937-M5CMS6640
Five Centavos Copper/Nickel/Zinc902321944-S5CMS6770
Ten Centavos Large Size90239190410CMS6820
Ten Centavos Reduced Size90247190710CMS6741
Ten Centavos Commonwealth902821944-D10CMS6721
Twenty Centavos Large Size90290190420CMS6731
Twenty Centavos Reduced Size903061913-S/S20CMS6710
Twenty Centavos 1928/7-M Mule903161928-M20CMS6611
Twenty Centavos Commonwealth903361945-D20CMS67230A magnificently toned giant
Fifty Centavos Large Size90344190450CMS6662
Fifty Centavos Reduced Size903561909-S50CMS6620
Fifty Centavos Commonwealth903761945-S50CMS6770
One Peso Large Size903821903-SPesoMS6620
One Peso Reduced Size903931907-SPesoMS6720
Fifty Centavos 1936M Commemorative904091936-M50CMS65302
One Peso 1936M Peso Murphy & Quezon904111936-MPesoMS66182
One Peso 1936M Peso Roosevelt & Quezon904101936-MPesoMS66405