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The Mint Act of 1792 provided that the obverse of each coin must bear an image "emblematic of liberty," but how should "liberty" be portrayed? Should it be a metaphor for the freedom of time, as demonstrated by the sundial depicted on certain colonial issues, such as the Continental Dollar and Fugio cents? Perhaps a portrait of General George Washington, whose service during the Revolutionary War secured liberty for the country? Actually, quite a few different "Washington" cents were produced at that time, with that idea in mind.

Ultimately, the early Mint engravers answered that question, taking their cue from the Libertas Americana medal. Conceived and brought to fruition through the efforts of Benjamin Franklin to commemorate the Colonies' victories in the War, the Libertas Americana medal is universally agreed to be the most beautiful of all American colonial medals.

This set of Late Date Large cents, a subset of the Cardinal Collection Large Cent Date Set, is dedicated to the beauty of the Libertas Americana medal and her offspring, all of the beautiful portraits of Liberty that graced U.S. large cents.

While nothing can quite compare with examining these amazing specimens in person, and seeing with your own eyes their beaming luster and sparkling shades of mint red and brown, the images that follow attempt to come as close as digitally possible. I hope you enjoy the display, and may you find it interesting and informative.

Cardinal Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3726618391CMS65RB31N-8, not in Noyes. EAC65
182218401CMS64RD12Addressing the public criticism, Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht began his...
40393518411CMS66RB10N-4 Noyes #30875
40581718421CMS65RD10While "only" graded by PCGS as MS65RD, the collection's specimen of the 184...
40392318431CMS66RB201843 became the final transitional year for the portraits of Liberty on U.S...
185718441CMS64RB100N-5, Noyes #56040
39775618451CMS65RB10N-6 Noyes #31553
40386618461CMS65RB20N-5 Noyes #31305
3734418471CMS66RB10N-32 Noyes #31415
40646218481CMS65RD10N-9 Noyes #30569
40568618491CMS65RB50N-22 Noyes #30527
40590618501CMS66RD10N-19 Noyes #30524
40667918511CMS65RD10N-10 Noyes #30989
190318531CMS66RD141N-25 Not in Noyes
40612818541CMS66RB10N-25 Noyes #30854
190918551CMS66+ RD30Addressing the public criticism, Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht began his...
192318561CMS66RB10N-14 Not in Noyes
38963518571CMS65RB21N-1 Noyes #31126