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British Commonwealth Sovereigns Complete Set George V, Circulation Strikes (1911-1936) - deactivated: Spencer Collection British Commonwealth Gold Sovereigns Complete Set George V

Spencer Collection British Commonwealth Gold Sovereigns Complete Set George V - 10th

Current Statistics
Rank 10
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 63.800
Complete 12.05%
Set Rating 4.726
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Spencer Collection British Commonwealth Gold Sovereigns Complete Set George V
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
113499Australia 1911-S SovereignSov 
141067Australia 1911-M SovereignSov 
140425Australia 1911-P SovereignSov 
113501Australia 1912-S SovereignSov 
113502Australia 1912-M SovereignSovMS64394394Australia, Gold Sovereign, Melbourne, MS64, Only one graded higher.
113503Australia 1912-P SovereignSov 
113504Australia 1913-S SovereignSov 
113505Australia 1913-M SovereignSov 
113506Australia 1913-P SovereignSov 
113507Australia 1914-S SovereignSov 
113509Australia 1914-M SovereignSovMS64272272Australia, Gold Sovereign, Melbourne. MS64, Among the Finest.
113510Australia 1914-P SovereignSov 
113511Australia 1915-S SovereignSovMS6411481148Australia, Gold Sovereign, Sydney
113512Australia 1915-M SovereignSovMS64205205Australia, Gold Sovereign, Melbourne
142229Australia 1915-P SovereignSov 
113514Australia 1916-S SovereignSov 
172807Australia 1916-M SovereignSov 
140424Australia 1916-P SovereignSov 
113517Australia 1917-S SovereignSov 
113518Australia 1917-M SovereignSov 
113519Australia 1917-P SovereignSov 
113520Australia 1918-S SovereignSov 
113521Australia 1918-M SovereignSov 
113522Australia 1918-P SovereignSov 
172809Australia 1919-S SovereignSov 
113524Australia 1919-M SovereignSov 
113525Australia 1919-P SovereignSov 
397164Australia 1920-S SovereignSov 
397163Australia 1920-M SovereignSov 
113528Australia 1920-P SovereignSov 
113429Australia 1921-S SovereignSov 
113530Australia 1921-M SovereignSov 
172808Australia 1921-P SovereignSov 
276110Australia 1922-S SovereignSov 
143941Australia 1922-M SovereignSov 
113534Australia 1922-P SovereignSov 
113535Australia 1923-S SovereignSov 
113536Australia 1923-M SovereignSov 
113537Australia 1923-P SovereignSov 
113538Australia 1924-S SovereignSov 
172806Australia 1924-M SovereignSov 
113540Australia 1924-P SovereignSov 
113541Australia 1925-S SovereignSov 
113542Australia 1925-M SovereignSov 
113543Australia 1925-P SovereignSov 
172868Australia 1926-S SovereignSov 
113546Australia 1926-M SovereignSov 
113547Australia 1926-P SovereignSov 
113549Australia 1927-P SovereignSov 
113550Australia 1928-M SovereignSov 
113551Australia 1928-P SovereignSov 
113599Australia 1929-M SovereignSov 
113600Australia 1929-P SovereignSov 
113601Australia 1930-M SovereignSov 
113602Australia 1930-P SovereignSov 
113603Australia 1931-M SovereignSov 
113604Australia 1931-P SovereignSov 
32651Canada 1911-C SovereignSovMS63883391883391Canada, Gold Sovereign Dated 1911-C
32652Canada 1913-C SovereignSov 
32653Canada 1914-C SovereignSov 
32654Canada 1916-C SovereignSov 
32655Canada 1917-C SovereignSovMS6411521152Canada, Gold Sovereign Dated 1917-C, George V. PCGS MS64, KM20, An original...
32656Canada 1918-C SovereignSov 
32657Canada 1919-C SovereignSovMS64342342Canada, Gold Sovereign. Dated 1919-C, Scarce Date to Find in PCGS MS64. Por...
207151Great Britain 1911 SovereignSov 
207152Great Britain 1912 SovereignSov 
207153Great Britain 1913 SovereignSov 
207154Great Britain 1914 SovereignSov 
207155Great Britain 1915 SovereignSov 
207156Great Britain 1916 SovereignSov 
207157Great Britain 1917 SovereignSov 
207158Great Britain 1925 SovereignSovMS64150786150786Great Britain, Gold Sovereign, Looks GEM
824801India 1918-I SovereignSovMS647476674766India, British Colonial Gold Sovereign, 1918-I, KM#525A, Geo V Portrait, Rv...
563086South Africa 1923-SA SovereignSov 
563088South Africa 1924-SA SovereignSov 
563089South Africa 1925-SA SovereignSov 
563090South Africa 1926-SA SovereignSov 
563091South Africa 1927-SA SovereignSov 
563092South Africa 1928-SA SovereignSov 
563093South Africa 1929-SA SovereignSov 
563094South Africa 1930-SA SovereignSovMS6329182918South Africa Gold Sovereign.
563095South Africa 1931-SA SovereignSov 
563096South Africa 1932-SA SovereignSov