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Baden Complete Gold and Silver Set, Circulation Strikes (1872-1914): Spencer Collection Baden Complete Gold and Silver Set

Spencer Collection Baden Complete Gold and Silver Set - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 54.667
Complete 4.35%
Set Rating 1.484
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Spencer Collection Baden Complete Gold and Silver Set
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
279500Baden 1876-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Baden 1877-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
  Baden 1880-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
  Baden 1883-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
  Baden 1888-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
279512Baden 1892-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279513Baden 1894-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Baden 1896-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
  Baden 1898-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
279516Baden 1899-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279517Baden 1900-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279518Baden 1901-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Baden 1902-G 2 Mark Bust Left2 Mark 
279532Baden 1902 2 Mark 50th Year of Reign2 Mk 
279535Baden 1902-G 2 Mark Bust Right2 Mk 
279536Baden 1903-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279537Baden 1904-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279538Baden 1905-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
  Baden 1906-G 2 Mark2 Mark 
279551Baden 1906 2 Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary2 Mk 
279540Baden 1907-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279553Baden 1907 2 Mark Death of Friedrich2 Mk 
279556Baden 1911-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279557Baden 1913-G 2 Mark2 Mk 
279563Baden 1908-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279564Baden 1909-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279565Baden 1910-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
781557Baden 1911-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279567Baden 1912-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279568Baden 1914-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
279569Baden 1915-G 3 Mark3 Mk 
  Baden 1874-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Baden 1875-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279583Baden 1876-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1888-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279599Baden 1891-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1893-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
  Baden 1894-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279602Baden 1895-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279603Baden 1898-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279604Baden 1899-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279605Baden 1900-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279606Baden 1901-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1902-G 5 Mark Bust Left5 Mark 
279622Baden 1902 5 Mark 50th Year of Reign5 Mk 
279626Baden 1902-G 5 Mark Bust Right5 Mk 
279627Baden 1903-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
  Baden 1904-G 5 Mark5 Mark 
279638Baden 1906 5 Mark Golden Wedding Anniversary5 Mk 
279629Baden 1907-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279642Baden 1907 5 Mark Death of Friedrich5 Mk 
279646Baden 1908-G 5 Mark5 Mk 
279647Baden 1913-G 5 Mark5 MkAU58714714German States, Baden-Durlach, 5 Mark Silver Dated 1913-G, PCGS AU58, KM#281...
279594Baden 1877-G 5 MarkG5 Mk 
279653Baden 1872-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1873-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279655Baden 1875-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279656Baden 1876-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1877-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1878-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1879-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1880-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279661Baden 1881-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279662Baden 1888-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1890-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279664Baden 1891-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279665Baden 1893-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1896-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279667Baden 1897-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279668Baden 1898-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1900-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1901-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1902-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1903-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279700Baden 1904-G 10 Mark10 MkAU501111German States, Baden Gold 10 Mark
  Baden 1905-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279702Baden 1906-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1907-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279716Baden 1909-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1910-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279718Baden 1911-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
  Baden 1912-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279720Baden 1913-G 10 Mark10 Mk 
279730Baden 1872-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279731Baden 1873-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279732Baden 1874-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279733Baden 1894-G 20 Mark20 MkAU531919German States, Baden, Gold 20 Mark
  Baden 1895-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279744Baden 1911-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279745Baden 1912-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279746Baden 1913-G 20 Mark20 Mk 
279747Baden 1914-G 20 Mark20 MkMS641212German States, Baden-Durlach, Gold 20 Mark dated 1914G, Minted in Karlsruhe...