Spencer Collection Canadian Victoria Cents 1858-1901 - 19th

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Spencer Collection Canadian Victoria Cents 1858-1901
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
Pop Higher
Total PopTotal Pop
Owner's Comments
  1859 Wide 91C 
  1859 Narrow 9 Bronze1C 
300841859 Narrow 9 Brass1C 
  1859 Dpn9 T11C 
  1859 Dpn9 T21C 
  1859 Dpn9 T31C 
  1859 Dpn9 T41C 
  1859 Dpn9 T51C 
  1859 9/Inverted 91C 
  1859 Tpn9 T11C 
300251882-H1CMS64RB2982913Canada, Large Cent Dated 1882-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RB, Looks Undergraded
3002818841CMS64RB2612614Canada, Large Cent Dated 1884, Victoria, PCGS MS64RB, Looks 95% Red, Great ...
300401890-H1CMS63RB17191731Canada, Large Cent Dated 1890-H, Victoria, PCGS MS63RB, Lovely and a More D...
  1891 LL,LD1C 
  1891 LL,SD1C 
  1891 SL,SD1C 
  1893 TP91C 
  1894 Thick 41C 
3006218951CMS64RD915915Canada, Large Cent Dated 1895, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, High End MS64, Fully ...
300711898-H1CMS64RD8383Canada, Large Cent Dated 1898-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red wi...
  1899 RP91C 
300801900-H1CMS64RD28162816Canada, Large Cent Dated 1900-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red an...
3008219011CMS63RB426742116Canada, Large Cent Dated 1901, Victoria, PCGS MS63RB, Lovely.

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