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Jefferson Nickels FS Basic War Set, Circulation Strikes (1942-1945): Just having fun!

Just having fun! - 3rd

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GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 69.273
Complete 100.00%
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%FS 100.00%
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Weighted GPA 69.000
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Set Rating 69.000
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About this set: 

The war-time silver nickels are a short, easy, and fun series.

I remember the coins from my childhood when they circulated freely. Back then, in the early fifties, I enjoyed the Jefferson nickels as a series -- and I could afford to collect them out of circulation.

These war-time silver nickels were especially interesting coins: They were the only silver 5 cent pieces in circulation ... the only "P" mint mark ... and the only mint marks that were so large and prominent. Fun coins and I found it easy to complete a collection in choice unc right out of pocket change.

Later, as an adult, I started collecting the Jeff nickels again. Of course, I checked my childhood collection, and there wasn't a single full-stepper among the lot.

Still, today, the war-time nickels are all readily available as full steppers in MS 66; and most of them are pretty easy in MS 67 full steps. A few of the dates -- such as the 1944-P; 1945-P; and 1945-S -- are MUCH harder in MS67 Full Steps. Only a handful of these dates have been slabbed.

And the war-time MS 68 full steppers are even harder yet!

I would never have been able to build such a quality collection, including the MS 68s, without Mitch Spivack's (Mr. Wondercoin's) help. He made this #1 collection possible. Thank you so much, Mitch!

I intend to post the rest of my Jefferson nickels shortly. I really zonk on these coins and intend to continue improving both the war-time and the complete 1938-'64 and 1965-date collections whenever I can. Please feel free to e-mail me through Mitch if you think you have any Jefferson nickels which might improve my collection.

And if you're a type collector or fellow Jefferson Nickel enthusiast, I have some sensational duplicates available for trade. I am just having fun!

[email protected]

Just having fun!
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