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Larry Gray (1)
ImageItemPCGS No.DateDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
Anhalt 3 Mark, Friedrich II3729691909-A3 MkMS6710
Anhalt 3 Mark Friedrich II, Silver Wedding Anniversary3729721914-A3 MkMS6632
Baden 3 Mark, Friedrich II2795631908-G3 MkMS6530
Bavaria 3 Mark, Otto2812501908-D3 MkMS6610
Bavaria 3 Mark, Luitpold's 90th Birthday2812641911-D3 MkMS6730
Bavaria 3 Mark, Ludwig III2812681914-D3 MkMS6620
Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel 3 Mark, Ernst August Wedding and Accession2824031915-A3 MkMS6710
Hamburg 3 Mark2831841911-J3 MkMS6720
Hesse-Darmstadt 3 Mark, Ernst Ludwig2856311910-A3 MkMS6423
Lippe-Detmold 3 Mark, Leopold IV2862421913-A3 MkMS64+23
Lubeck 3 Mark2863121909-A3 MkMS6730
Mecklenburg-Schwerin 3 Mark, Friedrich Franz IV2867061915-A3 MkMS6641
Mecklenburg-Strelitz 3 Mark, Adolph Fredrich V6516991913-A3 MkMS6432
Prussia 3 Mark, Wilhelm II2898331908-A3 MkMS6653
Prussia 3 Mark, Berlin University2898481910-A3 MkMS6650
Prussia 3 Mark, Breslau University2898521911-A3 MkMS66+11
Prussia 3 Mark, 100 Years - Defeat of Napoleon28985619133 MkMS6670
Prussia 3 Mark, 25th Year of Reign2898601913-A3 MkMS66100
Prussia 3 Mark, Uniformed Bust2898641914-A3 MkMS6620
Prussia 3 Mark, Centenary - Absorption of Mansfeld2898681915-A3 MkMS67252
Reuss-Obergreiz 3 Mark, Heinrich XXIV2905551909-A3 MkMS6511
Saxe-Meiningen 3 Mark, Georg II2923631913-D3 MkMS6632
Saxe-Meiningen 3 Mark, Death of Georg II29237119153 MkMS66106
Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 3 Mark, 2nd Marriage2927341910-A3 MkMS6521
Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach 3 Mark, Centenary of Grand Duchy2927381915-A3 MkMS6650
Saxony 3 Mark, Friedrich August III2941911911-E3 MkMS6630
Saxony 3 Mark, Leipzig Monument2942051913-E3 MkMS6780
Schaumburg-Lippe 3 Mark, Death of Georg2945461911-A3 MkMS66+11
Schwarzburg-Sondershausen 3 Mark, Death of Gunther2949331909-A3 MkMS6651
Wurttemberg 3 Mark, Wilhelm II2963031910-F3 MkMS6610
Wurttemberg 3 Mark, Silver Wedding Anniversary2963201911-F3 MkMS67121
Wow, great set Larry!
Posted @ 10/1/2013 6:16 AM By War-Buff