Coins Certified as of 1/21

Swiss 1 Silver Franc, Circulation Strikes (1850-1967): The Sheffield Collection XX

The Sheffield Collection XX - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.981
Complete 94.92%
Set Rating 58.567
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The Sheffield Collection XX
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
8862111850-A1 FrMS65813
8862121851-A1 FrMS6457
8862131857-B1 Fr 
8862141860-B1 FrMS6413
8862151861-B1 FrMS6630
8862251875-B1 FrMS6412
8862261876-B1 FrMS6426
8862271877-B1 FrMS6421
8862281880-B1 FrMS64+11
8862291886-B1 FrMS6622
8862301887-B1 FrMS6621
8862311894-A1 FrMS6521
8862331898-B1 FrMS6412
8862341899-B1 FrMS6621
8862351900-B1 FrMS6710
8862361901-B1 FrMS6421
8862371903-B1 FrMS6414
8862381904-B1 Fr 
8862391905-B1 FrMS6640
8862401906-B1 Fr 
8862411907-B1 FrMS6710
8862421908-B1 FrMS6535
8862431909-B1 FrMS6434
8862441910-B1 FrMS6610
8862451911-B1 FrMS6524
8862461912-B1 FrMS6641
8862471913-B1 FrMS6650
8862481914-B1 FrMS67240
8862491916-B1 FrMS6671
8862501920-B1 FrMS68345
8862511921-B1 FrMS6820
8862521928-B1 FrMS68141
8862531931-B1 FrMS68180
8862541932-B1 FrMS6525
8862551934-B1 FrMS6651
8862561936-B1 FrMS68130
8862571937-B1 FrMS661415
8862581939-B1 FrMS661212
8862591940-B1 FrMS6792
8862601943-B1 FrMS6830
8862611944-B1 FrMS66219
8862621945-B1 FrMS67140
8862631946-B1 FrMS6693
8862641947-B1 FrMS677913
8862651952-B1 FrMS67154
8862661953-B1 FrMS6645
8862671955-B1 FrMS67130
8862681956-B1 FrMS6629
8862691957-B1 FrMS6751
8862701958-B1 FrMS6741
8862711959-B1 FrMS67145
8862721960-B1 FrMS6632
8862731961-B1 FrMS66164
8862741962-B1 FrMS6632
8862751963-B1 FrMS6751
8862761964-B1 FrMS6751
8862771965-B1 FrMS662573
8862781966-B1 FrMS663542
8862791967-B1 FrMS672239