CoinKing - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

Current Statistics
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 61.435
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 61.435
Retired Statistics (12/9/2010)
Rank 1
Weighted GPA 61.435
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 61.435
CoinKing's Sets
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
3156711957-D2 MkMS6421
3156721957-F2 MkMS6610
3156731957-G2 MkAU5011
3156741957-J2 MkMS6620
3156751958-D2 MkAU5822
3156761958-F2 MkMS6610
3156771958-G2 MkMS6312
3156781958-J2 MkMS6511
3156791959-D2 MkMS6410
3156801959-F2 MkAU5812
3156811960-D2 MkAU5311
3156821960-F2 MkMS6510
3156831960-G2 MkAU5510
3156841960-J2 MkMS6421
3156851961-D2 MkAU5323
3156861961-F2 MkAU5511
3156871961-G2 MkAU5012
3156881961-J2 MkAU5511
3156891962-D2 MkMS6211
3156901962-F2 MkAU5311
3156911962-G2 MkAU5311
3156921962-J2 MkAU5510
1687481963-D2 MkMS6440
3156941963-F2 MkMS6412
3156951963-G2 MkMS6310
1687491963-J2 MkMS6013
3156971964-D2 MkAU5522
3156981964-F2 MkMS6510
1687501964-G2 MkMS6550
3157001964-J2 MkMS6510
3157011965-D2 MkMS6410
3157021965-F2 MkMS6620
3157031965-G2 MkMS6420
3157041965-J2 MkMS6510
3157051966-D2 MkMS6433
3157061966-F2 MkMS6423
1662061966-G2 MkMS6610
3157091966-J2 MkMS6421
3157101967-D2 MkMS6521
1705581967-F2 MkMS6530
3157121967-G2 MkAU5311
3157131967-J2 MkMS6530
3157141968-D2 MkAU5811
3157151968-F2 MkMS6312
3157161968-G2 MkMS6540
3157171968-J2 MkAU5811
3157181969-D2 MkMS6410
3157191969-F2 MkAU5812
3157201969-G2 MkAU5821
3157211969-J2 MkMS6610
3157221970-D2 MkMS6510
3157231970-F2 MkMS6620
3157241970-G2 MkMS6510
3157251970-J2 MkMS6520
3157261971-D2 MkMS6710
3157271971-F2 MkMS6620
3157281971-G2 MkMS6720
3157291971-J2 MkMS6710