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About this set: France, Gold 100 Francs "Angel Writing" Set (1878-1913): Perhaps the Angel represents the Spirit of France and she is shown on the coin writing the French Constitution. The Rooster symbolizing Vigilance appears next to the Angel. Behind the Angel stands the fasces or bundle of rods -- a symbol of power previously carried by Roman magistrates. On top of the fasces is the Hand of Justice. The slogan “Liberté Egalité Fraternité” appears on the reverse along with the date. These are beautiful large gold coins, difficult to obtain in true mint state. This set is a work in progress.

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Spencer Collection France 100 Francs Gold Angel
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
1581821878-A100 Fr 
1581841879-A100 FrMS62212France, Gold 100 Francs, Dated 1879-A, "Angel Writing", KM-832, Beautiful L...
1581851881-A100 Fr 
1581861882-A100 FrAU55765France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1882-A, "Angel Writing", KM-832, .9334 Oz.
1581871885-A100 FrMS6249France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1885-A "Angel Writing", .9334 Oz. FR. 590, K...
1581881886-A100 FrMS635030France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1886-A "Angel Writing", .9334 Oz.
1581891887-A100 Fr 
7875091894-A100 Fr 
1581921896-A100 Fr 
1676201899-A100 Fr 
1581941900-A100 Fr 
1581951901-A100 Fr 
1581961902-A100 Fr 
1581971903-A100 Fr 
1581981904-A100 Fr 
1581991905-A100 Fr 
1582001906-A100 FrMS621717France, Gold 100 Francs, 1906-A, "Angel Writing", KM-832, .9334 Oz. AGW. Be...
1582011907-A100 Fr 
1582031908-A100 Fr 
1582041909-A100 FrMS621011France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1909-A "Angel Writing", .9334 Oz.
1582051910-A100 FrAU58529France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1910-A "Angel Writing", KM-858, .9334 Oz AGW.
1582061911-A100 FrMS63208France, Gold 100 Francs Dated 1911-A "Angel Writing", .9334 Oz.
1582071912-A100 Fr 
1582081913-A100 Fr