Meant to be Spent - 19th

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Rank 19
Weighted GPA 67.200
Complete 71.43%
Set Rating 45.818
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Meant to be Spent
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
29411971 1C 1CMS67RD331Bill McMurray
  1971-D 1C 1C 
29471971-S 1C 1CMS67RD102Ex Close to Perfect. I highly doubt any ms68s of this date exist. It is ver...
840861971 5C 5CMS66FS867
840871971-D 5C 5CMS67FS210
51391971 10C 10CMS67121Ex Just Having Fun Collection
851401971-D 10C 10CMS67FB21
58871971 25C 25C 
58881971-D 25C 25CMS67574
67161971 50C 50C 
67171971-D 50C 50CMS671927
74061971 $1 $1MS66572James Sego
74071971-D $1 $1MS67200Ex James Sego Hall of Fame collection.
74081971-S S$1 Silver$1