Spencer Collection - 8th

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Rank 8
Weighted GPA 65.425
Complete 8.54%
Set Rating 5.689
%RD 50.00%
Spencer's Sets

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Spencer Collection
ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
  1859 W9/81C 
  1859 N9, bronze1C 
300841859 N9, brass1C 
  1859 Dpn9 T11C 
  1859 Dpn9 T21C 
  1859 Dpn9 T31C 
  1859 Dpn9 T41C 
  1859 Dpn9 T51C 
  1859 9/Inverted 91C 
  1859 Tpn9 T11C 
300251882-H1CMS64RB298Canada, Large Cent Dated 1882-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RB, Looks Undergraded
3002818841CMS64RB261Canada, Large Cent Dated 1884, Victoria, PCGS MS64RB, Looks 95% Red, Great ...
300401890-H1CMS63RB1719Canada, Large Cent Dated 1890-H, Victoria, PCGS MS63RB, Lovely and a More D...
  1891 LL,LD1C 
  1891 LL,SD1C 
  1891 SL,SD1C 
3006218951CMS64RD915Canada, Large Cent Dated 1895, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, High End MS64, Fully ...
300711898-H1CMS64RD83Canada, Large Cent Dated 1898-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red wi...
300801900-H1CMS64RD2511Canada, Large Cent Dated 1900-H, Victoria, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red an...
3008219011CMS63RB4167Canada, Large Cent Dated 1901, Victoria, PCGS MS63RB, Lovely.
3014419071CMS64RD84Canada, Large Cent Dated 1907, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RD. Old Green Holder. S...
3015319091CMS64RD104Canada, Large Cent Dated 1909, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RD. Scarce in this High...
3015519101CMS64RB3012Canada, Large Cent Dated 1910, Edward VII, PCGS MS64RB. 95% RED, Lovely Spe...
3019019121CMS64RB3825Canada, Large Cent Dated 1912, George V, PCGS MS64RB, Old Green Holder, Lov...
3019419131CMS64RD127Canada, Large Cent Dated 1913, George V, PCGS MS64RD, Outrageously Red and ...
3019919151CMS65RB236Canada, Large Cent Dated 1915, George V, PCGS MS65RB, Scarce in High Grade,...
3021219191CMS64RD2010Canada, Large Cent Dated 1919, George V, PCGS MS64RD, Scarce in this High ...
  1920 Small1C 
  1947 ML1C 
  1948 A points1C 
  1948 A between1C 
  1949 A points1C 
  1949 A between1C 
  1953 NSF1C 
  1953 SF1C 
  1954 SF1C 
  1955 NSF1C 
  1955 SF1C 
  1965 Variety 1 1C 
  1965 Variety 21C 
  1965 Variety 31C 
  1965 Variety 41C 
  1967 Confederation Commemorative1C 
340921985 BL51C 
  1985 PT51C 
  2003 Crowned1C 
  2003-P Crowned1C 
  2003 Uncrowned1C 
  2003-P Uncrowned1C 
  2006 RCM1C