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Spain 20 Pesetas, Circulation Strikes (1887-1904): jorgetierno

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About this set: Spain 20 Pesetas 1889 to 1904 Issue laws: "Decreto 2621 de 19 de Octubre de 1868" for the issue of 20 pesetas following Latin Monetarial Union system "Real Orden de 9 de Agosto de 1887" for the coins of 1889 and 1890 "Real Orden de 17 de Agosto de 1891" for the new design for 1892 "Real Decreto de julio de 1895" for the new design used in 1899 issue. Weight: 6,45grams Fitness: 900 mil Diameter: 21 mm. Issued from 1889 to 1892 and then in 1899 and 1904, with 4 different designs: Engravers: G.S: Gregorio Sellán González (1889, 1890 and 1892) B.M: Bartolomé Maura (1899 and 1904) Assayer & Balance Judge: MP M: Mauricio Morejón Bueno, Félix Miguel Peiró Rodrigo y Angel Mendoza Ordoñez. PG M: Félix Miguel Peiró, Antonio García González y Angel Mendoza Ordoñez. SG V: Arturo Sandoval, Antonio García González y Remigio Vega Vega. SM V: Arturo Sandoval, Miguel Martínez Fraile y Remigio Vega Vega.

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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5412011887-PG V (1961)20 PtaMS6312Official Restrike, only 800 minted
5690941887-PG V (1962)20 PtaMS6651Official Restrike. More common (11,000), but not in this condition
5690911889-MP M20 PtaMS6211First of this denomination, Alfonso XIII 3 years old portraid. Scarce
5690921890-MP M20 PtaMS6247Alfonso XIII, Madrid. Upgr. 428.86
1707251892-PG M20 PtaAU5522Only 44,449 coins minted, year records mixed figures with 1890 type.
4018271896-PG V (1961)20 PtaMS6210Offcial Restrike only 900 minted
5690981896-PG V (1962)20 PtaMS6441Common, means 12,000 minted!!
5690961899-SM V20 PtaMS6310One year type of a 13 years old King portrait.
1706271904-SM V20 PtaAU5520Only 3814 ever minted, don´t know how many survive. Seldom in auctions.