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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
5412011887-PG V (1961)20 PtaMS6310Official Restrike, only 800 minted
5690941887-PG V (1962)20 PtaMS6650Official Restrike. More common (11,000), but not in this condition
5690911889-MP M20 PtaMS6211First of this denomination, Alfonso XIII 3 years old portraid. Scarce
5690921890-MP M20 PtaMS6246Alfonso XIII, Madrid. Upgr. 428.86
1707251892-PG M20 PtaAU5520Only 44,449 coins minted, year records mixed figures with 1890 type.
4018271896-PG V (1961)20 PtaMS6210Offcial Restrike only 900 minted
5690981896-PG V (1962)20 PtaMS6431Common, means 12,000 minted!!
5690961899-SM V20 PtaMS6310One year type of a 13 years old King portrait.
1706271904-SM V20 PtaAU5510Only 3814 ever minted, donĀ“t know how many survive. Seldom in auctions.