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Roosevelt Dimes FB Complete Variety Set, Circulation Strikes (1965-Present): Dimeman

Dimeman - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 65.464
Complete 97.64%
Set Rating 61.787
%FB 25.81%
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
5130196510CMS66972597101Ebay - NFC - Nice lite tone.
5131196610CMS6619673196177Ebay - NFC - Nice lite tone.
5132196710CMS6619998199154Ebay - NFC - Nice pretty coin.
  1967 DDO FS-10110C  
5133196810CMS6610240102142DLRC - Nice coin.
1463451968 DDO FS-10110CMS6415451545Bought this coin from L&C.
51341968-D10CMS66500147500574Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
5110121969 Rev of 68 FS-90110CMS646062Ebay
51361969-D10CMS661995919981NFC - Bottom of "D" is missing. Beautiful lt golden tone.
1454061969-D/D RPM FS-50110CMS66260261DLRC
5137197010CMS665165111Teletrade - EX:JustHavingFun coin. Pretty bright coin and better date. I don't usually upgrade clad Roosies, but liked this coin and wanted a JHF dime.
5110141970 Rev of 68 FS-90110CMS656161Forum Member - Lee.
  1970 DDR FS-80110C  
5110161970-D Rev of 68 FS-90110CMS66110113Trade with Nick Cascio.
1478971970-D DDR FS-80110CMS6515171522From Nick Mr.Roosie
1478991970-D DDR FS-80210CMS6538263826Teletrade
5139197110CMS6659135926Nice coin - Thanks Fred (Mistercoinman)
51401971-D10CMS656612266191Ebay - Jess Petersen - Beautiful coin!!!
5141197210CMS6670107022Ebay - Nice color
51421972-D10CMS661263312683Ebay - Nice coin
5143197310CMS667367349Ebay - Andrew Schachter - This clad is ever prettier than the 1974. Very very nice clad.
51441973-D10CMS66872887130Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
5145197410CMS6696169616Ebay - Andrew Schachter - Very pretty clad coin and I don't say that very often. Nice lite tone. Looks like a 67.
51461974-D10CMS661173211761Ebay - nice lite tone.
5147197510CMS65396639122DLRC - Lite toning.
51481975-D10CMS6613452134105Ebay - Very nice coin
5149197610CMS661291912921Ebay - Onlyroosies (Nick C.) Very nice coin. I wanted a "Onlyroosies" in my set. This was a good update.
51501976-D10CMS661223912254Ebay - Blast white coin
5151197710CMS661122111230Ebay - Very nice coin
51521977-D10CMS661171911750Daniel Smith - Beautiful coin!!!
5153197810CMS6682408241Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
51541978-D10CMS675315314Daniel Smith - Very nice coin and tuff date.
5155197910CMS6645294531Dan Holmes - Nice bright coin
51561979-D10CMS676036025Daniel Smith - Very nice coin
51571980-P10CMS6693349336Ebay - Very nice coin
51581980-D10CMS6691209122Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
851591981-P10CMS67FB10021002FUN 2012 - Glenn Holsonbake.
851601981-D10CMS66FB152320152320Mark Book - Ebay - Beautiful blast white coin for clad.
851611982-P10CMS66FB896896Ebay - Nice coin
51621982 No P Strong FS-50110CMS6452313995281614Michael Aron - Nice bright coin.
1463491982 No P Weak FS-50210CMS64571319Forum member - Paul Mundt.
51631982-D10CMS6733133156Ebay - Very nice coin.
51641983-P10CMS663583535843Forum member Erwindoc.
51651983-D10CMS663956739591Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
  1983-D RPM FS-50110C  
51661984-P10CMS67921192248Ebay - very pretty coin
51671984-D10CMS6617044170138Ebay - Nice coin - Bands are there.
51691985-D10CMS6714911149108Ebay - love this color
51701986-P10CMS674824822Daniel Smith - Very nice coin tuff date
51711986-D10CMS676856813Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
51721987-P10CMS652427024287DLRC - White coin.
51731987-D10CMS671671516743Teletrade - Beautiful blast white coin.
51741988-P10CMS66678167144Ebay - nice coin
51751988-D10CMS66576457158Ebay - Beautiful lt golden tone.
51761989-P10CMS66606160138Ebay - nice coin
51771989-D10CMS6711112111153Ebay - nice coin
51781990-P10CMS6656485649Ebay - nice coin
51791990-D10CMS67715718Ebay - Nice bright coin.
51801991-P10CMS6644394446Ebay - Beautiful blast white coin
51811991-D10CMS6637213723Dan Holmes - Very nice bright white coin. I thought it was a 67!
51821992-P10CMS668020180227Ebay - nice coin
51831992-D10CMS66465246118Ebay - Beautiful coin!!! scratches on holder.
51841993-P10CMS66539353124Ebay - nice coin
51851993-D10CMS672102114Nice coin - Thanks Fred (Mistercoinman)
51861994-P10CMS673733788Ebay - nice coin
51871994-D10CMS6626202652Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
51881995-P10CMS6636533683Ebay - Nice white coin
51921995-D10CMS675465423Nice coin - Thanks Fred (Mistercoinman)
51911996-P10CMS68194019494Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
51901996-D10CMS67135124135205Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
51891996-W10CMS6859355932275Ebay - Beautiful coin
51931997-P10CMS6733223362Ebay - Pine Valley Coins - Beautiful blast white coin.
51941997-D10CMS6636563687Thanks Keith Labrozzi
51951998-P10CMS6651455199DLRC - Nice coin.
51961998-D10CMS673233220Teletrade - Very nice white coin.
51971999-P10CMS681141114421Ebay - Nice coin
51981999-D10CMS6889189152Thanks Keith Labrozzi
51992000-P10CMS662111421509Ebay - nice coin
852002000-D10CMS68FB23302330Teletrade - Beautiful white coin.
52012001-P10CMS67423642259Ebay - Nice bright coin
52022001-D10CMS676820168547Ebay - Nice white coin
52032002-P10CMS67142196142503DLRC - Lite toning.
52042002-D10CMS67134121134293Ebay - Beautiful coin!!!
52052003-P10CMS6894094224Ebay - Beautiful white coin!!!
52062003-D10CMS67313340Ebay - Nice bright coin
852092004-P10CMS68FB220220Ebay - Brian Jordan - Nice bright coin.
52102004-D10CMS68606163Ebay - Very nice coin
3951112004-D Dbl Ear FS-10110CN102200 
852112005-P10CMS65FB12291229Ebay - Mark Books
752112005-P Satin Finish10CSP691710171625Teletrade
852122005-D10CMS66FB20202020Ebay - Mark Wilson - Nice business strike coin.
752122005-D Satin Finish10CSP691971197345Ebay - Pine Valley Coins - Beautiful coin!!!
852132006-P10CMS65FB655655Dan Holmes - Nice coin - Thanks Dan
952132006-P Satin Finish10CSP6987087523Ebay - Datentype - Beautiful coin!!!
852142006-D10CMS67FB360360fcloud (Tony) very nice coin.
952142006-D Satin Finish10CSP691450145282Cornerstone Numismatics - Nice coin.
1495212007-P10CMS65FB346346Paul G. (Stooge) Found this for me.
1495232007-P Satin Finish10CSP68FB4537045370Ebay - Dede Coulter
1493542007-D10CMS6760680Gift from Stooge - Thanks Paul!
1493572007-D Satin Finish10CSP69FB15701570Ebay - Coinfame - Nice coin.
3949252008-P10CMS661311333Paul G. (Stooge) found this for me.
3949272008-P Satin Finish10CSP68693669135Ebay
3949292008-D10CMS6771749Paul G. (Stooge) found this coin for me.
3949312008-D Satin Finish10CSP68454145353Ebay
4072642009-P10CMS65FB7815478154LindeDad - Very nice coin.
4072662009-P Satin Finish10CSP68FB358132358132Tazmic Enterprises.
4072702009-D Satin Finish10CSP68FB406312406312Tazmic Enterprises.
4188082010-P Satin Finish10CSP68FB3792237922Tazmic
4188112010-D Satin Finish10CSP68FB4518245182Tazmic
5050712011-P10CMS66FB186129186129Ebay - Randall Wilson
5050732011-D10CMS66FB9410194101Ebay - Randall Wilson
6066232016-P10CMS66FB74158215Pine Valley Coins - Ebay.
6066252016-D10CMS66FB34344741Pine Valley Coins - Ebay.
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