CB Gold Collection - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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CB Gold Collection
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No.
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Owner's Comments
113341Australia 1887-S SovereignSovMS641222
113342Australia 1887-M SovereignSovMS643030
113343Australia 1888-S SovereignSovMS642020
113344Australia 1888-M SovereignSovMS632323
113345Australia 1889-S SovereignSovMS6381101
113346Australia 1889-M SovereignSovMS62122122Ex-Quartermaster Collection
113349Australia 1890-S SovereignSovMS641010
113340Australia 1890-M SovereignSovMS61105105
113357Australia 1891-S SovereignSovMS642020
113350Australia 1891-M SovereignSovMS631010
113351Australia 1892-S SovereignSovMS63112112
113352Australia 1892-M SovereignSovMS62184184
113353Australia 1893-S SovereignSovMS62205205
113355Australia 1893-M SovereignSovMS62+1414
207058Great Britain 1887 SovereignSovMS652131
207059Great Britain 1888 SovereignSovMS62140162
207060Great Britain 1889 SovereignSovMS63113113
207061Great Britain 1890 SovereignSovMS639292
207062Great Britain 1891 SovereignSovMS62144144
207063Great Britain 1892 SovereignSovMS642020