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Morgan Dollars Hit List 40 VAM Set, Circulation Strikes (1878-1921): Ashmore

Ashmore - 3rd

Current Statistics
Rank 3
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 60.000
Complete 100.00%
Set Rating 60.000
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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
401591878 8TF VAM 14.7 Flakey Ear$1MS63PL3051A
1338151878 8TF VAM 14.20 Boll Lines$1XF452424A
1340361878 7/8TF Strong VAM 39 7/5$1MS6222612261A
402671878 7TF R78 VAM 116 Doubled P$1MS636363A VAM 116B
4125711878 7TF R78 VAM 123 Spiked Eye$1AU502324A Logan
1340451878 7TF R78 VAM 166 Tripled Eye$1AU581010A
1340471878 7TF R78 VAM 188 Washed Out L$1MS632020A from Gary Voyles
4125741878 7TF R78 VAM 189 Re-engraved Wing$1AU552525A VAM-189
4125771878 7TF R79 VAM 222A Face Chips$1AU585353A VAM 222A
4125801878 7TF R79 VAM 224 168 Reeds$1MS646161A
4125861878 7TF R79 VAM 227-1 or VAM 228B Slashed O$1MS633131A
4125891878-S $1 VAM 17A Denticle Clash$1MS656161A
405351878-S $1 VAM 19 Torn Bonnet$1MS65152152A
1340481878-S VAM 50 or VAM 76 Lava Wing$1MS62571620A
4125951880 VAM 25 0/9 Overdate$1MS657080A
4125981880 VAM 32A Clashed "In"$1MS64195195A VAM-32A
1340491880-CC VAM 7 8/7 Rev of 78$1MS643342266250A
411661880-O VAM 7 Rusted Date$1MS6217191819A VAM-7 HL40
413241880-S VAM 12 Checkmark$1MS6428404256A
4126031881-O VAM 1D Pummeled Eye$1MS64DM20101A bought from David at Long Beach Fall '14
1340501881-O VAM 5 So-Called O/S$1MS64114134A
4126041881-S VAM 54 Wounded Eagle$1MS656161A
4130261882-CC VAM 2, VAM 2A, VAM 2B, VAM 2C Counter Clash Series$1MS65PL1166116A VAM-2A
460001885 VAM 22 Dash$1MS6331113411A
4126071886-O VAM 11A 2+2 Clash$1MS631111A VAM-11A 2+2 CLASH ROTATED
1340521887-O VAM 30A TY Clash$1MS63123123A
4126101888-O VAM 7A Shooting Star$1AU553030A from CH
4126131888-S VAM 13 Gouged Eagle$1MS652020A VAM-13 HL40
4126161889 VAM 5A or VAM 28A Pitted Reverse$1MS6440120A
1340531890-O VAM 20 Doubled Ear$1XF45912912A
4126191892-S VAM 8 Tripled Hair$1XF454444A VAM-8 HL40
1340541896-O VAM 19 Shifted Date$1MS624141A
445841901 VAM 7 Doubled Arrows$1AU582121A
4126261902-O VAM 25, VAM 43 or VAM 54 Doubled Ear$1MS661020A
4126291904-O VAM 4B Fishhook$1MS65163163A
4126321921 Morgan VAM 40A Denticle Clash$1MS647171A
1340551921-D VAM 1N Unicorn$1MS657070A DH
*  1921-D VAM 1X Doubled Cud$1 
5163511921-S VAM 1B, VAM 1B-1, VAM 1B-2, VAM 1B-3, VAM 1B-3a, VAM 1B-4, VAM 1B-4a, VAM 1B-4b, VAM 1B-5, VAM 1B-6 or VAM 1B-7 Thorn Head$1MS63303615A VAM 1B4a
4126981921-S VAM 6A (formerly VAM 1A) or VAM 6B Gouged B-U Series$1MS6430195A

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.