Spencer Collection British Halfpenny Type Set 1660-1967 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Spencer Collection British Halfpenny Type Set 1660-1967
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Charles II (1660-1685)   1/2D 
William III (1694-1702)   1/2D 
George I (1714-1727)   1/2D 
George II (1727-1760)61034917531/2DMS63BN102535Great Britain, 1753 Copper Halfpenny, Old Laur. & Cuir. bust L., GEORGIVS I...
George III (1760-1820)20121218061/2DMS65RB41459Great Britain, Geo III Halfpenny Dated 1806, MS65RB, GEM, KM-662, S.3781, O...
George IV (1820-1830)    1/2D 
William IV (1830-1837)    1/2D 
Victoria (1837-1901) 20149318771/2DMS64RB50275120Great Britain, Victoria Halfpenny Dated 1877. KM#754, S3956. PCGS MS64RB. ...
Edward VII (1901-1910)20185519101/2DMS62RB14259Great Britain, Edward VII, Halfpenny Dated 1910, PCGS MS62RB, Fiery Red, On...
George V (1910-1936)20194919331/2DMS64RD106333Great Britain, George V, Halfpenny Dated 1933, PCGS MS64RD. Difficult to fi...
George VI (1936-1952) 14214219481/2DMS65RD20110Great Britain, George VI, Halfpenny Dated 1948, PCGS MS65RD. Difficult to f...
Elizabeth II (acc. 1952)   1/2D