Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set George III 1760-1820 - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set George III 1760-1820
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Crown2063591819CrownMS641142917Great Britain, George III, 1819 Silver Crown, LIX Edge, Laureate Head R., R...
Half Crown   1/2 Cr 
Three Shilling20630418123 ShilMS651074Great Britain, Silver 3 Shillings Bank Token, KM-Tn4, Scarce Gem with Refle...
Eighteen Pence205640181318DMS654193Great Britain, Silver 18 Pence, Gem, Portrait of George III
Shilling2051451816ShilMS66151253Great Britain, Shilling George III Dated 1816, First Year, KM#666, PCGS MS6...
Six Pence61502617876DMS64635973Great Britain, 6 Pence George III Dated 1787, S-3749, KM-606.2, Hearts in S...
Four Pence     
Three Pence61040417623DMS642051Great Britain, Silver 3 Pence George III Portrait Head Rt., Dated 1762, Fir...
Two Pence     
Silver Penny     
Copper Penny20223318061DMS66RB20122Great Britain, Penny of George III, Shorter Haired, Laur. and Dr. Bust Rt, ...
Halfpenny20121218061/2DMS65RB41469Great Britain, Geo III Halfpenny Dated 1806, MS65RB, GEM, KM-662, S.3781, O...
Farthing61029817731/4DMS65BN10144Great Britain, Geo III Farthing, 1773 MS65BN, S.3775, KM-602, A Wow! Coin, ...