Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set, Victoria 1837-1901 - 5th

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Spencer Collection British Silver and Copper Type Set, Victoria 1837-1901
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Crown   Crown 
Half Crown   1/2 Cr 
Florin   Florin 
Double Florin   Dbl Fl 
Shilling   Shil 
Six Pence20484218466DMS6531211157Great Britain, 6 Pence Victoria Dated 1846, Young Head w/o die number, KM#7...
Four Pence20432418994D MdyPL6720232Great Britain, 4D from Victoria Maundy Set 1899, rich silvery golden irides...
Three Pence20461118963DMS67304911Great Britain, Victoria Silver Threepence dated 1896, S3942, Old or Veiled ...
Two Pence20378418972D MdyPL6730213Great Britain, 2D from Victoria Maundy Set 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled Head,...
Silver Penny20351218971D MdyPL67213212Great Britain, 1D Silver Maundy Victoria Dated 1897, S3943, Old or Veiled H...
Copper Penny20247018611DMS65RB2013916Great Britain, Victoria Penny, 1861 - Varieties Exist, MS65RB, Extremely Ra...
Half Penny20149318771/2DMS64RB50274119Great Britain, Victoria Halfpenny Dated 1877. KM#754, S3956. PCGS MS64RB. ...
Three Half Pence   1 1/2D 
Farthing2006471881-H1/4DMS64RD341319892Great Britain, Victoria Farthing Dated 1881-H. KM#753 (Mature Bust Obverse)...
Half Farthing   1/2 Far 
Third Farthing20010018811/3 FarMS64RB171439Great Britain, Victoria 1/3 Farthing Dated 1881. KM#750, PCGS MS64RB. Only ...
Quarter Farthing   1/4 Far