Lincolns To Infinity.... - 14th

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Lincolns To Infinity....
 ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePopPop HigherOwner's Comments
24241909 VDB1CMS66+ RB26Pop 2/5
376311909 VDB DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)1CMS64BN161Pop 7/0 from Mel Pruitt. DDO FS-1101 (FS-012)
376341909 VDB DDO FS-1102 (FS-012.1)1CMS65BN40DDO FS-1102. Pop 2/0. Mel Pruitt.
24291909 Lincoln1CMS66BN80Pop 8/0 from Illini Mike.
  1909-S VDB1C 
24321909-S Lincoln1CMS65BN120Pop 7/0
376401909-S/S RPM FS-15011CAU58BN26Pop 1/4. 1909 S/S RPM FS-1501 (FS-012.2) CAC
924331909-S/S S/Horizontal S FS-15021CMS65RB406Pop 25/1. Mike Sturgeon pedigree Horizontal S/S
243519101CMS65BN394Pop 30/2
24401910-S1CMS64+ RD4384Pop 3/375.
  1910-S/S RPM FS-5011C 
376491910-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS61BN12Pop 1/2. Holder shows FS-501, but it is actually an FS-502.
244119111CMS65BN195Pop 17/2
24441911-D1CMS64BN919Mel Pruitt pedigree
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
  1911-D/D RPM FS-5031C 
376641911-D/D RPM FS-5041CXF45BN251911-D/D RPM FS-504 (FS-012.83) Thanks to Chris Welch. Pop 1/2.
24471911-S1CMS65BN90Pop 5/0 From the Original Pennies From Heaven collection
376701911-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64BN20Pop 1/0. 1911-S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-012.85) courtesy of Mel Pruitt
245119121CMS65RB623Mike Sturgeon pedigree
24531912-D1CMS64BN607Pop 45/3.
24561912-S1CMS64BN7510Pop 47/7
245919131CMS65BN230Pop 17/0.
24631913-D1CMS65RB171Pop 14/1.
24651913-S1CMS64BN417Pop 28/7. CAC
246819141CMS65BN312Pop 23/2.
247719151CMS64BN9239Lee G special.
24811915-D1CMS64+ RB347Pop 2/41.
24831915-S1CMS64BN6111Pop 35/9. Cracked out of Gold PCI 64 BN holder, and submitted raw successf...
248619161CMS65BN173Pop 14/3
24891916-D1CMS64+ BN118Pop 1/14.
24921916-S1CMS64BN10518Pop 65/11.
249619171CMS65RB6410Pop 51/7.
  1917 DDO FS-1011C 
25011917-S1CMS64BN738Pop 41/5.
25081918-D1CMS64RB15025Pop 128/22.
25101918-S1CMS64BN689Pop 49/7.
25161919-D1CMS65BN110Pop 9/0.
25191919-S1CMS64BN10610Pop 68/9
252319201CMS65RB523Pop 41/2, CAC. Very nice coin in old rattler holder
25251920-D1CMS65BN80Pop 7/0. Mel Pruitt
25281920-S1CMS64BN564Pop 31/3
253319211CMS64+ RD4285Pop 4/268.
25341921-S1CMS64BN454Pop 33/3
  1922-D Weak D1C 
  1922 No D Strong Reverse FS-4011C 
  1922 No D Weak Reverse1C 
254419231CMS65RB394Pop 27/4
25461923-S1CMS64BN282Pop 26/2
255019241CMS64RB16832Lee G.
25521924-D1CMS64BN4813Pop 47/13
25551924-S1CMS64BN364Pop 24/3.
255919251CMS65RB505Lee G.
25611925-D1CMS65BN31Pop 2/1.
25641925-S1CMS64BN457Pop 35/6. CAC. Mel Pruitt
  1925-S DDO FS-1011C 
376881925-S/S RPM FS-5011CXF40BN723Pop 3/4. RPM FS-501 (FS-013.31) Courtesy of Mel Pruitt.
25711926-D1CMS64RB19424Pop 152/18
25731926-S1CMS63BN9968Pop 67/50.
257719271CMS65RB803Pop 70/2.
  1927 DDO FS-1011C 
25791927-D1CMS65BN171Pop 11/1.
377001927-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS63BN621927 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-013.51) Pop 4/2
25821927-S1CMS64BN251Pop 21/1.
25881928-D1CMS65BN100Pop 8/0, CAC. JJ Teaparty, assist to Mike Sturgeon
25911928-S1CMS64BN231Pop 14/1. Ex Smitty's collection
377061928-S Large S FS-5011CMS64BN601928-S Large S FS-501 (FS-013.6) Pop 6/0.
259519291CMS65RB627Lee G.
25971929-D1CMS65BN70Pop 5/0.
26001929-S1CMS65BN10Pop 1/0!
377121929-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64BN101929-S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-013.65) Pop 1/0.
260419301CMS66RB50Pop 5/0
  1930-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
377181930-D/D RPM FS-5021CVF25BN221930 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-013.7) Scarce Variety. Pop 1/2
377251930-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS65RB101930 S/S RPM FS-501 (FS-013.73) Pop 1/0.
261319311CMS65RB1256Pop 121/6
26181931-S1CMS65BN201Pop 20/0.
26251932-D1CMS66RB20Pop 2/0. Mike Sturgeon
262919331CMS65RD494345Pop 481/333
26321933-D1CMS65+ RD4385Pop 4/354
263519341CMS66+ RD20310First MS 66+ grade lincoln graded. Pop 1/274.
  1934 DDO FS-1011C 
377391934-D/D RPM FS-5031CXF40BN251934 D/D RPM FS-503 (FS-013.81) Pop 2/5
377361934-D/D RPM FS-5041CXF45BN44Pop 3/3. RPM FS-504 (FS-013.8) Pretty scarce variety.
264119351CMS66+ RD26478Pop 8/462
377461935 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB24Pop 2/3. DDO FS-101 (FS-013.9). Thanks to Dallas Langham!
265019361CMS66+ RD8228Pop 6/226
  1936 DDO FS-1011C 
377511936 DDO FS-1021CXF40BN6101936 DDO FS-102 (FS-015) Broken Leg R hub Pop 6/7
  1936 DDO FS-1031C 
265919371CMS67RD4117Pop 397/2
26621937-D1CMS66+ RD9338Pop 8/335
26651937-S1CMS66+ RD16202Pop 6/155.
266819381CMS66+ RD19294Pop 3/259
26711938-D1CMS66+ RD8383Pop 4/374
377601938-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS63BN101938 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-016.4). Pop 1/0. Chris Welch
26741938-S1CMS66+ RD16256First 66+RD graded. Pop 1/227
377681938-S/S RPM FS-5021CMS64RD23109RPM FS-502 (FS-016.5)
377701938-S/S RPM FS-5011CMS64RB21Pop 1/1. RPM FS-501 (FS-016.51) Mike Sturgeon
267719391CMS67RD40313Pop 377/3
377751939 DDO FS-1011CMS63BN30Pop 2/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-017)
26801939-D1CMS66+ RD13425First 66+RD to be graded. Pop 1/404
26831939-S1CMS66+ RD30328Pop 15/306
268619401CMS66+ RD8222Pop 3/208
26891940-D1CMS67RD3263Pop 322/3.
26921940-S1CMS66+ RD15209Pop 5/182
269519411CMS66+ RD7209Pop 3/198
377781941 DDO FS-1011CAU55BN201941 DDO FS-101 (FS-018) Pop 2/0. Chris Welch
377811941 DDO FS-1021CAU58BN23DDO FS-102 (FS-018.1) Pop 2/2. Courtesy of DCW.
377841941 DDO FS-1031CAU50BN33Pop 2/1. DDO FS-103 (FS-018.3)
26971941-D1CMS67RB290Pop 24/0.
27011941-S1CMS67RD2136Pop 201/4
270419421CMS66+ RD7145Pop 6/137
  1942 DDO FS-1021C 
377931942 DDO FS-1031CVF30BN291942 DDO FS-103 (FS-018.9) Pop 1/7
27071942-D1CMS66+ RD11297Pop 11/290
378001942-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS65RB201942 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-018.91) Pop 2/0
  1942-D/D RPM FS-5041C 
27101942-S1CMS66+ RD14346Pop 4/316
378081942-S/S RPM FS-5121CMS63BN101942 S/S RPM FS-512 (FS-018.93). Pop 1/0. Chris Welch
378161942-S DDO FS-1011CMS65RD2413Pop 19/12. 1942-S DDO & RPM FS-101 (FS-018.94) Mel Pruitt
271119431CMS66+41590Pop 3/1575.
378181943 DDO FS-1011CAU552161943 DDO FS-101 (FS-018.97) Pop 1/12.
  1943-D/D RPM FS-5011C 
378201943-D/D RPM FS-5021C 
378221943-S DDO FS-1011CMS631461943-S DDO FS-101 (FS-019.5) Pop 1/29.
272219441CMS66+ RD20231Pop 6/212
27251944-D1CMS66+ RD9278Pop 4/272
378271944-D/D RPM FS-5021CMS64RB701944 D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-021.1) Pop 5/0. Submitted raw on 3/7/11.
378311944-D/D RPM FS-5071CMS64RD661944 D/D RPM FS-507 (FS-021.11) Pop 4/6.
27261944-D/S OMM FS-5111CAU58BN1531944 D/S OMM FS-511. Pop 15/2. Dennis Wells
378361944-D OMM FS-5121CMS64RB331944-D OMM FS-512 (FS-021). Pop 2/2
27311944-S1CMS67RD3160Pop 304/0
273419451CMS66+ RD1564Pop 16/54
27371945-D1CMS66+ RD6250Pop 6/245
27401945-S1CMS67RD7163Pop 685/0
274219461CMS65RB150Pop 15/0.
27461946-D1CMS66+ RD21149Pop 21/136
27491946-S1CMS66+ RD27121Pop 20/115.
  1946-S/D OMM FS-5111C 
275219471CMS65+ RD2572Pop 1/466
378491947 DDO FS-1011CMS65RD611947 DDO FS-101 (FS-021.3) Pop 6/1. Another one to lose money on....
27551947-D1CMS66+ RD1286Pop 5/72
27581947-S1CMS66+ RD14182Pop 16/156
378551947-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS65RD1061947 S/S RPM FS-504 (FS-021.31) Pop 9/3. Mel Pruitt
276019481CMS66RB40Pop 3/0
27641948-D1CMS66+ RD1353Pop 12/53
27671948-S1CMS67RD1853Pop 177/0
277019491CMS66RD41329Pop 335/8
27731949-D1CMS66RD48154Pop 402/31
378591949-D/D RPM FS-5011CAU55BN331949 D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-021.33) Pop 2/2.
27761949-S1CMS67RD1952Pop 174/0
277919501CMS66+ RD1532Pop 15/32 CAC
378671950-S/S RPM FS-5041CMS65RD16151950 S/S RPM FS-504 (FS-021.34) Pop 13/12.
278719511CMS66RB10Pop 1/0
27911951-D1CMS66+ RD18112Pop 12/94
378731951-D DDO FS-1011CMS65+ RD121951-D DDO FS-101 (FS-021.4) Pop 1/2
378861951-D/D RPM FS-5211CVF35BN3111951 D/D RPM FS-521 (FS-021.51) Pop 3/11
378791951-D/S OMM FS-5111CMS64RD1562Pop 3/13. OMM FS-511 (FS-021.5) Mel Pruitt.
378821951-D OMM FS-5121CMS65RD1711951 D/S OMM FS-512 (FS-021.52) Pop 15/1.
279619521CMS66RB60Pop 6/0.
28001952-D1CMS66+ RD2080Pop 18/55
378931952-D RPM FS-5111CMS65RB101952-D/S OMM FS-511 (FS-021.6) Pop 1/0! Submitted raw on 3/7/2011.
28031952-S1CMS66+ RD33111Pop 30/109
379001953-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD2071953-D/D RPM FS-502 (FS-021.73) Pop 15/2. Submitted raw on 3/7/2011.
28121953-S1CMS66+ RD19143Pop 8/112
281519541CMS65RD1177416Pink Champagne
28181954-D1CMS66+ RD2169Pop 16/58
379061954-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD440Pop 24/0. RPM FS-501 (FS-021.76) LazyPoet
28211954-S1CMS66+ RD25204MS 66+ grade lincoln. Pop 3/189.
282419551CMS66+ RD3221Pop 9/14.
  1955 DDO FS-1011C 
379071955 FS-1021CAU50BN8171955 DDO FS-102 (FS-021.9) Pop 7/15.
28301955-D1CMS66+ RD3219Pop 30/18
379181955-D DDO FS-1011CMS65RD231Pop 13/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-021.93)
379241955-D RPM FS-5031CMS65RD1511955-D/D RPM FS-503 (FS-021.94) Raw submission on 6/28/2012. Pop 8/1.
28331955-S1CMS66+ RD32271Pop 7/243
379331955-S/S/S FS-5011CMS65RD45181955-S/S/S. Pop 31/7. RPM FS-501 (FS-021.97) CAC
283619561CMS66+ RD1428Pop 12/21. CAC
28391956-D1CMS66+ RD3956Pop 28/43
379421956-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD29141956-D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-022.1) "Poker Hand RPM" Pop 21/7. Submitted raw ...
379391956-D/D RPM FS-5081CMS65RD3051956- D/D ("Shadow D") Pop 21/3. RPM FS-508 (FS-022). CAC
284219571CMS66RD65714Pop 543/5 and "BIE" variety!
28451957-D1CMS66+ RD3568Pop 21/37
284819581CMS66+ RD2035Pop 13/28, and the ever-so-imortant CAC sticker
  1958 DDO FS-1011C 
28511958-D1CMS66+ RD37113Pop 15/80
285319591CMS66RB451Pop 4/0
379521959 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB10Pop 1/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-022.2)
379561959 DDO FS-1041CMS64RD22151959 DDO FS-104 (FS-022.3) Pop 19/11.
28571959-D1CMS66RD87656Pop 672/35
379621959-D/D/D RPM FS-5011CMS65RD4051959 - D/D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-022.5). Submitted raw on 6/28/2012. Pop 29/4....
28601960 Large Date1CMS65+ RD1806Pop 1/781
28631960 Small Date1CMS65RD657578
28651960-D Large Date1CMS64RB148Pop 4/4. Mike Sturgeon
  1960-D Small Date1C 
379631960-D/D Small/Large Date FS-1011CAU58BN72DDO FS-101 Sm/Lg Date (FS-025.5) 60-D/D. Pop 1/2
287119611CMS66RB30Pop 2/0. Mike Sturgeon
28741961-D1CMS65RB93Pop 9/3
35551961-D D/Horiz D FS-5011CMS64RD183531961-D/ Horizontal D FS-501. Pop 58/26
287819621CMS65+ RD10619Pop 6/418.
28801962-D1CMS65RB20Pop 2/0. Mike Sturgeon
288319631CMS65RB112Pop 7/1. Cheap Slabs!
379711963-D DDO FS-1011CMS64RD213141963-D DDO FS-101 (FS-025.8) Pop 41/1.
289019641CMS66RD37011Pop 326/1.
  1964 SMS1C 
379771964 DDR FS-8011CMS65RD1921964 DDR FS-801 (FS-026). Cracked out of older NGC MS 65 RD holder and sub...
379781964 DDR FS-8021CAU58BN921964 DDR FS-802 (FS-027). Pop 5/1. Chris Welch
289519651CMS64RB57Pop 5/7
290019661CMS66RD2228Pop 208/6. Raw Submission September 2010.
4085481966 DDO FS-1011CAU58BN201966 DDO FS-101. Pop 2/0.
8290119671CMS66RB51Pop 5/1
29081968-D1CMS65+ RD1457Pop 1/383
379861968-D/D RPM FS-5011CMS64RD25141968-D/D RPM FS-501 (FS-027.3). Cracked out of ANACS Gold Slab MS 64 RD and...
379901968-D DDR FS-8011CAU58BN411968-D DDR FS-801 (FS-027.4). Cracked out of ANACS Blue Slab AU 58 and subm...
29091968-S1CMS65+ RD4617Pop 3/514
29161969-D1CMS66RB10Pop 1/0. Mike Sturgeon
4154981969-D No FG FS-9011CAU55BN591969-D No FG FS-901 Pop 4/9
29191969-S1CMS65RB60Pop 2/0. Raw submission 4/7/2011 - End roll toner from OBW roll.
  1969-S DDO FS-1011C 
29351970-S Small Date1CMS64RD894820Small Date - Raw Submission September-2010. This coin is one of 4 70-s sma...
29381970-S Large Date1CMS66RB101Pop 9/1
  1970-S Large Date DDO FS-1011C 
380011970-S Large Date DDO FS-1031CMS64RB10DDO FS-103 (FS-030.1) Pop 1/0. Reholdered slab.
380081971 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB62Pop 1/1 DDO FS-101 (FS-031)
380061971 DDO FS-1021CMS64RD158Pop 12/7. FS-102 (FS-030.7)
295319721CMS66+ RD730Pop 5/29
29501972 DDO FS-1011CMS64RD9181868DDO #1!
380161972 DDO FS-1021CMS65RD3251972 DDO FS-102 (FS-033.52). Pop 12/2.
  1972 DDO FS-1031C 
  1972 DDO FS-1041C 
  1972 DDO FS-1051C 
380261972 DDO FS-1061CMS65BN111972 DDO FS-106 (FS-033.56) Pop 1/1.
380311972 DDO FS-1071CMS65RD2811972 DDO FS-107 (FS-033.57). Cracked out of NGC MS 64 RD slab and submitte...
380341972 DDO FS-1081CMS65RD3341972 DDO FS-108 (FS-033.58). Cracked out of NGC MS 65 RD Holder and submit...
380371972 DDO FS-1091CMS64RD3822Pop 28/12. DDO-FS-109 (FS-033.59)
29551972-D1CMS64RB44Pop 3/4
29621973-D1CMS65+ RD3332Pop 3/321
297119741CMS66+ RD391Pop 3/89
29741974-D1CMS66+ RD4114Pop 4/113
297619751CMS65RB74Pop 6/4
929791975-D1CMS65RB100Pop 8/0.
298219761CMS66RD329137Pop 302/133
299519791CMS66+ RD1162First 66+RD graded. Pop 1/162
380451980 DDO FS-1011CMS63BN521980 DDO FS-101 (FS-034) Cracked out of older NGC AU 58 holder and submitt...
30041980-D1CMS66RD28139Pop 226/26
380591982 DDO FS-1011CMS65RD701982 DDO FS-101 (FS-034.5)
  1982 Bronze Large Date1C 
  1982 Bronze Small Date1C 
1460271982 Zinc Large Date1CMS66+ RD15134Pop 14/105
  1982 Zinc Small Date1C 
  1982 Zinc Small Date DDR FS-18011C 
1460231982-D Bronze1CMS66RB10Pop 1/0
1460331982-D Zinc Large Date1CMS66+ RD3275Pop 5/43
  1982-D Zinc Small Date1C 
380681983 DDO FS-1011CMS63RB64Pop 4/0. DDO FS-101 (FS-035)
380711983 DDO FS-1021CMS64RB101983 DDO FS-102 (FS-035.1) Pop 1/0.
380741983 DDO FS-1031CMS64RB201983 DDO FS-103 (FS-035.2) Pop 2/0.
  1983 DDO FS-4011C 
30561983 DDR FS-8011CMS65RD5574341983 DDR #1
30601984 DDO FS-1011CMS64BN101984 DDO #1 Pop 1/0
380801984 DDO FS-1021CMS63BN201984 DDO FS-102 (FS-038) Pop 2/0.
380841984-D DDO FS-1011CMS63RB621984-D DDO FS-101 (FS-039). Pop 4/1. Chris Welch.
31191986-D1CMS63BN10Pop 1/0
306519871CMS66+ RD3417Pop 3/412
30801987-D1CMS66RD217384Raw submission 4/7/2011.
310319881CMS66+ RD4193Pop 3/187
309219911CMS66RD216276Raw submission 4/7/2011
309819921CMS66RD120623Raw Submission 4/7/2011
  1992 Close AM1C 
  1992-D Close AM FS-9011C 
310619931CMS66RB12Pop 1/2
381011994 DDR FS-8011CMS64RB801994 DDR FS-801 (FS-039.9) Cracked out of a PCI MS 65 Red holder and submi...
31181994-D1CMS67+ RD284Pop 2/84
313319951CMS66RD210319Raw submission 4/7/2011.
31271995 DDO FS-1011CMS66RD444255011995 DDO #1
31301995-D1CMS66RD127332Raw submission 4/7/2011.
  1995-D DDO FS-1011C 
3811319961CMS67RB10Pop 1/0
  1997 Dbl Ear FS-1011C 
831481998 Wide AM FS-9011CMS64RD1282261998 W I D E A M Pop 128/226.
  1999 Wide AM FS-9011C 
1478312000 Wide AM FS-9011CMS66RD1612000 W I D E A M FS-901. Pop 9/0 for those examples that have the FS des...
381302000-D1CMS66RB10Pop 1/0
931902005 Satin Finish1CSP69RD120918
931932005-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD1111459Pop 1024/418
8931962006 Satin Finish1CSP69RD98320Pop 918/20
8931992006-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD94891Pop 800/83
1495392007 Satin Finish1CSP68RD946241Pop 886/221
1495472007-D Satin Finish1CSP68RD60064Pop 557/58
39489920081CMS66+ RD1268First MS 66+RD graded. Pop 1/267. Good Luck finding one for $5 per the pri...
3949012008 Satin Finish1CSP66RB10Pop 1/0
3949072008-D Satin Finish1CSP67RB10Pop 1/0
4072372009 Early Childhood1CMS66RD89616
4072402009 Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP68RD1283432Early Childhood Satin Finish
4072432009-D Early Childhood1CMS66RD97744Pop 965/44 Widget. Somehow some intern thought this coin was a 66. I will...
4072462009-D Early Childhood, Satin Finish1CSP68RD1393190
4078312009 Formative Years1CMS66RD6609Pop 582/4
  2009 Formative Years, Satin Finish1C 
4078412009-D Formative Years1CMS66RD3290Pop 319/0
4078472009-D Formative Years, Satin Finish1CSP68RD1326140
4078502009 Professional1CMS66RD7384Pop 729/4
4078562009 Professional, Satin Finish1CSP68RD1305316
4078592009-D Professional1CMS66RD1732Professional. Pop 158/1.
  2009-D Professional, Satin Finish1C 
4078682009 Presidency1CMS66RD3323Pop 286/4
  2009 Presidency, Satin Finish1C 
4078782009-D Presidency1CMS66RD2065Pop 175/1
4078842009-D Presidency, Satin Finish1CSP68RD1413201
4166682010 Shield1CMS65RD180886Pop 1777/37. Now that is one fugly coin!
4166742010 Shield, Satin Finish1CSP68RD4751Pop 405/1
4166712010-D Shield1CMS65RD70093Pop 676/43 Fugly's cousin.
  2010-D Shield, Satin Finish1C 
5050552011 1CMS66RD400154Pop 399/151. Another beautifully scuffed holder!
5050582011-D 1CMS67RD2111Pop 87/0
5112442012 1CMS66RD509108Pop 46/0.
5112472012-D1CMS66RD54661Pop 519/59.
51751420131CMS66+ RD1024Pop 9/22
5175172013-D1CMS66RD363177Pop 324/115
  1909 VDB PR1C 
  1909 PR1C 
  1910 PR1C 
  1911 PR1C 
  1912 PR1C 
  1913 PR1C 
  1914 PR1C 
  1915 PR1C 
  1916 PR1C 
  1936 Satin PR1C 
  1936 Brilliant PR1C 
  1937 PR1C 
  1938 PR1C 
  1939 PR1C 
  1940 PR1C 
  1941 PR1C 
  1942 PR1C 
33581950 PR1CPR63RB1165
  1951 PR1C 
381461951 DDO FS-101 PR1CPR64RD15421951 DDO FS-101 (FS-021.35) Pop 15/39
  1952 PR1C 
  1953 PR1C 
381511953 DDO FS-101 PR1CPR65RD4243Pop 30/33 DDO FS-101 (FS-021.7)
  1954 PR1C 
33731955 PR1CPR66RB73Pop 3/3
  1956 PR1C 
  1957 PR1C 
  1958 PR1C 
  1959 PR1C 
  1960 Large Date PR1C 
  1960 Small Date PR1C 
  1960 DDO FS-101 Lg/Sm Date PR1C 
  1960 DDO FS-102 Sm/Lg Date PR1C 
  1960 TDO FS-103 (FS-023) PR1C 
  1961 PR1C 
  1962 PR1C 
  1963 PR1C 
  1964 PR1C 
32891965 SMS PR1CSP66RB143Pop 7/2
32921966 SMS PR1CSP67RB110Pop 9/0.
  1967 SMS PR1C 
  1968-S PR1C 
  1968-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1969-S PR1C 
34291970-S Large Date PR1CPR67RB12111Pop 110/9
  1970-S DDO FS-113 LD PR1C 
  1970-S TDO FS-104 LD PR1C 
  1970-S Small Date FS-1402 PR1C 
  1970-S DDO FS-102 LD/SM PR1C 
  1971-S PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-102 PR1C 
  1971-S DDO FS-103 Type 3 PR1C 
  1972-S PR1C 
  1972-S DDO FS-101 PR1C 
  1973-S PR1C 
  1974-S PR1C 
  1975-S PR1C 
  1976-S PR1C 
934521977-S PR1CPR69DC153611Pop 1091/11
934551978-S PR1CPR69DC175411Pop 1320/9
934581979-S Type 1 PR1CPR69DC110810Pop 840/10
  1979-S Type 2 PR1C 
934641980-S PR1CPR69DC193817Pop 1651/17
934671981-S Type 1 PR1CPR69DC27259Pop 2165/8
  1981-S Type 2 FS-501 PR1C 
934731982-S PR1CPR69DC164312Pop 1,318/12
934761983-S PR1CPR69DC198939Pop 1497/32
934791984-S PR1CPR69DC281273
934821985-S PR1CPR69DC295183
934851986-S PR1CPR69DC359281
934881987-S PR1CPR69DC3921126
934911988-S PR1CPR69DC3401155
934941989-S PR1CPR69DC3177188
934971990-S PR1CPR69DC3787179
  1990 No S FS-101 PR1C 
935001991-S PR1CPR69DC3293246
935031992-S PR1CPR69DC6717357
935121993-S PR1CPR69DC5386280
935151994-S PR1CPR69DC5197242
935181995-S PR1CPR69DC4728358
935211996-S PR1CPR69DC4731261
935241997-S PR1CPR69DC4469175
935271998-S PR1CPR69DC5200248
  1998-S Close AM PR1C 
935301999-S PR1CPR69DC5892307
  1999-S Close AM PR1C 
935362000-S PR1CPR69DC7326466
935392001-S PR1CPR69DC6349327
935422002-S PR1CPR69DC6766237
935452003-S PR1CPR69DC7698262
935512004-S PR1CPR69DC6203404
935542005-S PR1CPR69DC6629344
935592006-S PR1CPR69DC5421453
1495552007-S PR1CPR70DC3330Pop 169/0 for my son.
3949132008-S PR1CPR69DC3455390
4072512009-S Early Childhood PR1CPR69DC5285402
4078892009-S Formative Years PR1CPR69DC5552353
4078942009-S Professional PR1CPR69DC5363387
4078992009-S Presidency PR1CPR69DC5478365
4166822010-S Shield PR1CPR69DC3879275
5050632011-S Shield PR1CPR69DC3054343Pop 972/121
5112522012-S Shield PR1CPR69DC116290
  2013-S PR1C 
  2014-S PR1C 

*These items are optional and not calculated in the grade or the percent completion of the set.