Spencer Collection British Guinea Type Set #2 - 2nd

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Rank 2
Weighted GPA 58.667
Complete 37.50%
Set Rating 16.000
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Spencer Collection British Guinea Type Set #2
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Charles II   Guinea 
James II   Guinea 
William and Mary   Guinea 
William III   Guinea 
Anne   Guinea 
George I6180611714GuineaAU5026417Great Britain, George I Prince Elector, 1st Bust, S-3628, FR 538, KM-538. T...
George II6110311745GuineaMS641030Great Britain, Gold Guinea of George II, 1745, Ex Terner, May 2003, Truly R...
George III6100301798GuineaMS6215283657Great Britain, Gold Guinea, Fr-356, S-3729, KM-609, Geo III, Fifth Head to ...