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Spain Charles III Gold 1/2 Escudo, Circulation Strikes (1759-1788): Spencer Collection

Spencer Collection - 2nd

Current Statistics
Rank 2
GPA with Top Pop Bonuses 55.000
Complete 1.72%
Set Rating 0.688
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Spencer Collection
PCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
1588921759-M J1/2 E 
6898781759-M JP1/2 E 
7392581759-S JV1/2 Esc 
6899301760-M JP1/2 EAU531010Spain, Gold 1/2 Escudo, Ex Eliasberg, Lot 2103, Fr-278, Carlos III; Earlier...
7392591760-S JV1/2 Esc 
7392451761-M JP1/2 Esc 
1491381761-S JV1/2 E 
7392471762-M JP1/2 Esc 
7392611762-S JV1/2 Esc 
7392481763-M JP1/2 Esc 
7392491764-M JP1/2 Esc 
7392621764-S VC1/2 Esc 
7392511765-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392631765-S VC1/2 Esc 
7392521766-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392641766-S VC1/2 Esc 
7392531767-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392661767-S CF1/2 Esc 
7392651767-S VC1/2 Esc 
7392541768-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392671768-S CF1/2 Esc 
7392551769-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392681769-S CF1/2 Esc 
3961301770-M PJ1/2 E 
7392691770-S CF1/2 Esc 
7392571771-M PJ1/2 Esc 
7392701771-S CF1/2 Esc 
6898941772-M PJ1/2 E 
7272611773/2-M PJ1/2 Esc 
6899211773-M PJ1/2 E 
6899641773-S CF1/2 E 
6898541774-M PJ1/2 E 
2746181774-S CF1/2 Esc 
6898631775-M PJ1/2 E 
2746191775-S CF1/2 Esc 
1477961776-M PJ1/2 E 
1588931776-S CF1/2 E 
2746081777-M PJ1/2 Esc 
2746211777-S CF1/2 Esc 
1662451778-M PJ1/2 E 
2746221778-S CF1/2 Esc 
2746101779-M PJ1/2 Esc 
6898821779-S CF1/2 E 
2746111781/80-M PJ1/2 Esc 
2746241781-S CF1/2 Esc 
2746251782-S CF1/2 Esc 
2746121783/79-M JD1/2 Esc 
6898561783-M JD1/2 E 
2746261783-S CF1/2 Esc 
6899491784-M JD1/2 E 
2746151785-M DV1/2 Esc 
6898521786-M DV1/2 Esc 
2746311786-S C1/2 Esc 
6898691787-M DV1/2 E 
2746321788/6-S C1/2 Esc 
2746291788-M DV1/2 Esc 
  1788-M M  
6899081788-S C1/2 E