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Capped Bust Half Dimes Die Variety Set by Logan-McCloskey, Circulation Strikes (1829-1837): KDM

KDM - The Number One Finest Set of All Time

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About this set: In 1998, Russell J. Logan and John W.McCloskey described 91 die marriages and an additional 31 remarriages in "Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837." One die marriage has been discovered since publication of the Logan-McCloskey text, bringing the total number of die marriages and remarriages known to 123. My collecting goals with this set: Obtain every die marriage and remarriage in problem-free condition; seek AU or better coins for R-4 and more common die marriages, XF or better coins for R-5 die marriages, and VF or better coins for R-6 and rarer die marriages.

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ImagePCGS No.ItemDenomGradePCGS No. PopPCGS No. Pop HigherTotal PopTotal Pop HigherOwner's Comments
386121829 LM-1H10CAU581111R-2
386131829 LM-2H10CAU581414R-1
386141829 LM-3H10CAU581212R-2
386151829 LM-4H10CMS621010R-3, rather difficult to find in Mint State grades
386161829 LM-5H10CAU582121R-1. This coin was the very first half dime that I ever purchased.
386171829 LM-6.1H10C 
386181829 LM-6.2H10CAU501010R-5
386191829 LM-6.3H10CAU582020R-5. ex-Russ Logan
386201829 LM-7.1H10CAU531212R-4 die marriage, but the 1829 LM-7.1 is a very difficult remarriage. Like...
386211829 LM-7.2H10CAU551111R-4. ex-Russ Logan
386221829 LM-7.3H10CAU581313R-4. Former NGC MS62.
386231829 LM-8H10CAU551111Strong R-6 die marriage. This coin is #3 in JRCS census
386241829 LM-9H10CAU581212R-4. This is ex-Jules Reiver, purchased from W. David Perkins in his seale...
386251829 LM-10H10CMS611111R-4
386261829 LM-11H10CMS601010R-6. The only known mint state example of this die marriage
386271829 LM-12H10CAU552020R-6 die marriage. This coin is tied for third in JRCS census
386281829 LM-13.1H10CAU552222R-1
386291829 LM-13.2H10CMS621111R-1
386301829 LM-14H10CMS621010R-4. I know of no finer example of this die marriage
386311829 LM-15.1H10CAU581111R-4
386321829 LM-15.2H10CAU581010
386331829 LM-16.1H10CAU551111R-2
386341829 LM-16.2H10CMS632020R-2, but this remarriage is likely far scarcer than the rating would indica...
386351829 LM-17H10CMS631111R-4
386361829 LM-18H10CAU531212R-4
386371830 LM-1.1H10CMS611010Easily an R-7 remarriage, with very few bona fide examples known.
386381830 LM-1.2H10CMS631010R-4
386391830 LM-2H10CAU551111R-3
386401830 LM-3H10CAU551010R-2
386411830 LM-4.1H10CAU581111R-2
386421830 LM-4.2H10CAU581111R-2. ex-Russ Logan. Plate coin in half dime text.
386431830 LM-5H10CVF351111R-6
386441830 LM-6H10CMS621212R-4 die marriage. CAC. From the Jim Matthews collection
386451830 LM-7H10CMS601212R-2
386461830 LM-8H10CMS631212R-1
386471830 LM-9.1H10CMS631010R-4
386481830 LM-9.2H10CAU582121R-4
386491830 LM-10H10CAU552020R-6. ex-McCloskey, ex-Logan, ex-Crain
386501830 LM-11H10CXF401010R-6
386511830 LM-12H10CMS621010R-4
386521830 LM-13H10CAU551212R-3
386531830 LM-14H10CMS621313R-3
386541831 LM-1.1H10CMS651010R-5 remarriage. This is the finest known by far!
386551831 LM-1.2H10CMS631010R-1
386561831 LM-1.3H10CAU551212I consider this remarriage with the retained cud to be an R-4 die state of ...
386571831 LM-2H10CAU551313R-3. ex-Russ Logan. GOLD CAC sticker!
386581831 LM-3H10CAU582222R-4
386591831 LM-4H10CMS622020R-2. ex-Pittman
386601831 LM-5H10CMS641010R-1
386611831 LM-6H10CAU583232R-1
386621831 LM-7H10CMS631212R-2
386631832 LM-1.1H10CAU581111R-4 die marriage. This coin is ex-Reiver
386641832 LM-2H10CAU581111R-3
386651832 LM-3H10CAU582222R-1. ex-Russ Logan
386661832 LM-4H10CAU552121R-4
386671832 LM-5H10CMS632020R-1
386681832 LM-6H10CMS641010
386691832 LM-7H10CAU581010R-2
386701832 LM-8.1H10CAU581212Plate Coin!
386711832 LM-8.2H10CMS611010R-3 as a die marriage. VERY difficult die remarriage...rated R-5 by JRCS.
386721832 LM-8.3H10CAU551111R-3 as a die marriage...but the 1832 LM-8.3 is likely the most difficult 18...
386731832 LM-8.4H10CAU551212R-3
386741832 LM-8.5H10CMS621010R-3
386751832 LM-9.1H10CAU551010R-6. ex-Russ Logan. Plate coin in half dime text
386761832 LM-9.2H10CAU581010R-6 die marriage, but this remarriage is an R-7. This is the finest known ...
386771832 LM-10.1H10CMS631010R-3
386781832 LM-10.2H10CXF451010R-3 die marriage. This remarriage received an R-6 rating in the latest JRC...
386791832 LM-10.3H10CAU551010An R-3 die marriage, but Logan and McCloskey state the LM-10.3 remarriage i...
386801832 LM-10.4H10CAU581010R-3 die marriage, scarcer as a remarriage
386811832 LM-11.1H10CXF451111R-5
386821832 LM-11.2H10CMS611010ex-Eric Newman, when it was in an NGC MS63 holder. Sports a gold CAC stick...
386831832 LM-12H10CMS641010R-3
386841832 LM-13H10CAU582323R-3
386851832 LM-14H10CMS641010R-4. I know of no finer example extant
386861833 LM-1H10CMS642020R-3
386871833 LM-2H10CAU552020R-6. This has a GOLD CAC sticker
386881833 LM-3.1H10CMS631010R-2
386891833 LM-3.2H10CMS631111R-2. ex-Russ Logan. Plate coin from half dime text.
386901833 LM-3.3H10CAU581111R-2
386911833 LM-3.4H10CAU551212R-2
386921833 LM-3.5H10CXF401010R-2 marriage. Quite rare remarriage, likely R-7. Plate coin from half dim...
386931833 LM-4.1H10CAU582121R-2
386941833 LM-4.2H10CMS611111R-2
386951833 LM-4.3H10CXF451111R-2 die marriage. This late die state with an "internal cud" in the vicini...
386961833 LM-5H10CXF401010R-7. Of six known examples, this one sits in the middle of the census
386971833 LM-6H10CAU501212R-6. ex-Russ Logan
386981833 LM-7H10CMS631010R-2
386991833 LM-8H10CMS631010R-3
387001833 LM-9H10CAU583030R-2
387011833 LM-10H10CMS641313R-1 die marriage
387021834 LM-2H10CMS631212R-1
387031834 LM-4H10CMS631212R-1
387041834 LM-5H10CMS641010R3
387051834 3/inv 3 FS-301 LM-1H10CMS642323R-2...much rarer with this late die state
387061834 3/inv 3 FS-301 LM-3H10CAU582020R-3
387071835 LM-1H10CMS631010R-2. Lou Butterfield found this coin for me
387081835 LM-2H10CMS632020R-4
387091835 LM-3H10CMS632020R-1
387101835 LM-4H10CMS631111
387111835 LM-7H10C 
387121835 LM-5.1H10CAU581111Remarriage is often mis-attributed. At least R-5 and probably R-6 when att...
387131835 LM-5.2H10CMS611111R-3
387141835 LM-6H10CAU581111R-2
387151835 LM-8.1H10CAU581010R-2
387161835 LM-8.2H10CAU552020R-2
387171835 LM-9.1H10CAU582020R-2
387181835 LM-9.2H10CMS631010R-2
387191835 LM-10 Sm Date, Sm 5CH10CMS631414R-1
387201835 LM-11 Sm Date, Sm 5CH10CAU581111R-4. ex-Jules Reiver
5014131835 LM-12 Sm Date, Lg 5CH10CVF351010R-7. One of maybe five known, and this is the only one in a "problem-free...
387221836 LM-1.1H10CAU551010R-5. MUCH more difficult than the 1836 LM-1.2
387231836 LM-1.2H10CMS641010R-4. ex-Jim Matthews
387241836 LM-6H10CAU551111R-3
387251836 LM-7H10CAU551313R-4
387291836 3/Inverted 3 FS-301 LM-3H10CMS631516R-1, though the 3/Inverted 3 designation makes this die marriage more desir...
387261836 LM-2H10CAU581212R-3. High grade examples of this die marriage are way more difficult to fi...
387271836 LM-4H10CAU551111R-2
387281836 LM-5H10CMS641212R-2
387301837 LM-1 Large 5CH10CMS631010R-1
387311837 LM-2 Large 5CH10CXF452121R-4
387321837 LM-3 Large 5CH10CXF452121R-5
387331837 LM-5 Large 5CH10CMS631313R-1
387341837 LM-4 Small 5CH10CMS6110122R-3. ex-Childs
Beautiful set BD! Keep on keeping on!
Posted @ 9/22/2016 8:07 PM By Dimeman